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People seem to call John Daly the common man, yet in reality there is nothing common about him. We all love stories of triumph, redemption and second chances, but do 2nd chances really mean getting 9 shots at the same thing?

As we are seeing with many trends on the PGA Tour and a changing of the guard, here is another one to ponder and think about as the 2011 starts to kick off. Could Robert Garrigus be the real John Daly that fans have been looking for?

Guy who just pounds the ball off the tee….Check
Seen the top with winning….Check
Personal demons to overcome….Check
Excitement surrounding him….Check
Honest approach to interviews and fans….Check

When looking at it through these eyes, it seems as though Robert Garrigus is exactly what fans have been looking for to rally around. Perhaps he is the next “Common Man” that the PGA Tour needs to move the needle for the casual fan. Only time will tell, but if this writer was a betting man, I would say keep your eyes on Robert Garrigus this year. He is everything that the tour needs and perhaps even the “real” John Daly.

Robert Garrigus WITB at the Hyundai
Driver – TaylorMade R11 Driver 9*
FW Woods – TaylorMade Tour Burner 3 Wood & R9 5 Wood
Irons – TaylorMade R9 TP 3-PW
Wedges – Mizuno MP T-10 56* & 60*
Putter – Scotty Cameron Newport Square
Ball – Titleist Pro V1 (09)

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  1. TC says:

    pretty interesting perspective. i suppose you are right though, there are a lot of similarities. hopefull garrigus can snag up a major as well. his attitude is very refreshing and i get the sense that he is genuinely appreciative of where he is. i agree, the guy’s scary and could be a serious threat in 2011.

  2. Paulo says:

    Very impressed with this guy, even though I’ve not watched a lot of his play, yet. Might just change this year!

    Seems to have the right attitude to win.

  3. RxGus says:

    It goes beyond just being like John Daly… it’s being what John Daly COULD HAVE been.

    The painful thing about John is that for as much as he COULD have been a fan favorite, his continually troubled personal life and poor choices have alienated him from the fan base.

    Perhaps a better comparison would be Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. Lots of talent, overcoming huge personal issues, and becoming a stand up person and knock out performer.

  4. clam fist says:

    I like both players. I like watching good golf being played, no matter who the player is.

  5. 9-Iron Man says:

    I never thought of it this way and I agree 100%. Garrigus will be one to watch this year. Great talent, followed by great humbleness to the fans and the game. I’ll be rooting for him that’s for sure.

  6. GopherNut says:

    I’d love to see him near the top of leaderboards all summer because of his “I could have a beer with that guy” personality, I think there is so much potential in the 2011 season between the various “groups” of talent that it will be very hard to stand out this year. I may be way off, we’ll see by fall!

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