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  • sounds good bro, i will let you know as I get some stuff figured out. I may just fly into Seattle and immediatley drive to Canada and stay with you guys for a day or like this idea?
    umm, I will be there at the end of the month. bad news wife doesnt have a, you guys may have to cross the pond to come see us. sorry bro!
    I know, I'm giving it right back to you guys. TC had talked to me about a possible trade deal and I didn't bite until I had hit both the Fit and the Classic enough to know which one I'd go with. The Classic ended up winning out.
    You save any of the videos from the MC bro? I am trying to find the ones of our second round and they are not to be had.
    Likewise man, I missed being here. I am starting to post a lot more and it feels good but I gotta really catch up with what's goin on. Well courses are just opening here so that's good. I got one range session in and a round in already at a local course here. Managed to break 80 the first time out so that felt pretty good and I see great potential for this year coming up. Good stuff about the single digits man, I told you light years ago you would get there soon. Look forward to seeing some progress!
    Hey breeze, how's it goin bud? I'm sure most of the courses where you are in tip-top shape now. Just wanted to post and see how the game is comin along!

    Its a fickle position to be in, thats for sure. Im sure youll make the right call for your family either way!
    My blackberry is on the way! It had to be shipped to my GFs house (because they wouldnt ship to canada), then to me. Soon I will BBM like a champion, soon.
    HAhahah thats epic! I was going to say something, but I felt bad that someone walked away with his wedges...
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