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The emergence of Rickie Fowler has certainly helped the popularity and rise of Puma Golf. In a time when bold colors and designs seemed to be featured every so often, it appeared that every so often meant every single round for Mr. Fowler. Most notably, golf fans remember the large presence of orange worn on Sundays, in fact for a while Orange was the new Red, in terms of popularity. As the years have pressed on, not only has Fowler’s image morphed, but so to have the designs of Puma Golf. As the PGA Tour kicked off 2018 on the familiar grounds of Kapalua, Hawaii, Puma introduced the Aloha Collection which pays homage to the past, in a fun and fashionable way that only they can.

Opening the 2018 portion of the season on the island of Maui was the perfect backdrop for Puma to unveil the Aloha Collection. Like the name would suggest, this line is molded from the design aspects found in Japan, as well as those styles found in the island of Hawaii. In order to get a closer look, and perhaps adopt the Hawaiian spirit, Puma provided THP a few pieces from the Aloha Collection.

Taking center stage as the attention-grabbing star of the show, is the Aloha Woven Golf Shirt. Just by taking a glance, it is easy to see that this is not a traditional golf top. For starters, it is a full button down shirt, making it a nice option for on and off the course, and when wearing it the collar seems a lot more relaxed, which just brings in that Hawaiian feel. Speaking of feel, this shirt is incredibly light, soft, and stretchy. There is one other unique aspect to this shirt which separates it from the rest in terms of style, and no this isn’t the time to talk about the pattern, but instead this shirt is the perfect length to wear it untucked, without looking unkempt. Cue the gasps! An untucked shirt on the golf course? With this one, the answer is most definitely yes.  In fact, Rickie Fowler himself played in the Sentry Tournament of Champions with this exact shirt, and yes, it was untucked.

Unlike with the Aloha Woven, the Aloha Golf Polo uses the flowered pattern as more of an accent instead of being the main attraction. This polo comes in two color options; Bright White, and Peacoat (which is more of a navy blue).  For those who think the Woven button downed shirt is too relaxed for their tastes, this polo offers the Aloha feel in a classic pocket polo design. Showing some versatility, Puma was still able to add some flair by using the Aloha pattern in the pocket and collar area. Using this design certainly highlights the features and lines of this shirt without being over the top.

Both of these options use Puma’s DryCell technology, which does a great job at managing moisture and keeping players dry during a hot round. Normally, that would be a main point of emphasis, but instead there is one subtle detail within the print itself that just shows the extra attention that Puma has given to this collection. Look closely at the picture below, and see if this subtle design feature pops out. No luck? Within this motif, are some golf clubs, which are noticeable as they cross to make an X on the blue flower. See them now? Sneaking in this little design shows the attention to detail that Puma has put forth in this collection.

Puma has always appeared to have fun with their designs, and the Aloha Collection is really a prime example. This six-piece collection is more than just the two polos that are featured here, but also include a #GOTIME Flex Snapback Hat (pictured above), Aloha Shorts, Aloha Big Cat Golf Tee, and the new IGNITE PWERADAPT Aloha Golf Shoes. In terms of pricing, the Aloha Woven Golf Shirt can be purchased for $75 with the Aloha Golf Polo coming in $5 cheaper. More information on the Aloha Collection can be found at www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf.

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