Miyazaki Use on Tour – Update

In April of this year, The Tour Spot took a moment to look at how quickly Miyazaki Shafts was gaining acceptance on professional golf tours around the globe. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article, you can check it out here. Now that the 2011 PGA Tour season is winding down, we thought we’d take a look at a few players with Miyazaki in their bag and the success they have seen during the season. We’ll also talk about some exciting developments at Miyazaki that we’ve recently learned about.

First off, let’s look at three players on the PGA Tour that are at completely different stages in their careers, but share two things in common: PGA Tour wins and Miyazaki shafts.
One of the players that The Tour Spot spoke about in April was David Toms. At that time, it appeared that this PGA Tour veteran was in the process of revitalizing his career. Amazingly, Toms did break through with a hard fought second place finish at The Players Championship, followed by a win at the Crown Plaza Invitational. In total, he’s had six top-10 finishes this year, including a t-4 at the PGA Championship. Toms uses three Miyazaki shafts, including the C Kua 39 in his driver and he is currently 4th in driving accuracy on the PGA Tour.

Some may also know of another Miyazaki staffer that had some incredible success this year. His name is Keegan Bradley and he went from a virtual unknown to a lock for the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. His 2011 season has been explosive with two wins, including a major victory at the PGA Championship. Like Toms, Keegan also uses three Miyazaki shafts, including the Kusala Blue in his driver, and he is averaging over 300 yards in driving distance this year. Here’s what Keegan is currently carrying in his bag:

Driver: Cleveland Launcher UltraLite TL 310 10.5° w/ Miyazaki Kusala Black Shaft
FW Wood: Cleveland Launcher FL 14° with a Miyazaki Kusala Black 83 shaft
Hybrids: Cleveland Launcher DST 18° with a Project X XHB6 shaft; Mashie 20.5° w/ Miyazaki C Kua shaft
Irons: Cleveland CG7 Tour (4-PW) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts
Wedges: Cleveland CG14 52°, 58° with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts
Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG Sabretooth
Ball: Srixon Z-Star

The final player that we’d like to mention is a 2011 PGA Tour winner, but is actually a staffer for another equipment manufacturer. Fredrik Jacobson finally broke through and secured his first PGA Tour win at the Travelers Championship in June. He did this with Miyazaki shafts in his fairway woods. It was hard to miss the unique graphics of the Kusala Black shafts he was carrying. The victory was a long time coming for this journeyman that possesses a very effective, but somewhat unorthodox swing. One interesting statistic from the tournament is that Jacobson didn’t miss a single fairway during the final two rounds on the way to the win.

Now that we’ve highlighted the success of some professionals playing Miyazaki shafts, it only seems fitting that we discuss the success Miyazaki itself is seeing. When we last discussed the company’s acceptance on Tour, they had over 150 professionals worldwide using over 250 of their shafts. A mere five months later, The Tour Spot has learned that there are now over 200 players using over 400 shafts across the world’s professional tours. That rate of growth is spectacular and shows that Miyazaki is on a very large upswing. Stay tuned to The Tour Spot for future updates as we will be watching closely to see what the coming year brings for this company on the rise.

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  • Great update Ryan. I just bought a Kusala Silver for my driver, looking forward to a little higher ball flight and more consistency. Miyazaki is really coming along, its only a matter of time before big name non-cleveland staffers add them to their bags.

  • Good info and I venture to say that we continue to see growth and more wins for them. It was also neat to see a younger guy like Keegan bringing some love for Cleveland and Miyazaki to the winner’s circle this year!

  • That is some awesome stats there Ryan. Thanks so much for researching all this great information. I do love Miyazaki shafts and need to bag one down the road.

  • Nice job Ryan, the growth of this brand on tour is pretty amazing given all the options available to these professionals. It’s pretty hard to argue with the statistics when these guys are hitting fairways and bombing it long. I got to see first hand how my Miyazaki Blue transformed the old R9 driver in my bag last year, so I’m not overly surprised by this.

  • Good update, Im sure more pros will make the switch. I love my miyazaki shafts. It’s awesome they are having a good amount of success

  • Miyazaki is definitely a company on the rise. The increase of Tour players using their shafts is very impressive. It’s going to be interesting to see how the success on Tour carries over to next year, and how many pros will be switching to Miyazaki in 2012.

  • Great article. Pretty cool to see such a large upswing in the amount of these great shafts.

  • Very nice job ! Lots of good info in there. Thanks

  • So glad to see Miyazaki growing on tour! It’ll be very interesting to see how many players are using their shafts in a year from now.

  • Great little article. I have yet to hit a Miyazaki, but I’m looking forward to trying!

  • Good stuff Ryan, enjoyed the contrast of the different players and the point each is at in their career. Thanks for the update.

  • Great read Ryan. I’d love to give them a ride in my metal woods without a doubt! Its just crazy to think they haven’t been around that long and have this much clout! Very impressive!

  • Great update, man!

  • 3 impressive players for Miyazaki right there. Toms is an incredible story this year.

  • Thank you for the update! Miya is for sure on the move, its one dang fine product and a great company for sure.

  • Thank you for that article hawk, I have to admit I’m a bit of a miyazaki homer and I love seeing them start to make in roads on the PGA tour.

  • What an awesome update to your earlier article Hawk!

  • It would probably mean more if the guys mentioned were not all Cleveland guys. I seem to see GD shafts on a variety of heads but with Miyazaki it seems like it is always Cleveland heads. Not saying I study what is being used on tour but that has been my perception when I have noticed what is being used.

  • good update Hawk! It’s good to see Miyazaki getting a little mainstream now with more and more success

  • Great write up there Ryan! I know that Miyazaki was out on the tour but that is an impressive list of wins.

  • Great update Hawk. I have a Miya in my R11 and love it. Nice to see the, getting some more play on tour.

  • Ryan, thanks for updating THP’ers on the rise of Miyazaki shafts, a brand that wasn’t even on the edge of my limited awareness until your 1st article. Might have to consider a demo to investigate further as a possibility for me!

  • Thanks for the write up. Miyazaki shafts continue getting love on tour and keep growing as a company. They seem like amazing shafts and I think it is awesome that Cleveland has them as their stock option.

  • Nice article Ryan.

    I love that Keegan is winning on tour with not only Miyazaki shafts, but a Mashie in his bag.

  • I love this shaft and wish I could find the right one for my swing. I know it’s out there, but I can a bit wild with the ones I have tested,

  • I am getting some good results from my Miyazaki black, with a mid to high ball flight. I love the feel and response I receive from the shaft. Nice write up RH, I like the “lock” for the ROY.

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