The 2nd Morgan Cup – The Ultimate Tour Experience

The Hackers Paradise will be holding the 2nd Morgan Cup, the ultimate amateur golf event. A weekend of competitive golf where golfers will get a tour like experience and be a part of a team and staff like most have dreamed of for years.

When & Where
Friday, July 27th – Sunday 29th 2012
Myrtle Beach, SC

The Courses
True Blue & Caledonia in Myrtle Beach, SC will be hosting this wonderful weekend. These two award winning golf courses embrace the southern beauty of the once thriving rice plantations and offer unique challenges that will be thrilling and invigorating for the Morgan Cup.

Match Play Team Event
Twenty four golfers will have the ability to compete in this weekend event and there will be three teams of 8. Each team is complete with a team captain that will become the center piece for each roster. It will be their job to set lineups, make changes and work with their teammates to come up with the winning formula. Teams will compete in 3 rounds of golf over 2 full days.

The Companies
Callaway Golf, Cleveland/Srixon Golf and Bridgestone Golf will be sponsoring this event and each company will have 8 golfers that make up their THP staff. This is not company vs company, as all three teams will have each manufacturer represented.

Tour Experience
Each golfer that competes will be sponsored by THP in conjunction with a major company for the weekend of golf. The competing golfers will sign on with THP for the weekend and will be sponsored in full. Their contract is made up like this.

Staff Bag – Each golfer will be using a bag with the company logo.
14 clubs – Full 14 club deal is in effect. You must play all 14 clubs for the event.
Golf Ball – Playing the company branded golf ball best suited for your game.
Logo Apparel – Each golfer will be wearing the logo of their sponsor.

Like actual tour golfers, each company has a different way of doing things. Some offer certain things that others do not. Each company is required to offer the above and if you are selected, you will learn more about what they are and are not going to be bringing to the table.

Furthermore, each company will be going about things differently this time around. Much more independent freedom is being given to the sponsors to work with their players this year and there will be differences in the offerings from each company.

Each golfer will be required to sign a contract. At the end of the Morgan Cup, each sponsored golfer will get to keep their entire sponsorship package. You must be 18 years or older to be a part of the Morgan Cup.

Video & Scoring
On the home page of THP during the event, there will be both video and scoring updates. You will see player interviews, company information, and actual course gameplay taking place before your eyes. There will also be a scoring feature where you will be able to follow along with the matches and see who is playing and what team is coming out on top.

Qualifying Criteria
While THP stands for all skill levels of golfers, an event like this must have some limitations. Therefore to qualify for this competition you must be an 18 handicap or better at the time of registration. While we never want to eliminate people based on level of play, this is a competition and in the end, that must take precedent. THP believes in the honor system as it pertains to handicaps and if you say you are an 18 handicap or better, we respect that and take you at your word, however please remember that the level of fair play rests in your honesty.

This is only open to forum members. If you are not a forum member, it is always fast, free and easy to signup, all you have to do is click the forum tab at the top of this screen and register. To qualify for this event, you must have a minimum post count of 500 including 50 in the last 30 days. If you do not have this many posts, you have plenty of time to get there before signup.

This is an amateur competition, if you are currently on staff with any companies through sponsorship or endorsement, you will not be able to compete in this event.

Friday of the Morgan Cup is media day. This entails, player promo videos, interviews, speaking to the world via live webcam and more. Being a tour pro for a company like Cleveland/Srixon Golf, Callaway Golf and/or Bridgestone Golf is not just about the equipment, apparel and accessories. With the logo and contract comes commitments and those are the promos that will be done. Each golfer will be responsible for shooting multiple promotional videos shot by THP as well as many interviews during the competition conducted on the items that you are using.

Friday Practice Day: This day is used to get used to your new gear. Full day of range time complete with unlimited range balls. Work with your new gear to get it dialed in and at the same time work with the media director to make sure all staff obligations are taken care of such as interviews, promotional videos and more.

Friday Evening: THP Dinner. This will be held at the resort and will be a fun time to relax and unwind as well as talk with fellow competitors over the tour life experienced in day one.

Saturday 36 Holes: Two rounds of golf will be played between the 3 teams and points will be accumulated for winning matches.

Morning Round – Two man team scramble. Each foursome will consist of two players from Team Hackers, Team Paradise or Team THP competing against each other. After each shot, the best of the two shots is selected and both players play from that spot, until the ball is holed. One team score is recorded.

Afternoon Round – Four Ball. All four players play their own ball throughout; at the end of each hole, the low score between the two partners on each team is that team’s score.

Sunday 18 Holes: Singles With a Twist. Threesomes with one player from each team going head to head to head. It’s 3 individual battles in each match. A vs B B vs C and C vs A

Sunday Evening: The Morgan Cup trophy ceremony for the winning team.

All golfers will be playing from the same tee boxes to be determined by THP.

Cost For Event
The cost for the event is $499. This must be paid at time of selection either in full or broken down into 4 payments of $125.
Here is what is included.
All greens fees & cart fees for competitive rounds
All range balls for the weekend
THP Dinner
Trophies for the winning team
Staff Bag
All 14 clubs from staff deal
All accessories
All golf balls for competitive rounds
And much more

This cost does not include lodging. This is not a stay & play event, you are free to stay wherever you would like, although we recommend True Blue & Caledonia.

Signing Up
Signing up involves sending in two videos. Open signup begins November 1st, 2011.

Video #1 will be about anything you want. You will have to introduce yourself to the panel of judges and explain why you feel as though you are a good fit for the Morgan Cup. The video can be anything up to 30 seconds long.

Video #2 is your promo video and will be company and product specific. It will be your job to write and create a promotional video on a certain product from this list (you can choose any 1 company and only 1 product line from this list).

Bridgestone – Golf Balls
Callaway – Drivers
Cleveland – Wedges

Your job will be to create a promo on any product that fits into the product lines listed above. Like the 1st video, this promo must be limited to only 30 seconds long.

Signing up is very easy, you will send an email to and you will need to include this information.

Your Name
Your Shipping Address
Your Contact Phone Number
Your Forum Screen Name
Links to both of your videos

Signup is open until November 20th, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. All submissions must be received by then to qualify for the Morgan Cup.

Video Viewing Party
Saturday December 3rd, 2011 at 7pm EST there will be a live webcast on THP. This will be the video viewing party and you can watch as the three captains and some surprise guests view the audition videos live from THP HQ. There will be fun and laughter live before your eyes as this group watches over hundreds of submissions.

Selection Announcement
The selection announcements this year will be starting on Monday December 5th, 2011 and each night at 8pm EST two names will be announced and this will proceed for 7 days.

THP wants to welcome everybody in to the world of the Ultimate Tour Experience. If you are not part of the THP forum as of yet, there is still plenty of time to join in on the fun and qualify for this exciting weekend of competitive golf. The 2nd Morgan Cup is truly the amateur event of a lifetime.

Forum members are discussing this event right here in the THP forum, jump in and enjoy the fun.

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