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    Best app to track stats

    I have used the Grint since 2015 and also use it to maintain my handicap. For the past couple of years I have been using Arccoss on the course, but I also transfer all that info to Grint.
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    Unofficial THP Gatherings for 2021

    Gathering you say, Im following.
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    My track man gapping session today

    Did the fitter talked to you about and/or have you consider soft stepping the shafts?
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    Golf Mats - What ya got?

    I'm glad I found this because I am in the process of making space for a hitting bay in the garage. I have been going back and forth on what mat to choose. Im glad to see some went with the CCE strip and built up a mat around it. That was something that I wanted to do as well but wasn't sure...
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    Aiming the Driver - today's stupidest question!

    Since I always play with a blue line on my ball that I use for to align my putts; I have recently turned to using it to line my shots of the tee and it works very well for me
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    Old Clubs - What Do You Do???

    I do have a small collection of old clubs that are gathering in an old staff bag at the moment. Just havent gotten around to moving them out.
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    New clubs vs new shafts

    If you tell them a budget to stay in they will work with you on it. Keep in mind tho that the cost of re shafting an entire set of irons might cost similar to the amount of new irons, unless you plan on doing the work yourself.
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    Arccos 360 - THP Review Thread

    Has anyone changed the battery’s on their sensors. I’m having a hell of a time removing the cover. Arccos’ youtube video doesn’t really help as they make it look super easy. Unless I’m doing something wrong here, this thing does not want to come off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Frozen Pizza

    Home Run Inn is by far the best frozen pizza IMO.
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    Do you keep the same shaft when upgrading?

    Yeah that was my thinking to, I assumed going to a slightly bigger head my shaft would have changed.
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    Swing weight

    When I did my driver fitting at Club Champion the only time swing weight was brought up was when we found the combo that worked for me. She threw it on the scale and asked me to guess the SW. I said it was probably a D4 and she said it was a D9 which was quite surprising to me.
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    Do you keep the same shaft when upgrading?

    I wasn't referring to specifically what they are playing, more the concept of them not switching out shafts when they move into new equipment.
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    Do you keep the same shaft when upgrading?

    I know it's never a good thing to compare what the pros do but its no secret that most of them tend to stay in the same shafts when they upgrade their equipment. When they do make a shaft change, golf nerds like us start talking about why, especially when they have been in the same shaft for a...
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    5-Wood vs 3-Hy - Which and Why?

    I attempted to play a 3hy for a few years and could never get the consistency from it like I do a 4hy. A year ago I threw in a 5 wood as a experiment and it has remained in the bag because of my consistency. Honestly I don't know why I switched in the first place but I'm back on the 5 wood...

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