Eyeline Golf Edge Ball of Steel Review

Consistent putting is arguably the fastest way to lower your scores and while there is technically no ‘right’ way to putt, there is a general consensus on the fundamentals of putting. Like the regular golf swing, the faster you build a consistent and repeatable stroke the faster you’ll see better results. Now there are tons of putting aids on the market today but there’s one out there that’s a little different. Recently THP tested out the Edge Putting Rail from Eyeline golf which says that you can build yourself a better putting stroke with. Did it do the job for me? Check it out.

From the Company

  • Provides instant feedback on several putting flaws
  • 5x the weight of a normal golf ball
  • Eliminate a decelerating stroke
  • Immediately know where you mis-hit on the putter face
  • Places all your focus on a solid hit
  • Keeps all your muscles in motion (no popping or deceleration)

Did You Know?
The Ball of Steel is made for putts of less than 6 feet. Attempting to hit longer putts may cause damage to your club or personal injury. Use at your own risk!

Besides the coloring of these, unless you have one of these in your hands there’s no noticeable difference between these and a regular golf ball. I think this helps maintain what I’m going to call ‘spatial recognition.’ I have no idea if this is a real scientific term but it works for me and how I want to describe the familiarity it presents to me. If these were oversized it would help with the actual training part but when the time comes are you putting with an oversized ball? Nope. You’re putting with the real thing and the Ball of Steel helps simulate that on course experience really well.

This was another putting training aid that I was really looking forward to testing. My two biggest putting faults going into this season was ‘popping’ or ‘flipping’ of the club and deceleration of the putting stroke. I’ve pretty much eliminated my issues of popping and flipping by going to a jumbo sized putter grip (that’s for another review) but I still have issues with deceleration at times. Particularly on putts within 6-8′ where I can tend to ‘guide’ the ball vs. putting the ball so I was excited to see if this could help with that issue.

I quickly found that on these shorter putts that I couldn’t guide the ball like I’ve grown accustomed to. The Ball of Steel just wouldn’t go very far and the putter would almost just push it along. Not good. With a little more time I realized that I needed to stay connected and keep the putter moving through the ball. In other words I’m hitting through the ball, not at the ball. This is actually a thought I carry with me to the green for shorter putts now as a reminder to go through the ball and not at the ball. They roll just like a golf ball, just not as fast as they’re 5x the weight of a normal golf ball so to get the Ball of Steel going along the intended path you need to give it a good, firm stroke.

If your stroke is nice and firm that’s all well and good but if you’re making contact on anything but the center of the club face the Ball of Steel will tell you that immediately. This actually informed me of something I had no idea I needed work on and that is more centered contact. I always thought that I was at or near the center of the club face when putting but evidently I’m not so much. This would probably explain the fact that most of my misses tend to be to the right of the cup or target line. Working with these really opened my eyes to this new miss of mine and it’s something I’m really conscious of now. I think it may be due to a faulty swing path more than anything but now that I know it’s there it will give me more meaning to my practice.

Another thing I noticed while testing the ball of Steel was that my stroke became more compact and accelerated better than it previously did. Couple this with the better contact I was getting near the center of the club face and my putts were things of beauty. Would this carry over to using a real golf ball? Most definitely! My stroke with a real golf ball had more energy and pace to it which 1) didn’t leave any putts short, 2) increased my accuracy, and 3) gave me a more repeatable golf stroke without having to over think things too much.

The Ball (or balls) of Steel retail for $29.95 and come in a pack of 3 and are available at www.eyelinegolf.com. This is really nice in the fact that you can do a nice three ball putting drill with these instead of chasing the same one all over the putting green. Well maybe not all over since as I noted before these are designed to be used for putts inside of 6′. I really enjoyed testing these and at the very least one of these will remain in my golf bag at all times. Much like a swing weight for a golf club, this will be my ‘swing weight’ for my putter which will help me warm up the old flat stick before a round. Especially if I don’t have enough time to warm up on the practice green. Eyeline Golf has some really good training aids that are geared towards helping you improve your putting and this one certainly fits the bill. Effective, portable, and user friendly, sounds like a worthwhile training aid to me. I think you’ll think so too once you stop shaking over those 6 foot putts your friends won’t give you.

T. Hanks

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  • That’s actually a pretty interesting idea, Todd. It can be tough to put a firm, confident stroke on the ball, especially in close range. Doesn’t look like this would allow for it. Nice job on the review.

  • Agree with Hawk here, definitely an interesting idea. Deceleration in any golf stroke is a big issue and this sounds like a solid aid to force you to putt through the ball and not stab at it. Portable and affordable – looks pretty good to me!

  • Great review. I could see this working for quite a few people struggling with their stroke, especially for putts within 6 feet.

  • Great review Hanks! Ive been working on my putting for the past few weeks, and have been doing all sorts of different drills to get it where I want to be. Might have to check these out!

  • This product is one that interesting to say the least Hanks, great review on it. This is one that I’d really like to hold in hand, I love the idea, its just hard to wrap the ole head around. Hmmmmm….

  • I love this idea, might need to dive into this one. I’ve been too timid on these shorties lately and end up making a jab and pulling them left. Good info TH.

  • Great review Hanks. Pretty cool training aid. Confidence while standing over a putt is a must and this device seems to have the right stuff to do that with practice.

  • Another great review, sounds like something Superman would use to practice putting!!!

  • Great review Hanks. I actually have some of these. I usually only use them at the house, but have found that they have greatly improved my ability to hit the ball with the center of my putter.

  • Nice review Hanks, I’m still not totally sure about this training aid but the idea is very interesting. Something to look at to be sure.

  • This looks very interesting to me and I may combine this with my current round of testing. Very cool concept! Good job Todd

  • It is an interesting concept, but not one I would use prior to playing a round because I would worry that I would wind up pounding my first real putt 30 feet past the hole because I would not really know the speed.

  • Sounds good but the price is just rediculous.

  • Nice review. I have these also. They work wonders for someone battling deceleration!

  • Deceleration is a big “note to self” before the shorter putts. That alone would be worth the try if they cured that alone! Great review!

  • Great review Todd. Price doesnt seem high to me as this is one of the easiest ways to drop some scores! I’ll look into this one for sure.

  • great aid… got a chance to try it out today and helped me with my decel in my stroke also….. was putting the real golf ball a foot past the hole almost every time after using this to warm up.

  • I would happily buy 1 for $10.- to try it …..

  • Great review Hanks. I wonder how this really works and if there is a difference in feel with an insert putter and milled face putter.

  • I came within two seconds of buying this the other day, but wanted to wait and see the review. Looks like I can pull the trigger with confidence now.

  • Great review. I may make this purchase this week in preps for a few tourneys I have coming up this fall.

    Thanks, Todd!

  • I just bought a 3 pack of these, looking forward to getting in some practice time with them.

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