John Daly Glove Review

John Daly is one of the most popular golfers on the PGA Tour right now. Since bursting on the scene to win his first major, many golf fans continue to support him through all of his different ventures. After his recent suspension, Daly came back to the PGA Tour wearing Loudmouth Clothing and sporting a much different look and finished out the season on the PGA Tour. Love him or hate him, Daly is still as popular as ever and on his website he sells different types of accessories and memoribilia with his logo and his likeness on them.
One of the items that will soon be released on his website for sale is the John Daly Grip it & Rip It golf glove. It is described as a Tour Series Glove with:
Premium Feel
Ultra-Lite Grip
New Age Comfort
Tour Player’s Cabretta
Durable & Long Lasting
The Hackers Paradise was contacted and asked to review the glove and we were delighted to do so.

First Impressions
Shortly after speaking with the company, THP received a box with a series of John Daly Grip It & Rip It gloves in different sizes. The packaging is standard golf glove packaging with the cardboard container holding the glove and a “see through” section to see what the item looks like. The box has a picture of Daly decked out in his Loudmouth pants wearing this very glove. The package also features his signature at the top and his classic Lion logo in a couple of spots. The glove itself is soft enough and seems pretty well made. It has the Lion logo on the wrist connector and a “Grip It & Rip It” line across the knuckles. The base of the palm has the John Daly signature on a small patch as well. Our overall first impression was that the product is a good looking golf glove that seems to be pretty soft.
package plus
Comfort & Durability
We have used the John Daly Grip It & Rip It golf glove for a few weeks now and are happy to report that durability does not seem to be an issue. The glove does not show any signs of breaking down and looks to be holding up as well as anything else we have tried to date in the normal glove category. It is comfortable and the sizing is done correctly, so if you wear a Large, you will not have to worry about it being too big or too small. The leather is soft and really grips the clubs well and we have had no issue with comfort.
The only major issue we had is not really an issue at all, but rather a preference. Many of the “Tour Premium Gloves” we have come across recently are as soft as the John Daly glove, but are also significantly thinner than this glove. You get a little more feel out of them due to the fact that they are thinner gloves. This John Daly glove is slightly thicker than those, but that is more of a preference than anything else.
We have had zero issues with the John Daly Grip It & Rip It golf glove other than the preference of a slightly thinner leather. If you are a fan of John Daly we recommend checking out the store on his website at The store is filled with merchandise and these new gloves will be available online in the near future.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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