The 2022 Morgan Cup: Sponsored by Cobra Golf

Today we are honored to unveil all of the details of the 2022 Morgan Cup, sponsored by Cobra PUMA Golf.

The question is asked, what happens when you take a group of THPers (You could be one of them), and make them tour players for a journey that leads to a weekend of competition at an amazing venue where they get the same treatment including bag, clubs, accessories and even apparel scripting? The Morgan Cup happens…DO YOU WANT TO BE A TOUR PLAYER?

The Morgan Cup

When & Where
October 14th-16th
West Point, MS
Old Waverly and Mossy Oak

THP Events are held throughout the year and are incredibly unique ways to share a round or weekend with THPers and are filled with equipment, prizes and more. Your ticket to enter these events is the 2022 Albatross Club membership which goes to help a wonderful charity benefitting children. For more information on that or to sign up and help support this great cause, click here.

Cost & What’s Included
Cost – $549
Multiple Days of Team Golf (27 on Saturday, 18 on Sunday)
Team Lodging in Old Waverly Cottages
New Golf Bag
Full Set of New Cobra Clubs (of your choice)
New PUMA Footwear
Scripted PUMA Apparel
Amazing Private Group Dinners both Nights
Trophy Ceremony with Lunch on Sunday
R&D Presentation
And so much more

Every participant in the 2022 Morgan Cup, will receive 14 clubs, a golf bag, accessories, apparel and footwear. All provided by their sponsor, Cobra Golf and PUMA Golf. Every participant is tasked with reviewing their equipment on the THP Forum.

Old Waverly host of the 2022 morgan cup

Skill Level
ALL skill levels are welcome and we mean that with everything we stand for. This is a handicapped team event where all participants are part of something incredible. Playing alongside a team made up of 7 THP Forum Members and 1 person from Cobra PUMA Golf.

The Teams
Team Hackers
Captain: This Could Be You
Asst Captain: Mike Yagley from Cobra Golf
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You

Team Paradise
Captain: jdtox
Asst Captain: Jose Miraflor from Cobra Golf
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You
This Could Be You

How To Signup
Signups will take place early in 2022, so stay tuned to the Hackers Paradise forum for all of the details. Do You Want to be a Tour Player?

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