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Count how many hats you have, now count how many you actually like and that fit you well. If you are anything like me the answer is zero. I have always had issues with hats they never fit right they never look right and they are uncomfortable. Needless to say when some readers asked me about a company called Gogie Girl (pronounced Go-Gee) that specializes in women’s headwear I was thrilled to check it out. THP was so excited to find out that the co-founder and creator of Gogie Girl is no stranger to the golf world. Her name is Vicky Waldorf and her husband is the legendary Duffy Waldorf who is a four-time winner on the PGA Tour. This review is not about Duffy, this is about Vicky and her partner Cindy and their incredible headwear called Gogie Girl.

When we contacted Vicky about writing a review she was very excited to participate. She sent us three hats from their different collections, Dottie, Kelli, and Carly. The Dottie is just like it sounds a hat with dots, this one was a white trucker style hat with pink polka dots. The actual hat she sent was for breast cancer awareness and it sported the well known pink ribbon and the words “These Girls Rock” framed by two stars with a Swarovski crystal on each. The Kelli we received is another trucker style hat with a pink front and white mesh back, marked with their signature ‘g’ and a Swarovski Crystal for bling. The final hat from the Carly collection is a pink Anika with the A emblem on the back and Anika’s signature on the left side of the bill again with a Swarovski crystal to dot the I. You may have realized by now all Gogie Girl products will have a Swarovski crystal or two to add a little bit of bling for fun but still looks classy.

I was lucky enough to speak with Vicky about Gogie Girl and we discovered that not only does she make an incredible product but it has a great story behind it too.

Golfer Gal: How did Gogie Girl get started?

Vicky: I have bad allergies and I always had trouble finding a hat that wasn’t itchy. I finally found one that didn’t bother my skin, but aesthetically it did nothing for me, so I decided to give it a little ‘bling’ and I wore it to one of my children’s sports game. My best friend and now partner Cindy thought it was great and asked where I got it. When I told her that I made it myself, she wanted one too. The next thing you know we are researching hats and talking fabrics.

Golfer Gal: What did you learn from all your research?

Vicky: It is amazing, we learned that almost all hats made for woman are really just mens caps in pink. We spent days picking apart different hats, looking at fabric, fit, design, comfort, etc… We learned that woman have smaller heads than men, that the bills were too long and the fabric was too rough.

Golfer Gal: What changes did you make to make Gogie Girl female friendly?

Vicky: We created two sizes, standard and petite, rather than one size fits all. We shortened the bills, they are still long enough to protect you from the sun, but shorter so you can see. We also changed the fabric of the inside lining to something softer called polynosic so there is no more itch. The back of all our headwear have buckles instead of velcro so your hair doesn’t get caught, and it just looks nicer. Finally, we added a little bling with a Swarovski crystal to make it fashionable.

Golfer Gal: I absolutely LOVE the petite size, I have boycotted hats for years because my ears always stick out the side. Your hats fit like they were custom made for my head, I never thought I would wear a hat again. The Dottie hat you sent has a breast cancer awareness ribbon on it, can you tell me a little about your contribution to charity?

Vicky: 10% of our net profits goes to women and children charities (including breast cancer and ovarian cancer charities but not limited to them). We also support the PGA Tour Wives Association (non profit organization) which raises funds to help women and children charities throughout the country; and Child Development Institute (based in Los Angeles) which helps families that need support due to having a child that has special needs ex. autism).

Golfer Gal: Besides charities are you affiliated with any other organizations?

Vicky: We actually have licenses with the LPGA, AVP, Universities/Sororities as well as featuring exclusive headwear for Anika Sorenstam (hall of fame golfer) and Jennie Finch (professional softball player).

Golfer Gal: Can people customize their hats?

Vicky: Yes, we can make custom hats for your club/proshop, company event, special event, or anything else you can think of to add that feminine touch. We will also add any bling you would like with the Swarovski crystals. We have also started a birthday collection, where we can customize your headwear with a crystal to match your birthstone. (THP LOVES that!)

Golfer Gal: Where can people find Gogie Girl?

Vicky: We are in over 400 pro shops nation wide as all as several retail stores such as Edwin Watts. Internationally Gogie Girl is in Canada, the Bahamas, Barbados, as well as Europe.

Golfer Gal: Vicky, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to speak with me today.

My actual conversation with Vicky was almost an hour, she was such a delight to talk to. Some changes they will be making to the spring line will be a black lining on the inside to help with glare and a make-up resistant visor to keep them looking clean all the time. They will also be working with some new lighter fabrics and fun colors.

Besides the product being absolutely incredible I also love the personal story behind it. Vicky and Cindy started Gogie Girl to help women look great but they also brought a touch of family into it. Both women have four children, three boys and a girl. They came up with the name Gogie Girl after Vicky’s daughter Kelli. One of her first words was gogie, which her parents believed was her way of trying to keep up with her brothers, the name stuck and they called her their little gogie girl.

Vicky and Cindy have created an incredible product that I know will be a part of my wardrobe forever. Not only do I look good when I wear it, but I feel good too, because I know my purchase is helping women fight cancer. This is quality headwear for women, by women, that is fashionable, fun and has a strong family connection.

To read more about Gogie Girl as well as see many of their styles check them out at Gogie Girl.

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  • This is the best news about golf stuff I have read in a while. I will be at Edwin Watts this weekend and just have to pick these up. Sure there are women’s hats, but just colors. These are made for women. What a great idea.

  • I think I am in the minority, because I have a Gogie Girl hat already. Everything the reviewer said is dead on. These hats just fit me better than anything else I have found. I would like a little more bling, but overall, the hats are the best I have seen.

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