Matrix Radix HD6 Shaft Review

Many of us come to The Hackers Paradise for various reasons. For some, it might be for Tour news and coverage, for others it may be for the camaraderie on the forum, but the one thing we all have in common: we all love equipment. We share our thoughts, pictures of our bags and sometimes we even disagree about certain things, but it’s typically because we are passionate about the topic at hand. The one constant when giving or receiving advice concerning equipment on THP is fitting. It’s something that is becoming more important for many of us and it’s something that is much easier to achieve as a consumer than it ever has been before. For me, the shaft is now just as important in the fitting realm as length and loft have ever been. A proper fitted shaft can change everything for one’s launch conditions and it’s probably the most important aspect of a driver fitting for me.

Where Matrix really shines is in the area of testing. Of course, most equipment manufacturers conduct testing, but Matrix takes it a step further. They’re testing has one integral component that I feel should not be overlooked and it’s simple: energy! Matrix has determined through testing that energy that should be delivered to the driver’s clubhead and to the ball can be deformed and lost through inefficiencies in some driver shaft designs. Matrix discovered these inefficiencies via Deformation of Energy Analysis (DE Analysis) and in return, developed a Deformation of Energy Curve (DE Curve). The DE Curve is a measurement of the entire graphite shaft created by engineers at Matrix. Matrix firmly believes being armed with DE Curve, they can find resolutions in shaft designs that greatly effect launch angle, spin rate and ball speed.

One of the resolutions in shaft design that Matrix came up with was HD, or Hexadecagonal Design. This is a 16-sided, internal platform on which the Radix shaft was built. Quite simply, this means that Matrix has developed a shaft design that is unparalleled when it comes to internal strength. They now have a driver shaft which can be strengthened at the tip end without having to add weight. From Matrix’s website:

The internal HD structure is made more consistently uniform than a circular design, thus reducing the need for specific orientation during installation. In terms of performance, shafts with the “HD” label will produce flatter, more piercing Tour-type ball flights – and a more stable and crisp feeling.

So, the Radix is a shaft with a stronger tip, offers a tour-type ball flight, lowers ball flight as it gets stiffer in flex, but they are not quite finished yet. Hard to believe at this point, but the last piece of the technological puzzle which makes the Radix so outstanding is the Tip Torsional Resistence (TTR). In layman’s terms, TTR is an added bonus from the folks at Matrix that does two things I cannot overlook: it minimizes the tip of the shaft from twisting in the impact zone and it reduces shaft deformation on the down swing. What this means for the golfer is simple:

This added structural stability results in controlled side launch deviation, more centered contact, more consistent spin results, and higher energy transfer into the golf ball.  This combination yields explosive distance and straighter shots.

It’s quite clear that the Radix shaft is packed full of some incredible, cutting edge technology, and I can appreciate that, especially as a tech junky, but the shaft is nothing short of spectacular in the looks department. I will not lie, when I first saw it, I immediately thought of Carolina Blue. Being a guy from the great state of North Carolina, I loved it! The beautiful sky blue color paired with the white “RADIX HD6” lettering was enough in itself to have me intrigued. I immediately thought about how fantastic it would look in my R11 and it did not disappoint after installation. What immediately struck me next was how I could even take it to the next level by throwing a white grip on it. This had to happen, and when it did, I knew this was the best head, shaft, and grip color combination I have ever seen. I have never received as many compliments, questions, or remarks as I have with this driver, and I must admit, I’m proud to have it in the bag. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s hard to believe that this shaft can sometimes just leave one speechless.

The Matrix Radix HD6 has been in my bag for 4 rounds of golf and for at least half a dozen range sessions. For me, it was love at first strike! Immediately I noticed a ball flight that appeals to me and my golf game. For the past couple of years I have been actively pursuing a shaft that will offer me a low/mid penetrating ball flight. The Radix delivered, and did so with one other feature that cannot be ignored: FEEL! I could not believe how smooth and stable this shaft felt, both throughout my swing, and especially at impact. It’s incredibly difficult to describe feel, mostly because it’s such a subjective thing, but there is one word that has been in my mind since I’ve been testing this shaft, and that word is, “consistent”.

The Radix seems to offer me a repeatable flight, a repeatable launch, and most importantly repeatable results! I don’t know about you, but that’s precisely what I have been looking for from a driver shaft for quite some time. So, to find out that the solution came in the form of a shaft that visually appeals to me, is packed full of cutting edge technology, and is super consistent, well, I believe my search is over. Time and time again, the shaft just delivered for me. My shot shape was consistent to what I expected, my shot height was seemingly identical, and not once did I ever feel like I had too much shaft for me to handle. Predictability and consistency, the two words racing through my mind every time I think about how to describe the Radix HD6.

It’s quite simple: Matrix takes the shaft game very seriously. They are at the forefront of testing, ingredients, and design when it comes to graphite shafts. They do not just produce products to saturate the market, instead, they do it so club builders and golfers can attain more accurate and faster fittings. They are also incredibly easy on the wallet, something that most THP’ers can appreciate. The Radix HD6 is by far the best driver shaft that I have tested and my game and I believe that if you are a golfer who is seeking a mid ball flight, a shaft that is reliable and consistent, then you need to look no further than the Radix series from Matrix.

Any information concerning the Radix series from Matrix can be found on their website
Until next time, thanks for reading!


