Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver: Range Days Breakdown

Range Days debuted earlier this year and if you missed the first four episodes, you can find them in our THP TV section or on YouTube under @THPGolf. Episode 5 is upon us and we take a deep dive into the new Exotics EXS driver from Tour Edge. We tested it thoroughly and are bringing you all of the data and a whole lot more.

However Range Days is not just about showing the data and the swings. In this episode JB and Dan break down each strike and explain why the performance you are seeing is taking place and what to expect out of the equipment you are testing. How does this new EXS fare and how does it compare to others in the market? Watch here to find out.

What did you think of Episode 5 and/or the new Exotics EXS driver? Leave us a comment below, or join us in the THP Forum thread to discuss this episode.

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  • I really enjoy these videos. I’m not as informed in the in depth LM numbers as I usually am more of a feel player. But seeing the numbers and having them broken down, specifically drivers that I game is definitely eye opening and informative.

    The fact that Dan found the center with relative ease was great to see. Also seeing that this driver is a lower spin head would be good for me as a lower spin player who lofts up and owns the low spin.

  • Unfairly, price does influence how I compare equipment. I know from experience with fountain pens, watches, etc…
    After you’ve scratched that itch and get on with using equipment for what it was designed for value can be reflected upon.
    I think TEE is worth a shot.

  • Another great episode of range days!! TEE can hold its own against the big boys.

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