Monsoon Golf Bag Review

“The only cart bag with a built in misting system to keep you cool.” First look at the Monsoon bag from CaddyDaddy Golf looks pretty similar to most cart bags on the market today. Spacious, plenty of pockets, and well….big. That is exactly where the similarities end when comparing this cart bag to it’s peers. While the temps here in the plains haven’t quite reached the point of needing a misting system yet, it’s nice to know that the Monsoon delivers in other important areas as well.

Specs from the company:
• 16oz MistyMate Misting System with 5ft Extension Hose
• 3 Rubber Handles for Easy Carrying
• 9.5” Top with 6 Way Compressed Nylon Dividers
• Durable 600D/1680D Nylon Construction
• 7 Spacious Pockets for Golf Gear
• Felt-Lined Valuables Pocket
• Umbrella Pocket and Numerous Towel Rings
• Available in Black with Blue or Gray Accents
• Heavily Padded Shoulder Strap
• External Putter Well
• 1 year limited warranty
• Weight: 10 lbs

For this review I felt it would be best to just completely swap bags for a couple of rounds and go from there. The first thing that strikes me going from my Sun Moutain Speed Cart bag to this is the room! I am not sure because I’ve never used a full fledge cart bag, but there is absolutely room for everything and plenty to spare. I found that all my things easily fit with at least a couple pockets empty. Again, the closest thing I’ve used to a cart bag is the mid-sized Speed Cart Bag I’m currently using, but the Monsoon is really a big bag, nothing says “I do not walk” like hauling one of these babies out of your trunk. (Not that this is a bad thing mind you.) Another nice thing about the Monsoon was that all 14 of my clubs fit perfectly and left plenty of room so access to clubs was very easy without a single problem with getting the grips tangled up, nothing drives me crazier! As I said, the Monsoon seems to me pretty well on par with other cart bags, it’s nice to know that going after the other benefits will not require you to sacrafice functionality.

Obviously as the name indicates, there is more to this bag than simply the pockets and the overall capacity. Along with all the other pockets and compartments there are two other pockets for the MistyMate Misting System. What I’m talking about is the 16oz water bottle with the attached 5 ft extension hose to turn your sweltering cart into a misty tropical paradise. Now mind you, the weather here in the upper midwest hasn’t even hit 80 degrees yet, so it’s not like I’m really missing the MistyMate’s offerings up to this point. The temps will certainly rise, and eventually I might even find myself wishing I had this option in my curent bag.

The MistyMate Misting System works pretty cool actually, there is a pump on top of the bottle and upon filling with water and placing the hose in an ideal location thanks to the provided metal clip, you switch the valve to the “on” position after giving the bottle a few good pumps. In my testing I decided to open the valve and let ‘er rip to see how long we can enjoy the cooling mist without having to re-pump or refill the bottle. On the tee of the par 5 16th hole I filled the bottle and pumped it about 6 or 8 times. Off we went, about the time we were hitting our 3rd shots into the green I noticed we were losing some power so I gave it about 6 more pumps and was able to experience the mist steadily until after we hit our tee shots on the 17th hole. As I said, there is a handy little “on/off” valve on the hose itself so once you’ve positioned your mister you can easily turn the water off and back on when you’re ready. Doing this we found that our water supply seemed to hold up pretty well.

A couple of concerns that I would have after my initial tests with the MistyMate system would be if on a really hot day where you’re really needing the relief the Monsoon offers, will the water supply last? My course has water bottles positioned right in the middle of each nine and of course another at the clubhouse, I can’t say that I’d have the refilling options needed once the heat and humidity of a South Dakota summer hit. There are two pockets to hold MistyMate water bottles, however to me it would seem a bit too much work involved and knowing how I typically am, I’d end up just cutting that setup out of the pre-round process in an effort to get to the range, practice green, or first tee that much quicker.

A popular comment I heard while using this bag was, “neat idea, I probably wouldn’t go out and pay more for that “Mister Deal”, but it would be kind of nice.” With an MSRP of $109.99 it appears that the CaddyDaddy Monsoon does not end of costing more than your typical cart bag offerings in today’s market, in fact, the price comes in much lower than other cart bags in some cases. While the bag doesn’t have a flashy company name and/or logo on the side, it simply delivers from a pure golf bag perspective, the added option of the MistyMate System might just be enough of a reason for you to consider this for your cart bag solutions. For more information on the Monsoon Golf Bag or any other golf bags that the company offers, make sure you check out their website at Caddy Daddy Golf.

Here’s to keeping it in the short grass

Jason K

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