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  • Great job TC! That shaft and head combo is SICK, love it and would love to give this shaft a try, have heard nothing but great things about Matrix

  • That was truly a Great Review. One I love the 2nd photo of this bad boy. I have to get to try this on my R11. You have made reading about this shaft exciting . Dang I want to go but it now!!!!!….. Great Job TC…

  • Great write-up TC. I just ordered one of the bay to test out myself since it seems to be exactly what I’m looking for.

  • Amazing review TC! Can’t believe that’s a first effort, sounds like an experienced pro!

    Really really intrigued by this shaft. It looks so purrty and is jam packed with technology. ‘Consistent’, that’s a great description and one that should prick up every golfer’s ears!

  • Outstanding write up TC! My shaft knowledge is in it’s infancy right now so I am really looking forward to following your reviews of various shafts. The description of this shaft and it’s ball flight is EXACTLY what I look for in a driver shaft – sounds like a winner!!

  • Great stuff TC…sounds like you found a winner here!

  • Great job TC, sounds like a great fit for anyone needing a lower, tighter trajectory. I myself need air time, so not going to work for me, but I’m guessing these guy’s have something built for everyone.

  • Great review TC! That is one sick combo paired with the R11. I am glad you found a shaft that can give you repeatable results.

  • Great review TC. Happy to hear this shaft works well for your game. It looks great with the R11 and I can’t wait to try one out.

  • BOOM!! Great first review TC. I think I need a shaft with a bit higher launch than this bad boy.

  • Thanks for breaking down the technical information, Lucas. You really did a great job of making it easy to understand. This is definitely not the shaft I need for my swing, but I’d love to see what else Matrix has to offer.

  • Great work TC!! Sounds like a good price point for a couple THPers to get creative with!

  • awesome review TC! You are a natural.

  • Great review TC. Appreciate you going into detail with all the technology behind this shaft. Definitely one to keep an eye out for.

  • Great write up TC! I really like how it looks with your R11 driver head. Now I am going to have to see if they have this available for a fairway wood shaft.

  • Awesome write up TC. I can’t believe how much advanced technology went into the making of this shaft. I had no idea. It really does look awesome in your R11 head too.

  • Looks like an awesome shaft, excellent review TC, hopefully I’ll be able to add one to my bag real soon!

  • I haven’t hit all shafts out there, but I have hit this one. Everything you say is true, this is one killer shaft. Great review.

  • TC, I really enjoyed reading that. You covered everything, from look to feel and then putting it through a gauntlet of personal testing. I respect your opinion and it looks like your thorough search has led you to his amazing shaft. I’ll give it a look myself and appreciate all the hard work you put into this review.

  • Nice article TC. I learned a ton I had no idea about before. And that blue with the white head, you might need to wear two gloves its so hot! Thanks for the review TC.

  • TC, great review buddy! I totally agree it is a beautiful shaft, and having done some research myself lately into Matrix shafts, the tech side of things seems a cut above the rest. After that first review I really look forward to any and all you have to come.

  • I agree with Ryan. With my swingspeed I need a higher flight. Glad this one is working for you though TC. I’ll have to look to see what else they offer. Thanks for the insight.

  • Great review TC! The tech behind the shaft is quite impressive! That and it looks awesome matched with the R11 head!

  • Excellent review TC. Well said and easy to understand while being to the point. Consider my interest piqued.

  • Great review! Sounds like a great shaft and one that I probably would have steered away from before reading this, but now I am intrigued!

  • Outstanding review TC! You had me lost as could be early on with all the tech talk but you did a really good job of putting it in terms that I can relate to and it sounds like a really solid shaft that must be considered when people are looking for an aftermarket shaft to complete they’re driver total package.

    Thanks buddy!

  • Thanks for all the kind words guys, I really appreciate all the feedback up to this point.

  • Great writeup TC! I love the color of this shaft and would be interested in testing one myself . I wonder how this shaft would match up in one of the new Cleveland lightweight drivers?

  • Good job TC, excellent observations and thanks for the technology explaination too.

  • Great information in that review and I agree that it is a eye appealing shaft. I will check their website as I have a couple of questions that popped as I read through this. Thanks TC

  • Nice write up fellow lefty. I’m a fan of Matrix shafts myself, and your review sure indicates this is another good one.

  • Really enlightening thank you, I do believe your current audience will likely want way more content like this continue the good effort.

  • Great review, what is your r11 loft?

  • If you’ve just read this article and it sounds like a sales pitch, it’s not. Everything Lucas describes is exactly correct. The ball flight, the distance, the consistency shot after shot is all true. I tried the same club head on many different shafts at an Edwin Watts vendor expo and this shaft by far stood out among the the others. I would add what I liked about the shaft but I would only retell the story that Lucas just told. Nice article well written and very accurate.


  • I was fitted for a new RBZ and tried at least a dozen different shafts (RIP, etc.) and this one stood out among them all. All comments on the review re: performance are dead on.

  • Excellent Review. I purchased an Adams driver that features the Matrix Radix 4.1 shaft, partly because of this review.



  • Worst review I have ever seen.
    Totally subjective.
    Ok, I understand that this shaft is perfect for you. But I know nothing about you or your swing, so what does it tell me ? Nothing really. Sure, tip stiff. But how much? And how much relative to the rest of the shaft… Mid/low trajectory… Yes, for you
    Well, it didnt tell me much… Sorry

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