Win a Trip with Ben Hogan and Club Champion

This amazing contest gives a lucky forum member an amazing package that includes new irons, full Club Champion fitting, airfare, hotel, food and a whole lot more.

The Details
One lucky forum winner will win an amazing prize courtesy of THP, Ben Hogan and Club Champion. You will be flown to Chicago where we will pick you up from the airport and bring you to Club Champion HQ. There you will meet the team at Club Champion along with Tyler from Ben Hogan. You will learn about both Ben Hogan clubs as well as go through a premium fitting, where you will get a brand new set of Ben Hogan irons. From there dinner with the group and a quick stay overnight and then off to the airport the next day to fly home.

What’s Included in the Grand Prize Package
New Ben Hogan Irons
FullClub Champion Irons Fitting
Food and Drinks
And a whole lot more

How To Enter
Entering is done on the THP Forum. Follow this link and the easy instructions in the thread and you are all set.

Good luck everybody.

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  • Would love to get fit by the best with some of the world’s finest clubs in the bag.
  • Club Champion fitting, Hogan irons would move me up a level. Play, practice helped, need a fitting to get there.
  • Started playing again after a 30+ year layoff. These would bump start my return.
  • Wow this would be great! I loved my Apex irons 15 years ago, and I’ve never been fit for clubs before. I saw a Hogan rep at the Denver Golf Show last month and got to hold some of the clubs. Thankfully the rep had a towel to wipe my drool!
  • Wow, this would be an awesome experience!

    For me, I’d love to try out another set of Hogan’s; the last time I played them was in the late 70’s with Hogan Apex II irons and the laminated woods with the "speed slot"! The Hogan wedges were the best you could game back then too.

  • Entry:

    I’ve never been fit, and don’t have a club champion in my area. Plus, Hogan is my golf idol.

  • Older, Slower since last fitting in 2010. Need new clubs that fit my new swing speed.
  • I’d love to gt my hands on the NEW blades coming, fitted to the max, OR the next version of the Ptx’s
    I have been a Hogan player since 1982…
  • I want to be awesome and great like Ben Hogan.
  • This would be an awesome Trip for a lucky member. Good Luck to all.

    I am in need of some help with distance and I’m sure fitted clubs may help. This would be a wonderful prize.

  • Good luck to those that enter!! What an unbelievable experience this would be.
  • Would love to learn more about the Club champion process and the dynamics of what goes into fitting a player!
  • Replacing my current Hogan irons with a custom fit set would be AWESOME!!!
  • Wow, what an amazing opportunity! I want to win this experience as much for the fitting as the BHG equipment! Having done a CC full bag fitting 3 years ago, I know my swing has changed but my equipment hasn’t kept up…. Teaming with BHG clubs would be a perfect match….

    But, as much as I’d like to win, unfortunately have to pass! Good luck to all who enter.

  • Hogan making its way in the industry. I want to be on that train.
  • Entry:
    Indian vs the arrow. Time to finally find out. How could you ever blame the equipment after this experience?!
  • Super excited to see who will be joining me.
  • Oh to be right-handed….
    Incredible products from a company you just want to see succeed!
    Good luck to all:)
  • Entry:
    Professional fitting, new irons, trip to Chi-Town. Canadian seeking THP Experience. Rock my world.

    GL brad! Great prize for whomever gets it! ?:cool:

  • Waiting in anticipation…..good luck all.
  • This event has me on the EDGE of my seat! The chance to win quality Ben Hogan equipment like the PTx and have the PROS at Club Champion build them, is insane. If the winner chooses the new blades, they will be an ICON in my book! :cool:
  • Hogan’s are hot and I want to be made hotter by getting Hogan irons fit to me by CC muah.
  • This would be awesome. My last set of Ben Hogan irons – Apex Plus 3-Equalizer with #3 shafts were amazing!
  • I need Ben Hogan’s magic to help me with my iron game this year!
  • Cmon folks this an experience you don’t want to miss. How often do you have the opportunity to be fit by the best & receive a set of BH irons made just for you? Not to mention travel with @JB just one thing to remember he likes ?.
  • I have never played anything with the word “Hogan” on it! That needs to change at Club Champion!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

  • One more day to enter!
  • Last day to enter!
  • Never have been custom fit for an entire set before. Would love the experience! What an opportunity! Thanks :)
  • 21 years old irons, closest fitting center is over 2,200 miles by road or almost 1,500 miles by air.
  • Good luck to everyone! I’ve not yet tried Ben Hogan clubs, so very interested in your stories on this experience
  • Good luck everyone. Excited to see who gets selected.
  • PTx Pro irons were great today! Checks a lot of boxes!
  • All closed up. Winner announced tomorrow
  • Good luck everyone!!!
  • Best of luck everybody!
  • Good luck to all!
  • Good luck all!
  • whats the over and under entries after i has closed, before its announced?
  • Anyone know when the drawing is?
  • Last week we held a contest where the winner receives a trip to Chicago in a few months, fitting at Club Champion HQ and a new set of irons courtesy of Ben Hogan Golf. Join me in congratulating the winner.


    You are on your way to Chicago.

  • Anyone know when the drawing is?

    Winner was announced in this thread here.

    New contests going on every single day on THP.

  • I love Chicago! But I would stay a little longer just to get more playing time with my new clubs.
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