THP Media Announces FlightScope as Preferred Launch Monitor

Technology will provide accurate and relevant golf equipment feedback from golfers around the world.


Tampa, FL, (April 9, 2015) – THP Media, parent company of The Hackers Paradise golf website, is proud to name FlightScope as preferred launch monitor for use at dozens of THP Events held around the country.

Josh Babbitt, Marketing Director at THP Media notes, “The Hackers Paradise has always believed in letting regular golfers of all skill levels participate in the feedback process rather than dictating to them what golf equipment is best. We introduced this in 2010 with our very first THP Demo Day, where golfers from all over the world were able to sample and provide feedback on equipment from almost every major manufacturer. FlightScope will enable us to put power in the consumers’ hands like never before. By incorporating the exciting technology they bring to the table, we will have immediate access to accurate data from golfers that attend THP Events all over the country and we can relay that information quickly to our readers.”

THP Media plans to have FlightScope available soon for use at its events, where golfers of all abilities will be able to try the latest equipment and provide instantaneous feedback to readers via the THP Forum. In addition, FlightScope’s comprehensive software package, with features like Data Comparison, 3D Swing Analysis, Real Time 3D Shot Plot, and Skills App, will enhance the attendees’ experience and enable aggregation of the data collected for further analysis and dissemination.


About THP Media
THP Media is made up of a website, several social media channels, and an online community that started with The Hackers Paradise. The Hackers Paradise is one of the largest online golf communities in the world, with over 75 million impressions per month and half a million unique readers per month. The Hackers Paradise features news and reviews each day, as well as podcasts, THP TV, and a huge online forum filled with golfers from around the world.  

In 2012, THP Media added the THP Tour Van, traveling across the country to top golf courses, meeting golfers and discussing golf equipment at each stop. In 2015, close to 20 events are planned in locations all over the United States.  

THP Media continues to be the most innovative news source there is to reach consumers directly for unbiased opinions.

About FlightScope
FlightScope®, is a product development company founded in 1989 by Henri Johnson, inventor and electronic engineer. FlightScope develops products for the defense and sports markets, and has, as its core expertise, the design and development of 3D tracking radar systems.  

FlightScope’s golf product was first demonstrated in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., in 2001, and was introduced at the 2004 PGA Merchandise Show. In addition to its use at high-profile teaching academies and by club fitters worldwide, Tour professionals and avid golfers devoted to game improvement use FlightScope for personal practice. FlightScope is also known for its ease of use as well as the precision and accuracy of its technology. FlightScope employs phased array and ballistic tracking technology to accurately record ball trajectory and actual launch data.

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  • Exciting times indeed!

  • So exciting

  • Oh yeah, looking forward to seeing this at at least a couple events this year.

  • Very nice…can’t wait to see it out at events.

  • Awesome. I’d love to get feedback hitting outside on grass instead of on mats indoors. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Very exciting stuff in the future with Flightscope!

  • Very cool news.

  • This will be a very awesome added benifit to attending any event. It just keeps getting better and better all the time!

  • Now this is very cool news

  • Very cool and exciting

  • Awesome press release! This is definitely very cool.

  • Looking forward to using Flightscope at future THP events!

  • This is a game changer. So great to have this kind of data and feedback available from golfers of all abilites.

  • so awesome

  • Very cool, congratz on the partnership

  • So cool. I just need to figure out how to get myself to an event this year!

  • Great paring, FlightScope & THP!

  • Is it me or do you not hear about Trackman as much anymore in golf circles? All I hear about are Foresight GC2 and Flightscope.

  • Dave,
    Trackman is still a popular and solid device that uses doppler similar to FlightScope. Most would consider the camera based system that the GC2 has a step behind them. FWIW, THP has the GC2 and has for years on their Tour Van. I got a chance to use it at one of their events.

  • THP Fan,
    Thanks. I’ve read some stuff online that actually says the GC2 is MORE accurate than the dopplar based systems if you’re looking for closed environment data (assuming you get the HMT camera add-on). Not sure what the truth is, but it’s interesting.

  • Dave S,
    I have read the same stuff. Put them side by side and see what happens. Then look at what is used on tour (almost all doppler). I get that some websites tests indoors, but frankly why would anybody want to do that when ball flight cannot be seen? Leave it to this place to up the bar again by providing this strictly for the people here. No other place is offering what this one does, with the tour van, coming to my area so I can test the stuff for myself. Why should I believe what someone else says is the best, when I can find out for myself thanks to this place.

    Thanks THP

  • THPFan,
    You are correct. We do not believe in telling someone what is best. A brief (and boring) history lesson is that THP was doing that long before most online were. It was both on this website and in our print magazine called The Driver Shoot Out close to 7 years ago.

    Then when the THP Tour Van came to be, we realized that dictating what someone should buy by claiming it the best because a some guys hit it into the screen does absolutely nothing for the consumer. Instead we hit the road and in 2015, THP has close to 20 events where people can come out and test all of the latest and the greatest and we can provide data right there on the spot with the addition of the FlightScope X2 Elite (previously used Foresight GC2).

    Come on out to a THP Event near you and decide for yourself. That is real power in the consumers hands.

  • The Hackers Paradise,

    Since you used to use GC2 and now have switched to Flightscope, can you offer any insight into which is more accurate? I know you can’t really go on here and say GC2 is more accurate (not saying that’s true) given that Flightscope is a THP sponsor (you’d be bad company men if that were the case ;)), but what I’ve heard is that if your testing outdoors in typically mild conditions, the dopplar based systems are best, but if, say, your in Scotland where it’s rainy, cold and windy a lot, the GC2 will provide you with better closed environment data that’s not affected by humidity, temperature, wind, etc. Does that not sound correct?

  • Dave S,
    A couple of corrections. FlightScope is NOT a sponsor of THP. We selected them, not the other way around. THP has both (along with a Vector and others) and chooses to use the FlightScope X2 Elite for many reasons including accuracy.

    Testing side by side, the doppler system gave us less hassle, better software and more accuracy in our testing. THP testing is down outdoors, with THPers as we simply do not believe in proclaiming this or that and instead has always and will always leave that to the great readers here.

  • The Hacker’s Paradise

    Thanks for the response! That makes sense and I respect your process.

    While we’re at it, why does the THP comment section not have a reply function??

  • Dave S,
    Its jut not necessary as the forum gets more conversation and this is more for comments. But we are always happy to reply by us or any of our staff. We urge everybody to put their selections back in their own hands, and come on out to a THP Event and find out for themselves what is the best product for them. Nobody has events quite like THP does.

    For a look at the THP Tour Van schedule, click here.

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