Introducing The Indoor Golf Shop

As the world of launch monitors and simulators continues to grow, access to them has always been a challenge. Stores are few and far between and access to experts has presented a challenge. The technology segment in the world of golf is changing at a rapid pace and it won’t be slowing down, but one company appears to be on the cutting edge in a way to assist golfers with correct info, a full range of products and a willingness to help with knowledge. Introducing The Indoor Golf Shop.

The Indoor Golf Shop

A rather large spike in the world of indoor golf has been coming for a while and so The Indoor Golf Shop was created. Golfers put a simulator together and next thing you know, with envy in their eyes, co-workers and friends began asking questions. Soon after, with knowledge at their fingertips, an online retailer was born to help facilitate others in obtaining the perfect home setup regardless of budget.

With the boom in home golf at a forefront in early 2020, The Indoor Golf Shop had a transformation in not just carrying top notch products, but creating their own. They saw a gap in both quality and price with certain offerings and made significant investments in real estate, people, and manufacturing capabilities to do R&D and that continues to this day.

The Indoor Golf Shop

The company creates, tests and determines what works and what doesn’t for both their own items as well as any that they sell in the store. This is continuing to this day and will continue to do so moving forward. They want to carry the best, regardless of the name on the device, as long as it works for the golfer looking to make the investment of their hard earned money regardless of price range.

At any given time, The Indoor Golf Shop has 35-40 brands to choose from ranging from what you would need for a full blown simulator to training aids that they feel as though work as advertised. From personal launch monitors, hitting mats, full blown simulator packages, projectors to even the smallest items you could imagine. If it is something that customers will want/need, and tests well, it is available. This includes what was mentioned above with their own line of products under the name SIG and SIGPRO.

Product creation by the indoor golf shop

Pricing has always been the biggest hurdle, but it doesn’t have to. With the wide range of products available, and things in the space advancing at a rapid pace, premium products are available, but being price conscious is something that sets them apart.

As we move towards the colder months in many parts of the country, as well as next year, we will be working on a campaign we teased with our forum audience called the Garage Simulator Crew and the Indoor Golf Shop will be at the forefront of that lending their expertise.

A number of products in the launch monitor world have been launched recently with more coming in the not so distant future. During our testing of a few of them, we learned that the Indoor Golf Shop was doing the same, even before us, with every product you could imagine to determine if it was something that they would be adding to their mix of products offered. In some cases it is, in many it is not and as golfers first, they are onto something.

Skytrak at the indoor golf shop

Indoor golf and launch monitors in general are a fairly new concept to the non-tour player or instructor. How can a company stay on top of the industry as a whole and be experts in the field? Testing! Their sales and service team have the luxury of working in a showroom that is a Disney World of sorts for golfers. Filled with different setups, the Indoor Golf Shop experts have the ability to troubleshoot in real time while working with every aspect of a product. Whether it is sold or not, odds are, the team has tried it out and with their connections to the industry as a whole, can help improve the products you will find available for sale.

A company built on service first is something that we should be setting the bar at and the Indoor Golf Shop puts it at a premium. We will have a lot coming up with them very soon including more on the #GarageSimCrew that you will not want to miss. In the meantime, check out their website at and let us know your thoughts on their selection.

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