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Jan 20, 2010
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When Callaway Golf recently released the new vision for the Great Big Bertha it was met with a lot of attention, mostly on the price, but here at THP our focus fell more on the company introducing their new “Forged Carbon” material. Why? It very clearly presented the opportunity for a dramatic change in driver design and weight manipulation. Immediately thoughts went to just what the new material could mean for the main releases from Callaway and how it could change the paradigm.

Turns out, we were close.

Say hello to the newest driver lineup from Callaway Golf, the Paradym.

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Can't wait to hear the THP and Grandaddy team feedback on this one.
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So pumped about this release. Let's GOOOO!

They look absolutely amazing behind the ball. It's cool to see the changes in adjustability and the lines combined. And the introduction of Hzrdus Silver. Wondering if some Grandaddy people got fit into that.

I dig the hype, always, but these speed claims with their Pros are definitely eye opening.



And I thought the changes to jailbreak were pretty interesting. Big departure over the last one. AI putting in the work.

And the forged carbon use is just crazy. I didn't really know the history behind it's development but it's actually pretty cool and I had seen it with some car parts and didn't really know what it was. Really interesting look and the application is pretty awesome for creating a lighter frame and more forgiveness.

The 450cc Triple Diamond calls to me. Fast and Pretty! 🔥
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Can’t wait to try it.
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Hope people enjoy the deep article! 😉
Like @Canadan I’m a sucker for blue
Pictures look a lot better than the ones that were floating around. This caught my eye reading the review

"This is notable because it means that any shape and thickness can now be created out of carbon, and without sacrificing strength or stiffness."

I know the story has always been maintaining ball speed off center and I hopefully we get some numbers from the guys who were fitted showing before and after.
LOVE to see the new AI designs aren’t just in the face anymore (hence the no flash face branding on the face)

Also so exciting to hear they’ve smoothed out the elongation on the head for the base model. That’s the only thing that my eyes didn’t like about the Rogue Max.

Speaking of, very much loving no “Max” naming anymore
Those are stunning! ◇◇◇ Let's go!
Outdoor pic. Triple diamond vs paradygm.


what a great word.

Let the feedback and tech talk flood the forum! Cleanse us with all that is good!
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Standard may be the one for me this year though I want to give the TD a shot!
That is a mighty fine looking whack stick. Love the coloring. I’m sure it preforms. Not sure if I would jump but I’m gonna try it. Plus it has build in pop up protection

The marketing is so cool with these. The visuals with the pieces are just so badass. It makes me hope that reps will put displays of it a bunch of stores, just so people that don't see this kind of thing can get a feel for the construction.