Nike Air Zoom Vapor Golf Shoe Review

The Hackers Paradise writers were lucky enough to attend the PGA Merchandise show this year in Orlando, FL and the very first day was the outdoor demo day. While there, we had the opportunity to visit the Nike Booth and watch a demonstration with Suzann Petterson and Trevor Immelman. Witnessing their beautiful swings and perfect ball
striking was great but being the fashion guru that I am the first thing I noticed were the outfits, specifically the shoes. That was my first time seeing the new Nike Air Zoom Vapor Ladies Golf shoes and I was very impressed. Suzann’s entire outfit was great but her shoes really pulled everything together. When I found out we were going to have the opportunity to review these new men’s and women’s golf shoes I couldn’t wait.

First I want to talk about the ladies shoes and then the mens. I had no idea what color option Nike was going to send but when the boxes arrived and I opened it up I was so excited, they sent the exact pair Suzann was wearing at the PGA Show Demo Day. I will say if you are not a big fan of the sneaker style golf shoe these may not be for you. They aren’t as bulky like some other sneaker type shoes, however, they are not the classic saddle shoe either. The ones we got to try out were purple and white with a light blue Nike swoosh. The heel is a beautiful lavender color which then fades into a lavender and white houndstooth pattern and then fades further into white. So we know the shoes look good but the biggest question is “how do they feel?” My response to that question was simple, “like walking on a cloud.”

There are a few key elements that make these Nike shoes so incredibly comfortable and supportive:

-One-piece microfiber upper for an overall lightweight design
-Full-length contoured sockliner for a comfort fit
-Articulated Phylon midsole and outsole
-Nike Zoom heel unit for low-profile, super-responsive cushioning
-Nike Power Platform Ultra gives you power for your swing and extra stability
-Champ® Scorpian Stinger? Spikes and Q-LOK system for optimal traction

I can read technical stuff all day long but it means nothing to me unless I get to try it out for myself. With that said I took these beautiful babies for a joy ride from golf course to golf course, round after round, to see just how well they could hold up. I am very pleased to report that the Nike Air Zoom Vapors passed all tests will flying colors (and oh what pretty colors they are). My feet never hurt, my swing never suffered, and rain or shine the ground was no match for these shoes. The price tag of $176.00 USD is a bit steep but I would still gladly purchase the ladies Nike Air Zoom Vapor golf shoes, because I know they can withstand the test of time and will be in my golf closet for many years to come.

Now that we have covered the ladies shoes let’s talk about the mens. Since my feet were a bit too small for the men’s size 11 we had a fellow THP staff writer test the mens pair. There was no purple in these shoes instead the mens were a simple, yet still very stylish, black and white. These were also more of the sneaker-like shoe. Our male reviewer actually referred to them as a ‘hybrid’ golf shoe because as mentioned earlier they are not a saddle shoe but also not exactly a sneaker. On looks alone the men’s Nike Air Zoom Vapors definitely delivered. The heel is all black which fades into a lighter black, almost gray color, and then to all white with the famous Nike Swoosh in black. Our male reviewer is not normally a sneaker guy, in fact he doesn’t own a single pair of sneaker-like golf shoes, until now. He said that when he first saw them he was not overly impressed but once he put them on he couldn’t believe how sleek they looked. Again, THP was impressed with the look but that means nothing if they don’t feel good on your feet, so we had him put these shoes through the wringer.

I got the report back from him after several rounds at different courses and the results were very similar to mine. He said that he played a lot of rounds in the early morning when the grass was quite wet and covered in morning dew and he said he felt these shoes had great traction no matter how soggy the conditions were. He also said that he was extremely impressed with how easily they came clean. I was told when he normally tries to clean his white shoes the dirt just smears around, but with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor the dirt came right off with a wet rag. He also said they were the most comfortable golf shoe he has worn to date. After 18 holes the first thing he does is change out of his golf shoes because his feet are tired and throbbing. With the Nike’s he said he didn’t have to change shoes, and instead he went straight to the club for some food and drinks with the fellas. My final question to him was at a price of $176.00 USD would you go out and purchase these shoes. Without hesitation his answer was yes.

We both agree $176.00 USD is a lot of money for a golf show, however, for a premium shoe with style, stability, and extreme comfort it is well worth it. The Nike Vapor’s are different than anything else that we have come across recently and certainly will be a welcome addition to our closets. These are not traditional saddle shoes and because of that, some might shy away. If you are in the market for a high end shoe specializing in extreme comfort with a different look, these should be at or near the top of your list. For more information on these shoes or any other Nike Golf products check them out at Nike Golf.

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