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Sumi-G has officially arrived! The company, which launched at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando has a new twist on some things that needed some updating. They offer three different collections that span the test of what each player will encounter during a day of golf. The Tee Collection of head covers, belts, hats, bag towels, and brushes are classic tools for the round ahead. The Green Collection of divot tools, money clips, and scorecard wallets ends the hole with style. The Trunk Collection of holdall, shoe, and shag bags makes it fashionable to be organized and ready for a round at any time. The brand streamlines how golf is played, eliminating steps that break concentration, and become part of the player’s process. Sumi-G makes the golf experience more enjoyable, reflecting the essence of the game: feel, simplicity, process, and presence.
For the purpose of this review we will be focusing on the Tee Collection and most notably their headcover line and their belt line.
From the Company about their headcovers:

The Sumi-G head covers are the company’s flagship products. In development for more than five years, they are patent pending and unlike anything else on the market. They embody the Sumi-G process and design ideal by offering easy, one-handed operation, even on the big 460cc drivers. Thought was also put into making the covers easy to pick up from the ground using the club. No need to bend down. Those ideals of feel, simplicity, process, and presence also carry through into the clean, simple design aesthetics of these stunning head covers.

First Thoughts
When the package arrived we eagerly ripped it open to find out what all the buzz was about Sumi-G. What we found was something I can only describe as “Elegant Simplicity”. Simple, strong lines, with thought going into every piece. As mentioned for this review we will be covering their headcovers and their belt line. The headcover line is like nothing I had seen before and my immediate reaction was the thought of Hardcase Samsonite Luggage. Why? Because I am odd that is why. I really have no idea where the comparisons were coming from other than I really liked the look of them and even more, I really liked the durability factor. The belts that arrived were what I expected. Good quality straps with a great buckle and look to it.

The Belts
When it comes to “reviewing” belts and buckles, few things matter more than style. However, The Hackers Paradise has come to expect certain things from high end golf belts so we like to cover a few more things other than how it looks. First off the straps are as good as any we have come across to date. Soft and pliable and colored very well. No chipping or scratching in our initial testing. The inside of the straps are lined with red suede for an added touch of comfort and class. The stitching holding the buckle in place is also done in red which works extremely well with the logo on the buckle. It adds a great touch, however as most know, we prefer the straps that buckle into place so that we can interchange the buckles. The buckles themselves are done in shiny chome and the look is gorgeous. Innovation meets style as once again we see a company offering something that we simply love. The logo on the buckle is held in place magnetically and comes off to be used as a ball marker. We saw this done previously in our Nike belt review, but I must say, that this one works much better. The marker is almost seamless with the rest of the buckle and if you do not take it off, you would never know it was detachable.

Their are two styles in their belt line. The Dormy and the Stymie. Both are priced at $85 and fit in line with what THP considers a great quality high on style belt. You can read more about the belt line by checking out that part of their website at Sumi-G Tee Collection.

The Headcovers
People do not put a whole lot of thought into their headcovers these days. It seems that there are two schools of thinking when it comes to protecting your clubs.

1. Stock headcovers to show off the gear you have so people know what you are playing.

2. Great animal headcovers from places like Daphne’s (who we love) that show off your personality.

However it seems very few actually put the thought into actually protecting their clubs with them or the ease of use. We recently applauded a few companies for making a cover that was easy to get on and off, and now Sumi-G has taken it a step further. Rather than explain it in words, we have a few pictures that show exactly what we are talking about.
Empty Headcover on ground. You can see the inside has a nice snug sleeve for the club and that sleeve rotates.

Using just the club and inserting the driver head into the head cover.

All the way in and ready to be latched on.

All three sizes fastened in on the shaft.

Hard case construction and a long neck will protect part of the shaft as well as the head. We found these incredibly easy to use, and simply beautiful looking. I had more people ask me about the headcovers I was trying out than about what other clubs we had with us that week for testing. Sumi-G puts out three sizes, Driver, Fairway Wood, and Hybrid. They fit just about everything we threw at it in the hybrid category and they all worked like described. The Fairway Wood and Driver models worked great with traditional shaped drivers. Square constructed drivers did not fit at all for us. We also struggled with some of the triangular shaped drivers. Such as the Taylormade R9. While it fit, it did not really want to snap into place that well. However once on it looked normal.

