Thera-Band Training Products Review

When you want to get better at the game of golf the focus tends to be in two areas, equipment and training aids. However there’s one area that may not always be at the forefront of improving one’s game and that’s the body. You know the thing that has to hit all of that equipment and use all those training aids? If the body isn’t taken care of then it’s not going to perform and maximize the potential of all that shiny new equipment sitting in your bag. There’s a lot of emphasis now on low impact resistance training that’s arguably easier on the body while achieving the same results. Performance Health is a company that believes in this type of training and sent some interesting items for review and they help your body get stronger and more flexible. Did these items help me and my golf body? Check it out.


Items sent for review-

  • Thera-Band FlexBar- 12” long flexible resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip; used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement which activates specific upper extremity muscles (helpful for shoulder rehab); available in 4 resistance levels; strengthens wrists, manipulates soft tissue, and also effective for treating tennis elbow
  • Stretch Strap- resistant, elastic, multi-loop design; replacement for static stretching devices; supports classic static stretches and encourages more effective dynamic stretches; improves flexibility and range of motion

Working with the FlexBars and Stretch Strap was not only fun but each were simple as well. It’s not often that you get to test a product and also get a little work out as well right?

FlexBars are available in four different colors that have a different resistance level to them. Each bar is only 12” long but varies in thickness which provides the different levels of resistance. In order of resistance level (extra light to heavy) there is yellow, red, green, and blue. THP was sent the red and green FlexBars to work with so essentially the middle tension ones. There are various exercises that come with the FlexBar which are designed to work and strengthen your hands, arms, and shoulders through a series of bends and twists. It’s almost like using a stress ball for your arms except not as soft. When you first work with these you realize, well at least I did, just how weak your wrists and elbows really are. You’d be surprised how effective these bars are when combined with a simple twisting or flexing motions. It’s low impact working out at its best and the fact that these are ultra portable is even better. These can be used almost anywhere and I found myself using them quite a bit while watching TV which was real convenient and a big plus for me. After a short while of using these I noticed that my wrists began to strengthen and my elbow are and upper forearms began to strengthen as well. There’s nothing like seeing and feeling results when starting something new and the FlexBars made me want to keep improving. Swinging the golf club feels a little different to me now in that these previous areas of weakness are now an area of strength. It almost feels that I release the club better, faster, and stronger. Does this lead to more distance? Nothing overly noticeable but there is a sense of strength now for me, especially in my wrists. Not to mention that if I ever get back into tennis, my elbows will be ready for that ordeal.

The Stretch Strap, while effective and simple in itself, requires you to get off the couch. Made of elastic, stretchable nylon the Stretch Strap allows you to do a contract-relax type of stretch as well as a more comfortable static stretch. Basically you can stretch and build flexibility with the Stretch Strap as opposed to just stretching with a traditional band. While I’m not the most flexible person yet, I did see progress very quickly when using this during my testing period. Part of the reason for success goes to the elastic design which offered some give to my legs, specifically my hamstrings in addition to the numbered loop system. This gave me some motivation to keep going up in levels and provided some extra motivation for me. I always seemed to get a good stretch when using the Stretch Strap and never felt awkward using it or found myself getting tangled in it or had issues with the strap slipping out of my hand like some bands that have hard, molded plastic handles.

Not only did I use this as a stretching device, I also used it the same way one would use a resistance band as well. You can put your feet in opposite loops and perform stretches and exercises much like those traditional resistance bands or straps you have or have heard of. Don’t let your legs and feet have all the fun though. Grab opposite loops with your hands and give your arms some love too!

The FlexBars are individually priced as such:

Yellow- $18.99
Red- $19.99
Green- $25.49
Combo pack (all 4)- $70.99

I liked the FlexBars quite a bit and will consider picking up the yellow and blue bars as well to complete the set. I may even leave one in my golf bag and add it to my pre-practice or pre-match routine. It may come in handy on those days where warming up just isn’t in the cards.

The Stretch Strap won’t be going in the bag but it will be a part of my stretching and flexibility drills now. The numbered loops were a good way to remember and track progress as far as how far I could stretch my legs out. Comfortable with level 3? Time to go to level 4 then Priced at $23.99 it’s a good alternative to using just resistance bands or other stretching straps. This gives the best of both worlds on a nice and simple design.

Click on over to to see these and other products they have that do a body good. Simple devices plus simple exercises equals great results and that’s what the There-Band Flexbar and Stretch Strap give me. See if they can do the same for you.

T. Hanks

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