Maxfli U/4 and U/4X Golf Ball Review

Maxfli is a name that most golfers are very familiar with. In fact, the company has been in the golf business for many decades. Some of you may also know that the Maxfli brand was purchased by Dick’s Sporting Goods a couple of years ago. Recently, it seems that the company has been focused on reinventing the brand and shedding the budget-ball image that it has recently been associated with. For many years, Maxfli was a premium brand and it appears that they want to reclaim that status. Two balls in their 2012 collection, the U/4 and U/4X, are designed to compete with the performance of every other Tour ball on the market. Naturally, THP wanted to test them out and see how they stacked up. I’ve been using both golf balls for the last month or so and I’ll be sharing my thoughts here.

Here’s an informative graphic from the Maxfli website that explains the characteristics of the U/4 and U/4X. The U/4 is represented by the gold line, and the U/4X by the silver one.


The U/4 is a four piece golf ball with a soft urethane cover. Of the two balls in the ‘4’ series, this is considered to be the ball that spins a little bit more and launches a little higher.
According to Maxfli, these are the primary features of the U/4:

  • Highest short game spin
  • Extra soft feel and long driver distance
  • 4- piece premium cast-urethane construction

I tested this ball extensively during rounds of golf and at my short game practice area, and also asked some playing partners to give me their thoughts on its performance. My opinion was that it felt sufficiently soft off the driver and irons and offered a pretty high ball flight with both types of clubs, but it flew especially high off the driver. I wouldn’t characterize it as the softest Tour ball I’ve played, but it definitely seemed to be softer than the U/4x. I found there to be adequate spin with the U/4, much like I’d expect from any urethane ball in its class. I tested it against a few of the leading competitors in the industry and didn’t see any major differences between any of them in terms of greenside spin. I had no durability issues during the testing process. The U/4 seemed to hold up about as well as I’d expect for a soft-covered ball. I didn’t think it was the longest ball I’ve hit, but distance seemed to be close to what I am used to.

Some comments I received from two of my golfing partners were:

  • “I like that it doesn’t spin as much as my normal ball. I was able to control it a little better on the greens.”
  • “It seems to be as long as my normal ball off the tee, but feels a little softer.”
  • “I’m hitting this ball higher off the driver, but distance is about the same.”


The U4/X, while still possessing a urethane cover, has less dimples and is designed to launch lower. This ball is said to spin a bit less than the U/4 and have a little firmer feel for more distance.
Maxfli advertises the U/4X as having:


  • Soft feel and long driver distance
  • Excellent short game spin
  • 4- piece premium cast-urethane construction

This ball was tested in the same manner as the U/4 and I did notice some key differences. First of all, it really did feel firmer and had a much sharper sound at impact, especially with irons. I didn’t feel like the ball flew substantially lower for me, but my perception was that it gave me a little less distance than the U/4. I didn’t really notice a huge difference in greenside spin compared to the U/4 either. Lastly, the durability seemed to be pretty good for a urethane ball. Given the choice, I would choose the U/4 for my game over this all, but since we are all different, you may find different results.

Some comments I received from two of my golfing partners were:

  • “I am hitting this ball longer and straighter than my current ball.” Note: I play regularly with this person and I was impressed with how well he drove the U/4X.
  • “It feels hard off my irons and putter, but I’m ok with that if I’m better off the tee with it.”
  • “The greenside spin is ok, but my normal ball spins more.”

Final Thoughts
In summary, I thought both of these golf balls were close in performance to other premium balls on the market. Their covers were soft enough to help generate some extra spin, which is typically what people are looking for in a golf ball from this class. I didn’t find either to be particularly long for my game, but I didn’t notice any large distance losses while using them. Each person that assisted me in the testing process seemed to agree with that assessment. There are a couple important things to note if you are interested in trying out the U/4 or U/4X. First of all, they are sold exclusively by Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy . Also, these are considered top-of-line balls, and are priced as such. Both of them are currently priced at $39.99 per dozen. As a side note, there is a pretty wide variety of balls at different price points in the “U” series, so you may find something that fits your game or price needs a little better after some research. As always, thanks for reading.

