PAHR Golf Belt Review

Our second profile in belt week comes from PAHR Golf. As many of the readers know, Golfer Gal did a review of the Ladies Gear from PAHR earlier this month. She instantly fell in love with their styles that she describes as “The clothes were comfortable, functional, versatile, and without a doubt fashionable“. When we set out to do Belt Week, Pahr Golf was on our list of places to contact.
After speaking with them about our belt profiles, PAHR quickly got us a package with two of the three belts that they offer. When the box arrived something stood out to us. There were only two belts in the box. Where are the different ones for men and women? It turns out that the belts here are unisex. We liked that idea a lot. Seeing Anthony Kim wear a blinged out buckle means that all buckles are unisex right? Well, maybe not, but these certainly are.

First up is what PAHR calls their MOD belt. It is availabe in either black or white and is absolutely stunning in person. The buckle itself has a very mirror like gun metal finish. Golfer Gal and I will soon both have mathing belts, because although we got this one in a ladies size (white), I will be purchasing one as well. This belt has just enough bling for THP to stand out, yet is subtle enough to still fit in if need be. This belt retails for $50.00 here. One thing I want to add about this particular piece. The clasp is wonderful. Instead of just being a tip that fits into a hole, it is more of a hook. Great fitting and clasp.

The second item we received from them is Pahr’s Icon belt. Now normally I would say this is a little too tradiotional for my taste with not too much bling. But this belt has some hidden gems to it. It comes in either black or brown and the buckle has a silver finish with the black logo on it. It uses a slide through lock to hold together and works like a charm. Seems normal enough, but what we loved is the back of the belt when worn showcases the word PAHR stamped into the leather. It looks great and retails for $40.00 Here.

Either belt is a great addition to anyone’s lineup and served their purpose well. If you are as much of a fan of PAHR as THP is, then these are must buys. You can check them out as well as everything else PAHR at Pahr Golf.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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