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  • Do you use 16 clubs? I suppose it doesn't matter since we aren't pros... I'd use 17-18 in a heartbeat.
    Just take comfort in the fact that you and Smally are the only two Chefs fans that I'll ever have an intelligent conversation with. :D
    Thanks for the shout out (or should I say lack thereof) on the Adams testing page, Duey. I love you too. I hope those shoes give you callouses. :D

    Did you get any mail from Oklahoma? If not, that sucks and its lost, boo.
    Thanks alot Bro! I got the marker chip today. The Green is amazing!!! Let me know if I can help you in any way!
    Sounds awesome, I'm not rushing with track season about to start (last coaching duties possibly ever) but give me enough heads up and I'll be down for whatever, my wife was even a-ok with it lol.
    Duey! I'm thinking since neither of us will be making the outing we need a little meet-up sometime. Thoughts?
    Hey is that a bowl of Boston Terriers as your avatar? if so are they yours
    Pretty crazy, especially if you can't get in the fields at home. Sucks! I heard Elks was letting walkers out!
    Just talked to coleen, she said maybe saturday and not even sure about then. Might have to drive down there just to check it out.
    hey duey, Im a member on here now so i can keep an eye on your bs your feeding these people, ha ha.
    Very cool. I can't wait to see little Foster in it, haha. I didn't know popeye was even out there anymore.
    hey duey, the wife came home yesterday after doing some warm weather clothes shopping for foster and she bought him the coolest popeye t-shirt. it made me think of you, haha. i'll try to get a pic next time he's sporting it.
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