The Future of Snell Golf

Last week, we hopped into the Delorean and headed into the future to take a look at a putter company, but the trip does not stop there. Today the THP Time Machine is sitting down with Dean Snell and Jason Almeida from Snell Golf to talk about 2018 and beyond.

Cocktail time with Snell Golf, is exactly what it sounds like. The CEO and Director of Marketing sit down over drinks at the golf course and have a conversation about the future. The THP TV cameras were recording the entire thing and here is an inside look at what the future holds for the company.

Will they sign tour players?
How do they work with their customers?
Will there be new golf balls?
And a whole lot more.

Shot in 4k so THP recommends full screen viewing

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  • Those guys are just flat out awesome! New ball you say? Love the stick to our roots mindset.?

  • Love listening to these guys! Snell was so much fun the first go round. Hope there is something in store with them in 2018. They can send out the new balls to THP for testing!

  • Dean and Jason are a perfect pair like ham and burger or kool & aid. The candidness is refreshing. Excited to game this new ball.

  • i just got to try their golf balls and came away liking them. After reading the reviews in the forum, it made me grab a dozen. hoping the new ball they mention here come in different colors.

  • different kind of info in this video. talking about other companies on the side. Assume he is talking about Costco?

  • Mike,
    Honestly no. While they did buy a product off the shelf and stamp their name on the ball, they are hardly the only place doing it. There are others that are buying a product straight from the factory and stamping their name on the side of it.

  • Some interesting insight from the Snell braintrust. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the marketplace in general, and for THPers in specific.

  • I want to hear more about the new stuff

  • Solid video that lets people understand who the company is. And lots of good info right at the very end for THPers.

  • I tried the MTB out based on the reviews here and like it a lot. Go back and forth between these and the Vice balls, because I like yellow.

  • what a fun and refreshing look at a company. i want to know more about new products they mentioned

  • Really like the mTB that I have been playing for about a year now. Picked them up from Budget Golf with the coupon on this site. Dean seems like a fun guy. What were they drinking?

  • Always enjoy listening to Dean and Jason talk golf and golf balls. This was a little tamer than sitting around the fire pit at this year’s Kickoff Classic, but interesting none the less. I like where they’re going and will enjoy watching the Snell brand grow.

  • Snell MTB>
    We cannot confirm or deny that each of those glasses had some Tito’s Vodka in them.

  • Anything you do with Snell ends up being gold! I love this company and their ball will compete with anything else on the market.

  • I really like this company and want to support them eventually. Just need my stash of CSx and ProV1x to lose themselves first lol.

  • I can confirm, without a doubt, that Titos was in fact in both those glasses…. and in the next one, and the one after… haha…

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