KBS Shafts Tour Usage

The amazing and staggering growth of the KBS Shafts line is almost unparalleled in the world of golf. A company that started only 5 years ago and quickly gained not only tour acceptance, but manufacturer and consumer acceptance as well. The KBS line is synonymous with feel and in this episode of THP TV, Josh Babbitt speaks with Kim Braly (KBS = Kim Braly Signature) about how the product has been received at the highest level.

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  • I am shocked at the number of guys I see playing KBS in such a short time. I think every week I see a new red band and think to myself, was he playing those before.

    The shafts are the smoothest I have ever played, by far. I played or swung all three lines, looking for something new.

  • It was not until recently that I really began trying to catch a glimpse of the shaft bands from the players on tour but now that I do, I am certainly seeing a good amount of them playing KBS.

    They have made huge leaps in tour acceptance over the last 5 years and that does not seem like it is going to slow down.

  • Kim seems to understand the marketing side as well as the technical side of the business. Tour acceptance is huge and those shaft labels are hard to miss. I love the KBS tours and I don’t think I will be going away from them anytime soon.

  • KBS took the golf world by storm, it’s crazy. Only a handful of years in and they are one of the most recognized brand in shafts. Thanks for the awesome interview with Braly!

  • I always love to hear Kim talk about KBS. The fact that they have expanded SO far SO quickly in an industry like this is both a testament to the product and at the same time mind boggling.

    Very cool to watch!

  • pretty crazy the acceptance there is on tour for them now considering they are still young by industry standards. I remember when Mickelson changed to them the week before the Masters. If you are changing your iron shafts the week prior to a major you know there is something special there that he was liking about them.

  • I had the chance to hit the KBS Tour shaft about a month ago and was pleased with the results. For someone who has always played True Temper it was good to see another shaft that gave me the ball flight I was looking for!

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