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Recently quite a lot has changed in life for me, and a big piece of that was the family and I packing up and moving to a new town. Fortunately, that move included a house that brought with it more space than we had previously, specifically a massive garage that meant, you guessed it, space for a proper golf simulator setup. 

No doubt you have read or watched all sorts of things on such endeavors before, and they rightfully lay heavy focus on the projector and launch monitor. Personally though, for my build the enclosure was the most critical element for my aspirations. 

That is when after much research, I turned to Indoor Golf Shop and their SIG lineup of enclosures. 

Indoor Golf Shop

If you are new to the idea of building an indoor golf simulator setup, you may not have heard of Indoor Golf Shop. Founded in 2017, Indoor Golf has grown and morphed into a one stop shop. To put it mildly, they are a golf addicts wonderland. In fact, there isn’t an aspect of indoor golf which they don’t carry, and after 2020 they have begun producing some of it themselves. For more about Indoor Golf Shop be sure to check out our story here (Introducing The Indoor Golf Shop – The Hackers Paradise) and Off Course episode where Dan Edwards sits down with the brand here (The Indoor Golf Shop Goes Off Course – The Hackers Paradise). 

SIG 10 Enclosure 

When I started shopping for an indoor enclosure, I had a lot of demands. I wanted to avoid permanence while also not sacrificing any structural stability. Also, I wanted a screen that I could count on in visual clarity, and of course, outright durability for the amount of golf balls I hit to collect data for my review articles here on THP. At the same time, there was some price conscientiousness that existed for me to ensure I wouldn’t be sleeping on the couch the rest of my life. All of that brought me back time and again to Indoor Golf Shop and their SIG Enclosures. 

SIG 10 Enclosure frame

The SIG Enclosure is offered in three sizes, 8, 10, and 12, with each number referencing the overall width. Of the three, the 10 and 12 are the full screen options given their wide dimensions, so that narrowed things. From there, it was all about my space. As much as I really wanted the SIG 12, it is the 10 that fit my garage space perfectly. 

SIG 10 Enclosure side framing

Every option from Indoor Golf Shop on all of the SIG Enclosures includes a premium surround that extends from the sides to catch and retain shots as well as premium padding which covers the screen/surround joint. The SIGPRO premium screen, which is tested up to 250 MPH, is also included. However, there is an option to save a little money by going with the DIY kits where you provide your own poles for the frame (tubing from any home improvement store). However, because I wanted a bit more freedom in being able to break it down and move things if I needed, and I wanted to make sure it was done right, I went with the full SIG 10 kit that includes their push pin poles and connectors. 

Once the SIG 10 arrived, the setup began. While the company tells you the more help you have the better, I of course stubbornly did it myself. Using the instructions and the very handy installation videos that Indoor Golf Shop gives you links to make every single step easy to understand and carry out. If you have any sort of ability to be even the slightest bit handy, you can do this. 

SIG 10 Enclosure screen

Being that I was solo on my construction since I hadn’t yet told the boss at home that I’d decided on an enclosure, and purchase, it did take a bit more time. That said, it was never stressful, which is pretty cool to be able to say when dealing with the SIG 10 that’s dimensions measure 10’10”W x 8’4”H x 13’7” D. The star for me was definitely the push pin pole system. I know I could have saved by using their offered measurements for the DIY versions and buying poles myself, but this system Indoor Golf Shop has created was much easier. 

While they do offer all sorts of hitting mats, including some that are also a full putting green with multiple cups, I stayed with my SIGPRO Softy 4×7’ that I already used for testing into a net. The main reason here is it allowed me to move the mat into/under the SIG 10 enclosure so we could get our other vehicle into the garage. 

SIG 10 Enclosure finished look

I’ve had the SIG 10 up and being used for four months at this point, and I have hit literally thousands upon thousands of golf balls into it for my review work, but also because it has made indoor practice fun for me. Combined with a projector I also got from Indoor Golf Shop, I have a fully functioning sim that looks impressively good and is proving to be super durable. The image projected to the screen is also as high quality as I’d hoped upon purchase.  However, I’m even more happy that to this point the tension and materials of the screen have remained taut so that there is no vaunted “smiley of doom” that I have seen occur on other impact screens where repeated shots cause sag. 

The Details

Obviously, affordability is in the eye of the beholder, and coming in at $3,599 the SIG 10 isn’t by any means cheap. However, it is cheaper than others out there, and in my experience its quality as well as durability are absolutely among the top. Not to mention, if you are willing, the same SIG 10 enclosure, minus the push pin poles, can be had for less. All in all, I would absolutely purchase the SIG 10 from Indoor Golf Shop again. No, my setup isn’t the most perfect, but it works for me, and the quality of materials and design here definitely provided everything I hoped it would.  

For more information on this or any of the other SIG products, check out their website at

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