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No matter what clubs a person uses, or what golf ball, or even what type of tees they all have one common factor, they all go in the golf bag. They come in all different colors, designs, and styles but I have yet to see one like the Eazy Bag. This unique golf bag has a target audience in mind and their design and functions were created specifically for this audience which are ladies, seniors, and golfers who only use a golf cart. Being a female and living in a heavily senior citizen populated area I was very much looking forward to giving this bag a test ride.

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I used the Eazy Bag for a while to get my own personal feelings about it and then I loaned it off to some of the seniors at my club to get their thoughts as well. I really liked how lightweight the bag is and that fact that it is on wheels. Sometimes I pick up my current golf bag and I swear it feels like it weighs 70lbs and I am going to just topple over trying to carry it. With this bag being on wheels that weight issue is no longer a concern. That also helped to eliminate and muscle or back strain from carrying a regular cart bag. This was a unanimous positive among all the female and senior golfers.

We did, however, find one negative with the wheels. When pulling on pavement it’s very easy to navigate and for the most part moves with ease. The problem is when pulling it on grass where we all found it to wobble a bit which wasn’t really a huge problem so much as it was an annoyance. What we found was that if the clubs are not evenly weighted in the bag then when wheeling it around it favors the heavier side and makes it hard to keep control of the bag. Some people worried about hurting their wrists when the bag moved on them, but most felt this was just a minor issue and really only happened on grass or carpet. Many equated it to wheeling a piece of luggage where it has a tendency to move around on you as you are navigating through a hotel, airport, lobby, etc.

With Headcovers

The key feature that makes this bag specific to women and seniors is the club lock system. It’s a very unique concept that I have never seen before and in theory makes perfect sense. Each clubs has it’s own holder at the top and has a circular divot at the bottom to safely and comfortably hold the grips. There are many positives to this mechanism and few negatives. We all really loved having 14 separate spaces to put our clubs and an additional external spot for a putter.

Where some ran into problems with with placing the clubs in the bag. Several of the golfers had some issues snapping the clubs into place and more specifically getting it to find the predetermined divot at the bottom of the bag to hold the grip. It just didn’t slide in as easily as hoped, however, if it was that easy to slide in then it would also make the club slide out and that would not be good for club security. After a few times of snapping the clubs into place most got the hang of it and actually started to really enjoy that feature.

Back of Bag

There are clearly 14 slots for 14 clubs, however, if you like to have fun headcovers on your clubs that might be an issue. Since the clubs are sitting fairly close together, and secure in their individual slot, there is not much room for headcovers and the clubs start to feel a little cramped. On a very positive note no matter how bumpy the cart ride was not one person complained of their clubs clicking or banging together because they were so snug and secure in their slot. That was a huge positive to every golfer.

Pulling the clubs out of the bag for play took a little getting used to for a lot of golfers, especially the seniors who have been playing for so many years. Everyone was so used to lifting up to get their clubs that they would often forget to pull not lift. If you try to lift your clubs out of the bag the rubber stopper at the top will come off. This again was something that just took some time to get familiar with but overtime the pulling instead of lifting motion was hugely popular with the masses. What is so nice is the large opening in the front to make it very easy to access your clubs and because they are so organized in their individual slots finding and counting your clubs to make sure all they are all there is a breeze.

Along with the custom design for women and seniors this bag is also designed specifically for a golf cart. The flat back makes it incredibly easy to place the bag on a golf cart and it comes equipped with straps on the back to hold the bag in place. This way there is no need to wrap the strap around the front of the bag and now everything that a golfer needs is in the front and easy to access. In addition to the unique components of this bag it has a lot of traditional features as well. It has multiple storage pockets, ball holders, and a rain hood.

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On a scale of 1 to 10 our testers give this bag an 7. There were so many things that we all really liked about it including the wheels, being lightweight, secure placement of clubs, being able to pull out clubs instead of lift, and the great organization it offers. Due to the few concerns listed earlier about wobbling and minor difficulty putting clubs back we were not able to give it a complete 10. We all felt this bag had a lot to offer and it is definitely worth considering for the lady, senior, or cart golfer in your life. For more information on the Eazy Bag you can visit their website here.

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