Game-inglove Golf Glove/Training Aid Review

Building a proper golf swing is an extremely difficult task.  For golfers who endeavor to improve separate of lessons, it’s beneficial to have a variety of aids that offer visual representation of proper swing mechanics.  With that in mind, this review will address the Game-inglove, an interesting golf glove that provides three distinct features, some certainly more revolutionary than others.


From Game-inglove

Repeatable, consistent and powerful golf swing — What if there was a golf training aid that could single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings and would finally lead to a repeatable, powerful and consistent golf swing? Would you want to try it?

Realizer Clubface

Understanding the correlation and direct relationship the control/glove hand has with the actual clubface is fundamental to executing any golf swing whether it be a chip shot, a pitch shot, a bunker shot, a flop shot, a low shot, a high shot, a draw, a fade, a punch or a regular full swing.


Using the Realizer Clubface you will quickly discover that whatever you do with your control/glove hand has a direct effect on the path, angle and impact position of the clubface and, ultimately on the flight, spin and speed of the golf ball. Never before has this relationship been more apparent than now.

Never before have you been able to see the position and movement of the clubface by simply monitoring the back of your control/glove hand and, never before has the golf swing seemed so straightforward! You will no longer try and scoop the ball or help the ball into the air and you will quickly understand how to achieve forward shaft lean and really start to compress the golf ball like never before. You will quickly understand how to get into the same impact position as the pros and learn how to exercise power and control over the golf ball.


While the realizer clubface was a great visual cue when manipulating the club in a slow motion pattern through the swing, it was very difficult to get a clear understanding of how the user should manipulate their swing to accommodate this tool.  The best process when holding a club in the hand while practicing the swing would be to do everything possible to hide the club image on the back of the hand; however, it is unclear how this would solve issues with trapping the ball or rolling the wrists during the swing.

Laser Path Guide

Since 99% of amateur golf swings are ruined within the first 2 feet of the takeaway, the Laser Path Guide was designed to immediately identify any such flaws and start the golf swing on the correct swing path. Not only that but using the Laser Path Guide you will be able to groove a perfect on-plane takeaway based on feedback from the laser beam. In no time whatsoever, you will learn how to take the club back like the pros, get into “the slot” and be ready to deliver and powerful blow to the golf ball.


Whereas the first two feet of the takeaway are critical to completing a correct, repeatable and on-plane backswing the two feet past impact are critical to properly releasing the club along the correct path. The Laser Path Guide will immediately identify any swing flaws associated with impact and beyond and, you will quickly learn how to properly release the golf club, eliminate the slice and groove a repeatable and consistent swing path.

The face angle and swing path at impact are what determine the eventual ball flight be it a draw, fade, slice or pull and, using the Laser Path Guide in conjunction with the Realizer Clubface, you will quickly discover a repeatable, consistent and powerful on plane golf swing.


This is a very unique tool.  Rather than focusing on the head while driving the club away on the backswing, the Laser Path Guide shows a path on the takeaway utilizing a laser attached to the top of the glove which references proper technique.  In testing, the most ideal setting for the Game-inglove laser path guide was on carpet with low or limited light levels.  Attempting to utilize the laser path guide in grass or in sunlight was extremely difficult due to the inability to see the laser.

While this can be incredibly beneficial, users can only reference the attached pamphlet in order to discern proper takeaway.  At that time, they will need to dictate whether their path is arced too far inside or outside.  The pamphlet also offers proper follow-through diagrams; however, testing found it quite difficult to travel through the strike zone at a pace slow enough for the laser path guide to be visible. 

In addition, the laser location on the ground can be manipulated based on how the glove is worn.  In testing, the laser manifold had to be manipulated in order to place the laser in front of the feet rather than behind the feet when standing normal at club address.  This was vital in being able to see a proper takeaway arc to dissect swing path.  For an in depth video look at the Laser Path Guide, visit the Game-inglove THP Review thread.

Shaft Palm Line

As the realizer clubface continues around the hand, via the hosel and into the palm, it forms the Shaft Palm Line which, due to the natural extension of the shaft away from the clubface, runs parallel to and along the exact line in which the fingers must grip the club in order to correctly and consistently control the clubface.


All you have to do is align the golf club grip parallel to the Shaft Palm Line and close your hand around the grip and you are achieved perfect connection. This grip position is well documented in golfing circles but with Game-inglove you will see the correlation in no uncertain terms and, will quickly realize, why you need to grip the club in this position and, why you need to grip the club in the fingers. It’s as though you are gripping the club way down the shaft right at the clubface itself, as though the shaft has been removed.


This feature provides users with a simple way to begin their grip.  As is shown above, the process is quite self explanatory and offers a solid baseline for players who are trying to consistently grip the golf club in proper position.  A priority should be placed on glove fitting prior to purchase to guarantee proper placement of the shaft palm line.


Overall Thoughts

It is both impressive and ambitious to attempt numerous valuable training tools in a single device, especially when you add technology to something golfers can use every day.  With proper supplemental tools such as training DVDs, clickable tutorials, or possibly a directional board to support the laser path guide, this product could make the world of difference for a variety of skill levels who prefer to self dissect rather than seek professional help with their golf swing. 

As mentioned previously, sizing will be very important.  The materials utilized on the Game-inglove appear to be quite sturdy, with reinforced palms and stitching.  It is also extremely easy to open the laser path guide box in order to change the battery, which is a nice added element rather than the glove lifecycle focusing on original battery life.   The Game-inglove is currently available for pre-order for 79.99, which includes free shipping in early December. For more information on the Game-inglove, visit

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