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I just got back from a round of golf here in sunny Florida and throughout my entire round I was constantly giving thanks to two things; my sunblock and sunglasses. We are just now entering the month of April but already the temperatures here are in the 80s and the UV index is climbing. I honestly could not have made it through my round had I not had my skin and eyes protected. I know some people say they can’t play with sunglasses but for me it’s the opposite, I can’t play without them. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the sunshine state so all my life I was informed of the harmful damage the sun can do to a person’s eyes but I don’t ever leave the house without my sunglasses. You may remember last year we had a week long series on different golf specific eyewear and with all of the pairs of glasses I tried none impressed me more than adidas Golf.

Ladies Adilibria Halfrim

Now that the 2011 golf season is officially in full swing THP felt it was a great time to touch on eyewear again. We were given a sample of three of the new offerings from adidas Golf for 2011. Since I am writing this review I am going to be selfish and talk about the ladies options first. Last year we tried the Adilibria Shield which have been my go-to choice for eyewear ever since. For 2011 we got to test the Adilibria Halfrim in shiny berry/mauve.

This is a completely different style than what we saw last year. These have, what I would consider, 90% wrap around lenses. I am not comfortable saying 100% because I do feel as though they let a bit of sun through still, but that has a lot to do with the smaller frame. Where they ever so slightly lack in coverage they more than make up for in comfort. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to find eyewear more comfortable then the Adilibria Shield but these did it. They are so lightweight that you honestly forget you are even wearing anything. At first it might seem like the construction is weak because they are plastic and so lightweight, but I promise there is nothing inferior about the durability and construction of these sunglasses. In typical Golfergal fashion I have sat on, dropped on the ground and even worse once dropped them and my dog stepped on them and they still look good as new.

Ladies Adilibria Halfrim Side View

There is a ton of technology packed into this eyewear and for a full rundown of everything please check out their website here. One part I do want to touch on is their claim of being fog proof. This is a huge issue for me because I often have problems with sunglasses fogging up so I was eager to see if their claim held true. After several rounds and range sessions I had zero instances of fog so as far as I am concerned these really are fog proof. The only negative thing I can say about these sunglasses is strictly superficial. For my face and personal style preferences I still prefer the look of the Adilibria Shield better. This should in no way take away from the undeniable technology and benefits of the Andilibria Halfrim.

For the men’s eyewear from adidas Golf we had two styles to test; the Retego and Evil Eye Halfrim. We will start with the Retego since that is the same style we reviewed last year. The 2010 version we reviewed were all black with a bit of gray but the 2011 option is called Shiny black/Green which makes it perfect for THP since our colors are green, white and black. Plus the Masters is here which is always the perfect time to wear green. The comfort fit and feel is exactly the same as last year making our male tester very happy.

Retego with no lens to show Rx Ready

Featuring a lightweight plastic fram not only does this eyewear feel great on your face but they stay nice and cool because of the material on the frame no matter how warm it gets outside. Another wonderful feature about these is that they are prescription ready so you can block the sun and still see the scorecard as you mark down all those birdies. Just like last year there were some critics regarding the physical look of the eyewear but there was still no denying the comfort and effectiveness. The addition of green was actually a huge plus for our male tester and he was proudly sporting these sunglasses round after round.

The final set of eyewear that we tested were the Evil Eye Halfrim in Sh. White/Anthracite. This is the style that adidas is most excited about for 2011 and you can see the adidas Eyewear ‘man’ Rocky Fresh discuss this new line in the video below.

Just as Rocky describes the Evil Eye Halfrim has the best wrap around protection offered. We had our male tester take this sunglasses to the course for several rounds, but that selfish side of me came out again and I wanted to try them too, so I also took these glasses out for a few rounds to see just how great that wrap around protection really was. We unanimously agreed that adidas knocked it out of the park with this eyewear. They really do offer all the protection you could possibly ask for and then some plus they are indescribably comfortable and extraordinarily lightweight. The white frames were took a little getting used to but overall they not only felt and performed great but they looked phenomenal too. Another important feature to mention is that the Evil Eye Halfrim is Rx ready.

Evil Eye Halfrim

Once again we were quite impressed with the eyewear offerings from adidas Golf. If you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses for the 2011 season I strongly suggest you take a look at adidas Golf. The ladies Adilibria Halfrim range in price from $170 to $200 depending on the lens choice. The men’s Evil Eye Halfrim retail for $170 and the Retego retail for $150 to $200 depending on the lens choice. You can see the variety of options available on their website at www.adidasgolf.com.

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  • After seeing these in person, I’m very impressed. Awesome looking shades with some cool features built into them. Definitely a brand that I’ll be checking out next time I’m in the market. I’m actually a FB follower as well. They have some cool contests for their fans.

  • Nice review Golfer Gal. I will have to check these out the next time I go to a sunglasses hut.

  • Nice review GG! Seeing these first hand at the PGA Show made me realize how important sunglasses can be for one’s game. Getting fit for a pair of sunglasses should be done just like a golf club, especially with the RX capability.

  • Thanks for the review GG!

  • Great review, Need to find somewhere to try these in person, I have a fairly large head and a lot of sunglasses just won’t fit.

  • i always wondered whether or not id benefit from some shades. Great read, great article, great company!

  • Nice review GG. I’ve been thinking of getting a new pair of sunglasses for this year and I like a few of their new styles.

  • I like the look of some of these, that was an excellent review GG!

  • great review GG. I love the look of some of these.

  • Great review golfergal. Will have to check out the evil eye shades. Have always worn Oakley for sports shades but that may change with this review. I will definitely give them a look.

  • Thanks for the review, I am excited to hear that the fog proof claim actually held true, that is one thing about my current pair of sunglasses that I wish was different. I really like the looks of the Evil Eye a lot, great name and a great looking pair of shades!

  • Great review GG ! Those glasses are HOT !
    I know what I am buying my wife for her next gift and I have to get me a pair of the Evil Eyes.

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks for the great info on what seems to be a great line of eyewear. I will definatley be looking to get my hands on some Adidas shades this year.

  • Unfortunately, I am one of those that doesn’t ever wear sunglasses on the golf course. I don’t know why for sure, mostly a sweat and fog issue for me. When wearing these, and looking down at the ball, do the lenses cover all lines of vision?

  • Great review GG! I love sunglasses in general, would like to get hands on look of the Evil Eye!

  • Great review GG. I used to wear sunglasses all the time on the course. Butonce the prescription really started to impact me I stopped. Have transitions but these seem like a really good alternative and probably better at blocking the sun. I actually really like the styles!

  • Great job as usual GG. I like the mens EVIL. I can see myself wearing those.

  • They need a frame with conventional nose pads.

  • Great review GG. I’m digging the Retego’s.

  • I have been looking for a pair of evil eyes and can not find any. I was in Vegas and even the Adidas store did not have any. maybe some day I will get to see and try a pair.

  • I’m a diehard Oakley fan because of the golf specific lenses, the fact that they block out peripheral sunlight, and they are so light weight. I may have to check these out though. Good write up. 🙂

  • I am slowly becoming a full on Adidas convert. I always just looked at Oakley golf shades before but I am really liking the looks of the Adidas line this year. Great article GG!!

  • Great review. Those are nice looking shades. I like the wrap around testing related to golfing.

  • Great review- picked out the halfrims based on your review 🙂

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