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Fall Fashion Preview continues today with a brand that The Hackers Paradise has grown to love. Lija was started by Linda Hipp, an avid and highly-skilled golfer, she struggled to find on-course apparel that meshed with her off-course fashion sensibility. Recognizing a market opportunity — and the chance to combine her passions for fashion, golf and business — Hyp Golf was launched in July 1997. The company re-branded as LIJA in late 2004, and continues to expand to offer women apparel for all their active pursuits. Chiefly influenced by both European trends and West Coast style, Hipp has garnered a widespread reputation as one of North America’s hottest sportswear designers.
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When THP first got a chance to review Lija, it was for our Spring Fashion Preview earlier this year and the readers seemed to really like what they saw. So much so that when the THP Readers Choice Awards came up a few months back, the votes were counted and Lija won the THP Award for Ladies Apparel.

When Fall Fashion Preview was announced, The Hackers Paradise could not wait to see what Lija had in store for the readers.


Below is described by the company:

Popular activewear designer Linda Hipp and her company, LIJA, announce the unveiling of three dynamic golf and sportswear collections for Fall 2009 featuring runway styling, distinctive silhouettes and the brand’s trademark bold color combinations.

Inspired by art and literature from the 1920s-1950s, the collections — Garden of Eden, Twilight in Italy and The Sun Also Rises — draw their titles from books of the era, while the individual styles are named for famous artists, design aesthetics, shoes and other period themes.
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A fusion of sport, leisure and fashion, the line’s array of layering pieces showcases sophisticated prints and unique detailing in knits, soft shell and midlayer looks. Highlights of the collections include two new fabrications — “Ozone,” a lightweight, durable outerwear providing comfort, style and strong performance features; and “Mira,” a technical bottom fabric that offers functionality and easy care.

“From Belle Epoque to Art Deco, these artistic collections exude international flair and epitomize LIJA in a wide range of styles that can be worn from one activity to the next,” says Hipp. “This season we’ve also added a bolder picnic plaid in The Sun Also Rises to our characteristic color blocking and striped sweater knits.”
Garden of Eden is a lush collection of confident Jungle and Black supported by soft tones of Opal and Putty. This is one of only two collections this year offering the very chic Moulin Plaid and LIJA’s modern interpretation of time-honored tweed.

Twilight in Italy offers a delightful pop of energetic Zeal against subtly muted backdrops of Desert, Cocoa, Cloud and Ivory. The Frida Print in this collection stands out as daring and modern coupled with one of LIJA’s tech pique polos which offers a simple and linear design to complete a perfectly balanced look.
The Sun Also Rises uses a beautiful Spectra and pitch Black to create a stunning collection of bold and bright patterns. Ivory, Stone and Steel are subtle supporting colors showcased in the Cubism print and contemporary picnic plaid. The newest addition, LIJA’s Ozone outerwear, is featured in the collection and is a key essential for any golf course.

One of the things I have always loved about Lija is their color schemes. You can take one great skirt or pair of pants and match it with two or three different color tops and each outfit looks better than the next. Their fall line is no exception, especially with the addition of the great sweater with both pink and green stripes as well as that amazing brown windchill empire vest. I am always so impressed with how well Lija pairs colors together that are the perfect compliment to each other.
As we expected, Lija delivered on so many levels. When you combine Style, Fit, Comfort, and Quality together with a team of people that share a passion to deliver the best out there to the consumers, you are sure to get a winner. That is exactly what we got. Each piece looks better than the next and the attention to detail comes to life as the outfits come together.
We have come to love the Lija brand and expect the highest from them each time a new line is delivered. Yet time after time they blow us away again. We urge everybody that is looking for high quality, comfort, and style in their ladies golf apparel to check out their new line.
You can read more about all these great outfits as well as so much more on their website at You can also communicate directly with the fine folks at Lija via our forum. The company wanted to way to communicate directly with their fans and consumers and this way you can ask questions or even have input on their designs. Join them at Lija Forum on THP.

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  • The apparel that Lija has put out for fall is some of the nicest we have seen. Great pictures in this one golfergal.

  • Sharp looking outfits. LIJA has another bunch of winners for fall.

  • I found Lija via your review in the Spring and got an outfit online. Since that time I have added two more tops. Simply put my favorite brand at this point. Thanks Golfergal. I cannot wait to see what is next, but I am not sure anybody can top Lija.

  • My sister found Lija and I have found them because of her. Keep up the great work. These clothes look great.

  • My wife really loves Lija. I just sent her this link. Class and Sophistication all put together with great colors. Not everything has to be pink in ladies apparel.

  • The pictures really look great. I do not own any of this clothing yet, but that sweater is going to be mine. Nice to see some love for the ladies on this site.

  • Myrtle beach,

    We have lots of love for the ladies on this site. As a woman and co-owner of THP it is very important to us to look out for the ladies just as much as the men as well as the junior golfers. Those that have commented do not lie, Lija is one of the best ladies apparel companies around right now. I am glad you are enjoying the preview : )


  • i love lija since i got my first item from them last year. do you know if you will be reviewing their next line, because i saw a local sales rep told me it is the best they have ever done?

  • Gladys,

    Yes, we plan to review all their lines and we are very excited about that 🙂

  • I just wanted to say that the last picture of the button when blown up is truly superb. As is the one with the silver Lija tag. great work.

  • Love it. The colors that they choose are simply perfect.

  • As Mike the Hacker suggests, the detailing is just phenomenal on this stuff. Love it!

  • I will 3rd the thoughts about the detail. thanks for bringing it out in the pictures. I have not heard of lija until now, but am brand new to the game. I think I am going to love this game because of the fashion. I must have that outfit at the top with the sweater tied around the neck. The color patterns are perfect. thanks for the help.

  • great review. I love Lija.

  • I will have to tell my wife about this stuff. Looks great.

  • where can I purchase their 2009 fall collection on line their website doesn’t seem to work for shopping

  • Joanne,

    Their online store should be working but if you are having any trouble I would contact their customer service. They are wonderful and should be able to help you with anything you need = )

    Golfer Gal

  • Hi Joanne,

    Our Fall 2009 collections that Golfer Gal reviewed are definitely for sale our website. If you are having any troubles at all, just email us at with a description of the problem you are encountering and our Customer Service team will definitely be able to help you out.

    By the way, thank you everyone for the wonderful comments. Our Fall 2009 line has been a great success and we look forward to launching our next collections in Orlando in January! Be sure to check out the LIJA forum on Hackers Paradise for the latest LIJA news.


  • I have never heard of this brand before, but according to my wife, it is a must have. So I am placing my order this week. Just found the site and really like it so far. I am going to get brownie points for this.

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