Ryan H.

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  • Great review, Ryan! I also like that you got your regular golfing buddies to comment.

  • Great review Ryan, I enjoy playing the U4x. It’s a great ball.

  • Been thinking of trying these Ryan. Great review

  • Good review Ryan, thanks for all the info. I’ve been wanting to hear about these. The U/4 seems like the ball I’d like better, but I think I’d like to try both to see differences and benefits to each.

  • I loved the revolution when Maxfli released that ball back in the day. I wonder if this new ball is close in performance? Good work Hawk

  • Solid review here Ryan. One of my playing partners has been playing one version of these (not sure which) and seems to like them thus far. I have not played a Maxfli in years and not sure that I would at the price point they are targeting but sounds like I at least need to grab a few and see what I think. I like the flight characteristics of the U4/X better than the U4 but the spin of the U4 sounds better for me.

  • I used to love playing the Revolution Solid back in the day, still think it was a very underrated ball. I’d be interested to hear more about the durability, after some long term testing.

  • Great review Ryan, I liked how you brought in other opinions and used them in your review.

  • Nice job Hawk, sounds some what middle of the road in the premium market, but nice to see Maxfli jump in.

  • Nice review Ryan. I have to say that I have not considered Maxfli for my ball in quite some time, but maybe I should give them a shot. Thanks for the info buddy.

  • I bought 18 (buy 12 get 6 free) on a whim and have been pretty happy with them. I do think they feel a little harsh, particularly on my long irons, but down in the short game, and off the driver, I don’t mind it too terribly much. I think it performs well and the durability, in my experience, is far away better than the ball it is intended to ‘replace’. I played a very solid (meaning not always in the grass) 27 holes with ONE U/4x and was amazed it had only started to show some cover discoloration/wear.

  • Great review Ryan, I have been wondering about these balls and need to grab a sleeve of each to try out, not worth buying a dozen to test though. Sounds like they are in the middle of the pack in the premium ball market. Great job man.

  • Good stuff Ryan, I do not see these around my area but than again we don’t have a golf galaxy or Dicks. I would like to try the U/4 sometime and see if the price point is adequate.

  • Great review! I personnally agree…was turned on to these by a friend and can’t say enought about em. ProV1’s have been my choice for a long time, but these are very comparable and must be considered as a top ball. EXCELLANT feel around the green!

  • I found the U4/X to be a great fit for my game. I like a bit more spin, but the driver & irons were spot on. I agree the ball is pretty durable for a urethane ball, though my Nike wedges bite through it quicker than a ProV1x. I look forward to trying the U4, too.

  • Solid review Hawk! Always good to have choices and Maxfli definitely gives us that with a premium ball not priced like other premium balls on the market

  • Three guys on tour are now using these balls, (it’s on the Maxfli website) so to all of those folks wondering whether the balls are any good or not, you have your answer. If it is used on tour, it is a good ball. Then it just boils down to a matter of whether you like the ball or not. But basically if it gets tour use you can check off all the spin distance trajectory blah blah blah checkboxes.

  • Dicks is running a special right now. Buy one dozen at 34.99 get a second dozen free. I bought some to try them out, thought it was a great cheaper option for winter golf.

  • I remember loving an old Maxfli ball called Black Max that I bought on a whim as our cat was called the same. What a ball that was – hoping that these are as good and thanks for the review Ryan – will have to keep my eye out for them next time I visit.

  • Just before Christmas dick’s had them at 2 for 1 sale….so for $34.95 I got 2 dozen or $17.48/dozen….haven’t gamed ’em yet…waiting for spring….will stick to 2 piece balls during the cooler months.

  • Try 9 holes with a ProV iX then play 9 with the U/41x expect a better score. Great ball !
    Will try the new 6 layer ball next

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