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    Choose Your Mizuno Irons?

    Mp20 Hmb for me such a stunning club
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    New Member from Canada (via South Africa)

    That is a nice area . Dad grew up in Ashburn Whitby so kinda nearby
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    New Member from Canada (via South Africa)

    Welcome . Where abouts are you living? I’m in Vancouver but originally from Toronto
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    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

    Wow I hope everyone is ok scary stuff
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    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Range session and short game practice. Tried a filthy shot the full swing wide open lob wedge with the wide low. To perfection nice 10 yarder . 🙃. Sweet little shot I will keep working on
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    Which Club is Key?

    Putter and my tee game so normally driver
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    Favorite Club in Your Bag?

    4 wood that thing is automatic . High , long and straight
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    Chili - beans or nope?

    Normally mine has the red kidneys but at times I go without
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    Favorite Golf Hole?

    #12 at Arthur hills. Playing in the gauntlet my first THP event this hole scared me beforehand on the overview. But I was the only one to finish the hole . Piped a straight drive along the left side of the fairway and flip wedge and barely missed the birdie putt too.
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    Tell me about your first round with your irons

    Was flushing them pure , maybe only 5 shots I hit wrong and thankfully was not punished too much. Ended up shooting a very good score . Normally takes me 5 rounds to warm up with new irons so I was very thankful
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    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    36 holes of pre round play before it all kicks off . I am so down for this one. Let the games begin
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    The 2021 Morgan Cup with Cobra PUMA Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player

    Great course choice wanted to check that when out when I was there last
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    Post a picture of your day

    My lunch date
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    Most important club to get fit

    Would say short irons first and putter. The scoring clubs
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    National Brand vs Store Brand

    Never store brands, made many mistakes that way

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