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As The Hackers Paradise rolls into week 2 of Fall Fashion Preview we have something special in store for our readers. During our Spring and Fall Fashion Previews we cover apparel brands that are both large and small. But it is a rare exception when we get to officially launch an apparel brand to our readers and the world.

To properly introduce our readers to a brand like Donna Bonn Designs, it is important to meet the person behind the clothing. Here is an interview with the designer and owner of this new line, Donna Bonn.
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THP – Tell us about how Donna Bonn Designs got started?

DB –
Donna Bonn Designs was started after years of waiting for a cute, fashionable golf clothing line to hit the marketplace. I have been playing golf all of my life, first as a junior golfer then as a college player for the University of Arizona and now for fun as an amateur. I have always excelled in golf and had a strong interest in fashion. In my many years of playing golf, I had been searching for a stylish line of golf clothes I could endorse and wear. I grew frustrated with golf shirts due to the short length, loose fit, and lack of feminine features. I started talking with friends and players and found that there is a large section of women golfers who are also unhappy with women’s golf clothing. I even had a friend tell me that she will not take up the game because she wouldn’t be caught out in public wearing the clothes! An LPGA friend told me she stopped wearing golf clothing and wears t-shirts and tennis skirts on the golf course. With so many women making the same point, I decided to design exactly what myself and so many women want.
THP – What made you decide on the timing of your launch?

DB – We brought our line to market as quickly as possible because we know there is a big need for this product. We were in development for 14 months before our debut at the PGA Merchandising Show in Las Vegas on Sept. 1-2, 2009. We pushed hard to get sales samples in by the Show in Las Vegas feeling like it was a perfect platform for our introduction to the marketplace. The line successfully debuted at the Fall PGA Show. We received nothing but positive feedback and much thanks from women who, like myself, have been waiting for line like this.
THP – What inspirations do you draw from in designing new apparel?

DB –
Our line is inspirated by everyday fashion pieces you would see in department stores. We have taken the modern sleeves and feminine accents from such pieces and applied them to the garments so that it will look fashionable and will also function properly while playing golf. I have a tremendous passion to revolutionize women’s golf clothes and bring a cute, fitted, contemporary piece to women who want to look fashionable on and off the golf course. I am inspired by this challenge because this market of women who demand more out of golf attire continue to be overlooked.
THP – The line that you sent to us being featured here, tell us about it?

DB – Our line features 3 collections that have a range of fashion and pricing. We developed 3 collections because we understand that all women that enjoy fashion do not all have the same style. All collections feature ORGANIC FABRIC and a longer, contemporary fit so the woman golfer will not have exposure at follow thru or while bending over. The contemporary fit is a first for women’s golf. We talked to college women golfers who admitted to buying their golf shirts 2 sizes smaller to get them to fit in the stomach area. When doing so, that makes the traditional golf shirt even shorter in length and too small in the shoulders. We are here to help with this problem by providing the contemporary fit, which was completely lacking in golf before Donna Bonn Designs. We are seeing this fit in men’s golf and other athletic wear; it is about time women’s golf offer this option to the female golf athlete. The fabric we use is organic and has a soft, stretchy feel. The fabric also has natural moisture wicking and anitbacterial properties as well. Our Seville Collection has a lot of incredible and unique features such as, a double row rhinestone zipper, lace on the bottom of the shirt and modern elastic gathered sleeves. Our Abbey Collection has a cute button down front, capped sleeves and an elastic raw edge on the sleeve. Our Taylor Collection is the first golf t-shirt to be introduced to the marketplace. Our golf t-shirts feature distressed screen printed graphics and collar to meet the golf dress code. These 3 collections are sure to appeal to any woman who wants to wear a fashionable piece on or off the golf course.
THP – What does the future hold for Donna Bonn Designs?

