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  • Here is a wee tip, In the North we use Pounds. The same as the rest of the UK. However, our banks here have the ability to print their own notes. So you will see notes with 'Northern Bank' 'First Trust' and 'Ulster bank'. Although these are legal tender all over some people in Scotland and england will have no idea about them and may not trust them. Most places carry some 'English' notes as we call them ('Bank of England'). You can just ask for change in those notes. Or any bank will do it for you for larger amounts. Its a bit of a pain for work as I would travel to england every few months and have to sort out changing them etc. Hope this helps.
    I found this site . I don't know the budget you are on. I have heard of most of these and they are excellent courses. The other two courses i suggested are also championship courses and I would consider them good value and Carton house is hosting the irish open this year as well. It all depends on where you plan to say as travelling over here is harder than travelling over there I imagine. I will keep looking to see if I can find any hidden gems. I am a member at the course Darren Clarke grew up playing (Dungannon Golf Cub) and while it isn't championship standard it is a very nice Parkland Course. I would be more than happy to take you and your friend for a round there if you wanted. If there is anything else I can do just give me a shout.
    It depends where in Ireland you plan to stay. In the north, you have Royal portrush, and royal county down. Near dublin, you have carton house (two courses) and the seve ballesteros designed heritage. The only one I haven't played is royal county down. The other three are amazing courses. I can do a bit of research and check out different hidden gems for you.
    Hey dude,

    I was thinking about you the other day. I cant wait to get a chance to tee it up with you sometime in the future!
    Fred is going to be home with me soon. :) He's on his way. I had so much fun this weekend. So happy I got to meet you. Can't wait for next year.
    Thanks Spanks! Hate I missed but glad also because I got my first Hole in One on Saturday! Bitter Sweet, wished I could have hung out with all you great people.
    Hey SMG! Missed you at the outing. Hopefully you can go to the next one. Gotta get the OG's back together!
    Actually it was delivered this afternoon and I can't wait to get to the range tomorrow after work, I'm not playing until Saturday morning so I want to get it set before I play a round. Thanks again they both look like new, if I can ever return the favor to you don't hesitate to ask! I owe you one.

    SMG she ended up tied for secon place so I was proud of her! they did a regression from the three places tied for second which moved her to fourth place in the winnings. She said it was a one foot putt that did her in for a clear second place finish and if she had not left four shots in a super deep trap she would have kept the first place title. Oh well, as you know golf can be that way. We keep trying and one day it will work out!
    Hey Buddy, I had a great time playing a round of golf with you. Man, you are lethal with that putter. We will have to get together sometime and play another round. I am glad to hear I gave you some good golf tips!
    Hey buddy. I saw that you are headed to the GA outing. Have fun and hit em straight!
    Since we play in Georgia maybe we can stay in contact via this forum. Hit em good tomorrow if it's not snowing in your area.....
    Right now I am playing the Adams A4 and A4OS clubs and also have a set of TM Burner 2008 irons in graphite that I use from time to time. I am a huge fan of Adams and have used their clubs for the two years I have been playing. Started off with the A3Os and then went with both set sof the A4's.
    Amazing b/c that is the Driver I have and it is exactly what I needed. I bought the TM R9 the night it came out and quickly found it was too much for me to handle and I neded something much more fogiving. Picked up the Nike Str8t fit and have not looked back. You will enjoy that big stick.
    I have an old set of stainless macgregor img irons but i love them and would not switch any time soon. I have a Ram 3 wood as my driver and 3 wood and a no name putter. I usually play a round of 9 after work each week and i average a round of 50 but i know that can be so much better if i improved on my putting. So that's what I like about the Seemore's over other brands because I can fix my swing and set up. Once I find a putter I'm looking at the nike str8fit as a proper driver.
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