KBS Tour-V Shaft Preview

After what seems like years of speculation and rumors, today KBS Shafts is announcing the release of their Tour-V shaft. In development with the one and only Phil Mickelson since early last year, some of you may have heard it referred to as the Tour V2, but KBS has officially named it the Tour-V. This shaft has already won multiple times on Tour, including the 2013 Open Championship.

The Tour-V joins the ever expanding family of KBS shafts with a set of unique traits that are sure to appeal to many golfers. It’s a lighter weight shaft that is said to offer lower spin, excellent dispersion, and the signature KBS Tour feel. See the press release below for all the details.

KBS Announces the Tour-V Shaft

Already proven on the PGA Tour, the Tour-V shaft offers golfers a lightweight and low spin option

BOULDER, Colo. (September 30th, 2013) Today, KBS Golf Shafts announces an all-new steel shaft, the Tour-V. The KBS Tour-V has already been the trusted shaft on professional tours for wins worldwide, including the 2013 Open Championship. Similar to the popular Tour shaft in feel and trajectory, it features a lighter weight design. This new offering compliments the already popular line of KBS iron shafts.

In development on the PGA Tour since 2012, the Tour-V enters the aftermarket already proven with the best players in the world. The lower spin performance in a lighter weight is achieved while maintaining the superior feel KBS has become famous for. The Tour-V is available in three flexes: R-100g, S-110g, and X-120g.

The Tour-V was chosen by Callaway Golf as the stock shaft for their newest player’s iron, the Apex Pro. Available in all three flexes, the Apex Pro iron will be on sale Q1 2014. The Tour-V shaft is available for pre-order immediately through authorized KBS dealers with orders shipping November 1st.

“We are very excited to introduce the Tour-V shaft. It has been tested and perfected over the past year and a half, and truly delivers on offering a tight dispersion shaft in a light weight package. The results we get from PGA Tour player testing are spot on. Dispersion with the Tour-V is some of the tightest we have ever seen and it maintains our signature smooth feel at impact. Lighter weight has become more popular and this allows golfers to swing a little easier. Our team is thrilled to bring this shaft to market and see it as the stock shaft for Callaway’s new player’s iron.” said Kim Braly, Director of R&D and Tour Operations at KBS Golf Shafts.

During player and robot testing, the KBS team has seen terrific results. The Tour-V offers a slightly different performance:  up to 20% tighter shot dispersion than other popular shafts on the PGA Tour, 10% lighter weight and a mid trajectory. This distinction in performance allows KBS to offer golfers yet another terrific option to improve their iron play.


–          Light weight (100g, 110g, 120g), tight dispersion, mid trajectory

–          Pre-order now through authorized KBS dealers

–          Shipping  to customers November 1st

–          Stock shaft in new Callaway Apex Pro iron available Q1 2014

Twelve THP forum members have already been fortunate enough to sample the new Tour-V shaft at the very first THP Ultimate Club Testing event held at Mission Inn Resort in Florida. Callaway Golf chose the new shaft as the stock option in their Apex Tour irons, which were one of the products featured at the groundbreaking event. You’ll be able to read some early feedback from the weekend very soon, as well as the testers’ long term thoughts as they continue to play with the new irons. 

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