DB – We debuted our line with 3 Collections. Based on the tremendously positive response we have received, the future looks bright for Donna Bonn Designs. We have received many orders, are now carried in many golf shops in multiple markets in the United States and abroad. We currently have multiple LPGA players that wear the line and are in talks with players from other tours. Our intent is to introduce ourselves to the marketplace and then expand with additional pieces within our collections and also introduce golf skirts, shorts, jackets, and long sleeved golf shirts.
THP – Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about the brand?

DB – Our line is unique and it is breaking the barrier that women’s golf clothes have to be traditional polo shirts. Our line offers organic sportswear that has the utmost quality and offers the newest fashion trends at a reasonable price. With Donna Bonn Designs you will feel good playing the sport you love. Prepare to be noticed. Finally….Play meets fashion.
We want to thank Donna Bonn for taking the time to talk to us and introducing her line to consumers through The Hackers Paradise. We look forward to seeing what the future holds and if the first line is any indication, it should be quite bright.
For more information on any of the apparel shown in this preview, check out their website at

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Morgan is co-founder of The Hackers Paradise with her husband, and fellow staff writer, Josh Babbitt. Together they share a passion for all things golf, food, travel and their two precious puppies.

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  1. Josh says:

    I love the look of the apparel. Great stuff GolferGal.

  2. AJ Bennet says:

    Really like the tops, but they might be a little long. Almost dress like. I agree that something should be longer and tighter, but this could be a little too long. It may make it look wrinkled or crinkled.

  3. ClairefromClare says:

    Love the idea of longer and closer-fitting. Cropped shirts and lower-slung shorts/capris are not the best bet for any woman who has had a child!

  4. anna w says:

    I really like that logo. Not sure on the length. While I like the idea of longer, when is too long? I do not want to feel constricted. But the overall look I like.

  5. THE ECHO says:

    I love launches and golfergal did it right. I think like the others that the shirts look long, but on a real person that is a little more curvy, it will not be that way I am guessing. Great stuff and I just sent it to Mrs. Echo.

  6. jennyphur says:

    I love the bling. Great pictures and that logo is edgy and lady like all at once. I agree with most of what she said in the interview. Looking forward to trying these on when they hit stores.

  7. Summer711 says:

    I saw this line at the PGA show in Vegas. The shirts are not at all as long as it appears on the mannequin in green above. They come just a little over the hips, the PERFECT length. Go to to see what they look like on women. They are great shirts!

  8. Osahar says:

    I’d always wondered why all the womens shirts seem like they’re aweful short in the torso. Great idea, and the clothing looks great as well! I hope these catch on and they can expand the lineup!

  9. Layne Bushell says:

    These shirst are not dress-like! They are the perfect length. The manikens in these photos are incredibly short!

  10. Admin says:

    I disagree entirely. I like the length of the shirts personally, however to call the mannequins short is not fair. The mannequin is actually 5’8 and has not shown any issues on any other apparel line that we have covered in the hundreds that have been profiled. WHile nothing in our preview was in anyway negative about the length, readers’ opinions are always going to be respected. THese photos were taken on a standard size mannequin and the length was clearly outlined by Donna Bonn herself in the interview as something she was proud of.

    Lets not criticize for opinions and blame the mannequin.

  11. Smallville says:

    I like seeing the longer length too. Great looking line, hope they do well.

  12. Scott Marshall says:

    My wife is 5′-8″ tall and has some of these shirts and I can say that the length is not an issue. Im not sure why they look as long as they do in the photos, but they look nothing like the photos (length) in person. When they are worn by my wife and her friends, the shirt finishes a little lower than her belt line, I would guess 2″-3″.

  13. Admin says:

    I am very curious where everybody is getting the apparel from that they have? This line was just launched at the PGA Show 2 weeks ago, and the shirts we have are mere samples sent to us by Donna Bonn. It is apparent that the samples may be different from the finished product that people are already wearing.

  14. Pamela Barnett says:

    Donna Bonn Designs have truly captured a unique design that fills a need for the taller athletic gal. I am 5’9″ and I will enjoy wearing the styles because of the feminine lines as well as the great fabric choice! The length is perfect!

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