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About five years (and at least 3 drivers) ago I was given a Taylor Made R580XD driver for Christmas, when my father purchased the club he used a coupon he had for a free 500 count bag of tees. They’re nice tees too, wood color, wood tees, and pretty much exactly what you’d expect and ever ask for out of a tee. I won’t count them, but I would bet you a nickel that I still have close to 250 of those tees left. They’re in a bag in my garage and every year I’ll grab another handful of them and throw them in the bag and I’m good for the season. I guess by now you’re probably getting my point here, I don’t break many tees therefore haven’t even looked at any type of tee market in years. Recently JB sent me a product to review for THP, yep, tees. Not the wood colored wood kind that I’ve already covered though, these are different and nothing like I had ever seen before. Have these new Optimal Tees convinced me to consider ditching some 250 or so perfectly fine tees? Read on and you’ll see…..

At first look I would have said that these look as if they came as part of a kid’s meal at a fast food joint, nothing wrong with that really, they just looked sort of like a toy. See there is the tee with notches and numbers on it, and then there is this separate little round disc as part of the tee as well. The package explains how to measure your driver to find the notch that will give you the most optimal tee height every time Push the tee into the ground until the disc is flush and you’re all set, same height every time.
I took a tee and found my spot; from here I grabbed a bucket of range balls and headed out. I’m not going to lie; I was a bit skeptical at first. Why use this thing, just use your normal tee and adjust if it you need to after addressing the ball, right? Ready to go I addressed the Optimal Tee and range ball quite pleased with the height I had chosen, after multiple shots I was happy to see that tee and disc were still completely intact for me, never having to go back to readjust. I was starting to like this thing. As I continued to work my way through the bucket of balls I noticed another nice little added bonus of the Optimal Tee. Every time I teed the ball not only was it the exact height I needed, but each time it was perfectly level! This for me is probably as important (if not more) than having the height correct. Nothing tells me big fat hook like a ball leaning hard toward the left because my tee is in the ground all crooked.

Range session over with I was eager to get out for a real round and even though I felt that I had enough data for a review I decided to take my Optimal Tees with me. As I said earlier, I’m not much of a tee breaker so I decided to see what my dad thinks. Dad’s a solid 18 handicapper who hits it a ton off the tee, in doing so, I think he breaks more tees than any other person on the face of the earth…perfect test candidate! I set him up with the tee and disc and we were off. Again, I’m still using the same tee and disc from the driving range, but as I was expecting, dad busted one up on the fourth tee box. Actually the break was on the disc part, not even the tee. The shipment from JB came with probably 6 or 8 tees and I would suppose 30 or so discs, so this must not be that big of a surprise that one broke on dad. We completed our round and I was again still on my first tee and first disc set, surprisingly enough, dad was on his first and only tee and had only broken the one disc on hole 4. That would tell me that durability is certainly not a problem for the Optimal Tee, if my dad can’t break 12 or so in a round, nobody can!! Now I should provide you with this quick disclaimer- I do not use a tee on par 3’s, either does dad so I cannot speak of the durability when hit with an iron, but then again isn’t that something I can use all those wooden tees for?

At the end of the day I’ve still got my 250 some tees in the garage, but now that I’ve got 6 or so Optimal Tees and plenty of discs to last me, those wood colored wood tees might just have to sit there a while. This product can’t guarantee you an added 50 yards to your drives, it also won’t promise that you’ll never again miss a fairway, but what it can and does do is provide you with the perfect height and level tee ball that will allow you to focus on the other elements of your game that will get you those yards and that accuracy! Try the Optimal Tee, as a tried and true believer in the wood colored wood tees for many years I’m convinced that there are other teeing options! For more information on the Optimal Tee, check out their site at Optimal Tee. Pricing and purchasing information will be out soon.

Here’s to keeping it in the short grass

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Jason is a busy husband and father of 2 daughters who are both just starting to take up the game that he has loved for years. Golf is his passion, when Jason is not playing golf and testing equipment he's hanging out with all his friends on the THP forum discussing every aspect of this great game.

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  1. JB says:

    Very interesting review. I would be curious to try one of these.

  2. MO_Hacker says:

    Nice review, I am an epic breaker of tees as well. I’m currently using the TomahawX tees, but will give these a try also.

  3. bogeyme says:

    Great review. I have been waiting to hear what the writers of THP thought about this product. I came across this product and was wondering if it worked the way they say it did. Sounds like it does. Thanks again for the great review.

  4. Osahar says:

    Very good review. I’m like MO, I break wooden tees almost every other swing so am currently using the TomahawX tees. Hell, I even broke one of those. These might be worth a look just for the adjustable height vs set heights on my TomahawX.

  5. StLCardsFan says:

    Seems kind of silly to me. I haven’t bought a tee for as long as I can remember, but I am sure the price for these is pretty steep. My guess would be 20-25 tees for $6-7. I just think that as a good golfer, I know how high to tee the ball just by looking. Also, I will tee the ball different heights depending on the type of shot I want to play. There is no set tee height. I guess if this is something that a person struggles with, then it is probably an okay product if you want to pay for it.

  6. adwillingham says:

    Depending on the pricing, I would be interested in giving this a try.

  7. Grogger31 says:

    I’ve been eyeing these because I’m totally inconsistent with my teeing height. Glad to see it might help with the leaning ball syndrome I have. Will have to check out pricing, though.

  8. The Gasman says:

    Nice read, Ill have to give them a try.

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