Who is XXIO?

The brand has been around for a while and in North America it has been gaining steam for several years. The premium line recently had an expansion and if you missed that release, you can read about it here. Wanting to dive in a little deeper, we got a chance to speak to the team and get some of the pertinent questions that help identify what XXIO is and who it is for.

THP: For those unfamiliar with XXIO, but seeing it on THP and in the hands of Ernie Els for the first time, how would you describe the equipment?

XXIO: XXIO is dedicated to making faster, easier-to-swing equipment for moderate swing speed golfers. This has been our singular focus for over 20 years, and has produces remarkably different designs compared to all other golf equipment. We encourage everyone to experience the difference of XXIO. When you pick it up and swing it, you’ll notice the lightness and ease immediately.  

THP: Technology with no restraints opens the doors for less limits when producing products.  With so many to list, in the latest iteration, what stands out as the biggest changes.

XXIO: The biggest change is our balance point. To make clubs easier to swing, you want them to be lightweight and high balance point (with the weight of the club closer to your body). This combination of both is the key. There are other clubs in golf that are lightweight, and some others that are high balance point, but XXIO truly stands out in being both, making it easier to swing faster and square the face at impact.

Our latest generation of woods and irons feature a bevy of powerful technologies but first among them is Weight Plus. This counterbalancing system places up to 13g of brass and rubber weight behind your hands as you grip one of our clubs. Such extreme counterbalancing has a major impact on the swing of a moderate swing speed player, improving consistency and producing a remarkably easy swing feel.

THP: Weight Plus Technology stands out, can you give a breakdown of how that impacts performance?

XXIO: Weight Plus’s counterbalancing synergizes with our lightweight designs to dramatically increase consistency and ease. Because the brass sits above your hands as you grip the club, it allows for an easier takeaway which improves consistency all the way to the top of your swing. The weight also helps to keep your arms closer to your body during the downswing, correcting an over-the-top swing path and encouraging a squarer strike.

THP: XXIO equipment has been considered perfection for moderate swing speeds.  With this latest line, the better player and even faster player has an option, can you explain?

XXIO: In addition to the new XXIO Eleven, we also introduced our new X line of woods and irons. X has all of the DNA of XXIO – lightweight and easy to swing – but it tuned toward the better player and slightly faster swings speeds. The X irons are more compact and workable, and the driver has a more straight bias, and some other features more accomplished players enjoy. However, these are still very easy to swing and golfers will pick up speed with X just like every XXIO club.

THP: The sole is unique with Cannon Sole and Carbon Fiber Sole.  How can these impact both ball flight and forgiveness.

XXIO: Both the Eleven and X Drivers feature sole technologies that shift weight for an easier, more forgiving launch. Eleven uses our Star Frame rib structure to support a lightweight sole just 0.45mm thick. The X Driver, meanwhile, saves weight with a carbon fiber sole insert. Both of these technologies free up mass within the club head that we’ve subsequently positioned low, deep, and around the perimeter. That placement raises launch and increases overall MOI to produce towering drives that find the fairway.

Fairway woods and hybrids in both the X and Eleven lines feature our new Canon Sole technology. This floating weight pad in the sole of each club maintains optimal center of gravity positioning while also allowing for greatly increased face flexibility along the bottom of the club. This combination of high ball speed and optimal launch makes it easy to put yourself in scoring position with any of our fairways or hybrids.

THP: The XXIO X irons are some of the most striking we have seen to date.  Filming for our Range Days video segments had testers raving about them.  What makes them stand out and could they be the total package in players’ distance irons?

XXIO: The X irons really are amazing irons. They stand out in that they’re forged with great feel, have a high speed face for distance, and a relatively thin topline golfers like looking down at. And despite the thin topline, the face size is large enough to give you more confidence on your critical iron shots. This combination is working really well, and something we encourage all golfers to try.

Have you considered XXIO equipment? Had a chance to try it out? Drop us a note below and let us know your thoughts.

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