Roadgear Coconut Golf Socks Review

Guess who’s back? That’s right, the sock guy. Are you still looking for some socks to put into those designer golf shoes you have that don’t resemble those that you used to wear to gym class? Roadgear is a company known more for it’s top of the line motorcycle apparel than anything else so I was eager to see how these socks would do on the course. They claim that they are ‘the most awesome socks on the planet’ but were they awesome on my feet? THP put these socks to the test and did they wear out or hold up? Most definitely check out my thoughts.

From the Company
Roadgear’s Generation 3 no-show socks use ‘advanced natural technology.’ These socks are designed to provide optimum comfort, odor control, durability, anti-microbial, and moisture management. These socks were originally designed for the motorcycle rider in mind so if they can work in a heavy motorcycle boot then they should function well in your golf show right? Let’s see.

Key Features, Technology & Functionality
You’ve probably been wondering, ‘are they really made of coconuts?’ Yes Gilligan, they are. The cocona yarns are actually taken from the shells of the coconut from the fiber that is found within the shells themselves and then infused with activated carbon from the water filter industry. Then all of this is blended into the yarn that ultimately makes the socks. Huh? Whatever the process is, the finished product is a comfortable sock. Here is what you’re putting on your feet:

46-54%- Cocona from coconut shells
30-35% – Cotton
8-13%- Logo
3-11%- Elastic band

Before they even go on those feet of yours, they are put through some serious lab testing. Things like odor absorbance value, moisture absorbency value, ultraviolet protection factor, and surface resistivity value all exceed minimum testing values. Sounds complicated but in the end your feet will thank you and all you have to worry about is that they feel good in these socks.

Here are some other things you need to know:

* Evaporated cooling- Activated carbon that’s embedded within the yarn pulls the moisture away from your feet. Did you
know that just 1 gram of activated carbon has the same surface area of a soccer field? This means there’s a huge
surface area to pull and wick moisture away from those shoe boxes you call feet. More stuff on this feature later.

* Odor Control- The same activated carbon absorbs a lot of different odor molecules. And you thought you were good at
multi-tasking eh? The pores of the carbon attract odor from you, the air around you, and even the fabric itself in an
attempt to keep your feet dry and odor free. Just because your game stinks doesn’t mean your feet do! Each time you
wash these socks the odor is released and the properties of the carbon are reset and ready for more odor fighting
battles inside your shoe and on your feet.

* UV Protection- That carbon is yet again finding another way to help those feet of yours. The carbon fibers absorb UV
rays as well by absorbing both UVA and UVB rays. Golf sock tan will never be so cool.

I tested the Generation 3 no-show socks for this review. When you first get your hands on these socks you notice that they feel ‘different.’ Soft yet not overly so. They feel like a sock yet they don’t feel like a sock. The all natural yarn that does so much for your feet really provides a unique feeling sock that you and your feet can appreciate when stacked against those 100% cotton Fruit of the Looms you’re still sporting.

Most of you know that I wear Ecco Golf Street Premiere shoes when on the range so I was interested to see how these felt in the ‘part sneaker/part golf shoe’ product and begin the testing process. Actually these socks felt, well, like socks in these shoes. As good as they felt in my hands and on my feet with no shoes on, they felt like another pair of socks in these shoes to me. Maybe they’ll shine when they get the full blown ‘on the course’ test?

Typically I ride in the cart when playing golf but I went out of my way to walk as much as possible to get the full effect of these coco-nutty socks. The comfort that these socks give you was more noticeable the more I walked around and focused on the socks. My feet didn’t experience any extra fatigue but I didn’t feel like they were doing anything to help prevent fatigue either.

Remember when I told you I’d come back to the evaporated cooling feature? Well considering that my feet sweat more than I care to admit, I was anxious to see how these socks performed in this area. I wore different types of shoes, etc. and I came away a little disappointed. I noticed that after each round the tops of my feet were dry but the bottoms of my feet were pretty wet. Not ‘just poured a bucket of water on your feet’ wet but more so than I was expecting. Other golf socks I’ve worn tout this feature and some deliver and some don’t. These fall somewhere in the middle.

These are good socks and they do what they are advertised to for the most part. They look good, feel good, and are better than your average sock. The one area that these socks excelled in was odor management. As much as my feet sweat, the odor that comes from that is just as bad, however, these socks did a great job of eliminating that. There was always a ‘fresh yet neutral smell’ to these socks which was really nice. Especially if you like to wear your golf socks in the 19th hole after a long day on the course like I do. I’m sorry, sweaty bare feet are worse than sweaty feet in a sock. Also, I thought there was a little slippage off the heel but this is a common problem I see with a lot of golf socks, premium or not. Will this stretch out the tops of the socks? Maybe but you’d have to see for yourself. Color options are a little limited in terms of only being offered in gray so if you like to matchy matchy all parts of your golf outfit like me you may be left feeling like you’re in junior high gym class if you go with a higher cut than the no-show socks featured in this test. One pair of Roadgear Generation 3 no-show socks runs $13 a pair. A little on the pricey side, true. But like a lot of things with this game, they’re an investment. I wasn’t overly wowed by these socks but you could do worse than not look at these. If you’re looking for a premium pair of socks you may want to begin your search here. For more information about the company and their line of socks, click on over to their website HERE. Put the lime in the coconut? No, put your feet in the coconut (sock that is) and see what you think for yourself.

T. Hanks

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