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When it comes to golf fashion often times we think about cute bottoms, fun tops, and matching shoes and belt. Sometimes for a little extra flair we will seek out a fun patterned glove or a funky head cover, but that’s about it for golf wear and accessories, until now. The Hackers Paradise was recently introduced to a company that specializes in jewelry geared for the golfer. With the vision and creativity of an artist, designer and master craftsman named Lucia Olson, Just Fore You Jewelry was born.
About the company:
Northwest jewelry artist Lucia Olson is proud to announce Just Fore You, her newest line of contemporary jewelry inspired by golf and the sophisticated, accomplished women who play it.
“This jewelry line captures the idea that women have risen to a high level in their game and aren’t afraid to let themselves shine.”

Lucia, a sportswoman herself, understands both the value of comfort and the edge that comes in feeling special when you play. Her signature bracelets are artisan-crafted creations that are elegant enough for dinner at the club, wearable and unobtrusive enough for a full 18 holes.

The Just Fore You line is as clever as it is beautiful. By mixing gold and silver with diamonds, sapphires, and semi-precious stones, Lucia subtly but distinctively incorporates golf motifs into her designs. Each piece exhibits it’s wearer’s love of golf, her winning style, and her wish to outfit herself beautifully both on and off the course.

Just Fore You jewelry is made for the woman who wants to treat herself – she’s earned it. It also makes a wonderful gift for the sportswoman in anyone’s life, as well as a terrific group favor or gift of appreciation at a sports luncheon or gathering.
This is such a creative idea that I really have not seen before. Lucia was nice enough to send a few samples of the Just Fore You jewelry and they were very well received. The pieces are very simple and extremely light weight so they definitely would not bother you during your game. They have a sense of class to them that, as mentioned above, can without a doubt be worn both on and off the course. I brought the jewelry to country club and showed it to all the ladies. The 45+ age group absolutely loved them. They enjoyed the sleek and simple design. The under 45 yrs bracket really liked the concept behind the jewelry, but would have liked to see more variety and a little more ‘bling’.
The ring and bracelet are very similar. The are both made of either sterling silver or 14K Gold (by special order) with white sapphires and your choice of semi-precious stone. One of the great things about both pieces is how pliable they are. Whether you have larger or small fingers or writs these two pieces will fit. Plus if you are out on the course and your fingers swell from the heat you won’t have to worry about using soap and water to get the ring off. If you are engaged or married and wear your ring(s) when playing you probably know what I am talking about.
For me personally, of all the pieces that were sent I like the necklace the best. I loved the way it looks on and I love where the pendant falls. I don’t know that I could play golf with it on though, I think it would distract me dangling down, but right after my round I think it would look great. This is, in my opinion, also the most versatile piece and transitions very well from a day to night piece.
Fairway Pendants_300
Jewelry is art, and art is perceived differently from person to person, so these pieces may not please everyone. However, if you are looking for that special something to complete your golf get-up, or something special that not many people have, or just a new piece of jewelry to add to your collection than Just Fore You is worth checking out. These are not your cracker jacks rings, they are real stones, gems, and metals and the price reflects that. A bracelet will run you around $185, the ring starting from $85, and the necklace about $160USD. To learn more about Lucia’s jewelry you can check out her website at www.justforeyou.com.

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