The price range on the headcovers is $28-$38 and while it may seem a little high, if they fit your driver they will protect your investment much more than anything else we have seen. While at the same time add the convenience of easy pickup and style that is top notch. You can read more about them at Sumi-G Headcovers.

Final Thoughts
Overall, we like the Sumi-G line quite a bit. The elegant simplicity of the aesthetics brings to life objects that many usually pay little mind to. Their entire line screams high quality and style and for this writer at THP, few things matter more in accessories. The Hackers Paradise hopes to bring you reviews of The Green Collection and The Trunk Collection soon as well. We urge all of our readers to check out their website at

Till next Time

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. THE ECHO says:

    I want one of those belts badly. Will you be doing a giveaway on the site? Those are kewl.

  2. Golfer Gal says:

    Great review! When I first saw the headcovers I wasn’t sure how much I liked them since I am so used to my playful animal ones. Once I saw how well they worked I was sold. Great product, definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the great info JB!

  3. Ted says:

    Never heard of these before but those headcovers are so cool. Thanks for the info and good pictures.

  4. Myrtle says:

    I must have that white belt. Bring it to me.

  5. Chad B says:

    very interesting. While the headcover would not fit my dymo2 driver, I really like the look of them. Any chance they release a larger size?

  6. Smallville says:

    I like the belt and also the fact it has a built-in ball marker. I didn’t think I would be interested in the headcovers when I heard about these a while back, but they wouldn’t be a bad thing to have after all.

  7. Dave S says:

    Very good looking product. I have not seen these before and come to think about it, I have not really seen hard shell head covers before. Very cool looking.

  8. The Shocker and Gawker says:

    Very interesting stuff in this one. A company that does not specialize in anything, but has little things that every golfer needs and wants. Very cool in an odd way. I looked at their site and love their divot tool. Hopefully you guys get some of those. I am going to order the white belt.

  9. Red Dot says:

    I play a Callaway FT-IQ, as well as oversize hybrids. So I think that as much as I like them, I am out of luck.

  10. paulthewitt says:

    love the stuff. Particularly the belts. The ball marker in the belt idea is brilliant.
    kinda pricey though.

  11. Dyna says:

    Very nice review, showing the headcovers in use is a nice extra touch.

    Love those belt buckles, simple yet elegant.

  12. G says:

    I like those belts. Nice.

  13. Michael lee says:

    Never heard of this before, but like what I see. May have to take a shot and get one for my 909.

  14. Puttin4Bird says:

    Josh, great review. I love the looks of Sumi-G products and it’s nice to read that they deliver beyond the looks department. I am looking for a new head cover for my Cobra driver I just got, I hate the stock cover on it. It looks like I’ll add Sumi-G to the list of covers to consider, thanks! I can’t wait to read reviews on the other offerings from Sumi-G!

  15. Andy says:

    “1. Stock headcovers to show off the gear you have so people know what you are playing.”

    I use stock headcovers because they are free and they work so that is a bit unfair, although I have to admit, I like these from Sumi-G.

  16. Jacklyn says:

    Hi, I would like to subscribe for this web
    site to get hottest updates, so where can i do it please help out.

  17. Steve Jecker says:

    ” the Good … the Bad … and, the Ugly ”

    The Good :
    the product appeared tho be a solid, attractive and protective headcover.

    The Bad :
    My Fairway cover’s inside padding has completely deformed & unraveled !!!!

    The Ugly :
    After serveral attempts …
    ” No response ” from Sumi-G to replace or replace this item ?????

    ” Unbelievable ”


  18. THP says:

    Sadly Steve, the company has gone out of business, so communication from them would be difficult.

  19. Where did The Hackers Paradise get the information that we are out of business? We have continuely been operational since the launch of the company in 2009. I would very much like to know…

    We will relocate the company to Europe in May 2017 but that does NOT mean we will be out of business.

    Ps. Steve, you may have tried to use an email address on our site, for your returns, that was “hacked”. However, if you tried to call, your needs would have been taken care of. I suspect that your issues have been addressed by now. If not, please contact us and we will honor any defects in our products.

    Marius Kvinge

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