2011 THP Golf Outing Pictures & Recap

The 2011 THP Golf Outing & Demo Day has come to an end and for those that were able to attend, we want to thank you for making it and for those that were not able to be there, you have a chance to relive the outing and demo day through the thoughts and pictures of those present. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures were taken and most of them have been uploaded already. You can check those out by clicking link below.

2011 THP Golf Outing Picture Thread

Most of the participants have also put together some hysterical write ups about this year’s event and what it is like coming to one of the THP outings. You can read thoughts and stories from those that were in attendance by clicking the link below.

THP Golf Outing Recap Thread

THP wants to thank those that made the way down to PGA National Resort & Spa for another successful event. It truly was the ultimate golf weekend.

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  • This is my second THP outing and it was just amazing. It is definitely the ultimate golf trip and I look forward to many more! Outstanding job THP, PGA National and sponsors!

  • This was my third THP Outing and I’ll be there for every one that happens in the future. PGA National is a beautiful place and the golf courses were just awesome. Thanks to all the companies that sent us gear to test, golf balls to play, and hats to wear. Your support and participation is much appreciated. Lastly, thanks to THP for making this possible!

  • These outing are so much fun. Not only do you have a chance to demo your wish list, but actually in some instances take it out on the course. Meeting THP’ers is always a great addition to the trip and you make life long friends. The food is delicious, the accommodations spectacular, and no doubt the golf courses are beautiful! The hosts JB & GG go full bore to make your trip the best and most fun you could possibly hope for. You will not be disappointed!

  • This was my second outing and they get better and better every time. It felt like we were getting together with old friends and that is just great for a bunch of “internet” golfers. The demo day was just plain crazy with anything and everything you could possibly want to hit. The resort was beautiful, the courses were spectacular, and the service was second to none. We will be at future outings and can not wait for 2012

  • This was one of the best golf weekends I have ever been on. It was truly amazing hitting all of the different clubs on Friday. I also enjoyed the great golf on Saturday and Sunday. There are some great people that go on this outing and I can’t wait to go back next year.

  • We all had a great time! Great equipment, great company, great venue, great times!

  • My second THP Outing and it was such a great time. Seeing all my old friends and meeting news were just some of the best parts. The great golf and huge demo day were just as good as I remember, even better actually. Can’t thank THP, my friends and the companies enough!!!

  • Great people + new friends + tons of toys to play with + lots of fun and laughs = THP Outing

    You’re crazy to miss it…GO

  • This was my first outing, and the other THP’ers are what really make this a great experience. They are all incredibly nice, and supportive, not to mention really funny. I will certainly be making this an annual trip as I have made some great friends and look forward to teeing it up with them again.

  • These pics don’t do the Demo Day justice. There was so much to hit, especially of boutique clubs that can be hard to find. Thanks for putting together such a great event and day. We truly enjoyed ourselves (Mr. Blind 9 and myself) and hope we can make future Outing dates!

  • This was my second outing and I had as much fun if not more fun this time around. It was great to have a full day to hit as many clubs as I wanted to and not feel rushed when taking a second look at a few of my favorites. The rounds of golf were great and I even got a little revenge on the Ole Bear. Thanks JB, GolferGal, PGA National, and all the companies that sent equipment for us to try and use on course. I’m already excited for next year!

  • Had a blast! I flew in from Denmark, and I’d do it again for sure. Great company, great venue and certainly great fun!

  • this was a blast! i had a great time meeting THP’ers and hitting all the clubs you could possibly want to demo.

  • Greatest golf event of the year. It was an absolute blast.everyone was so nice!%

  • Can we say THP on tour? Specifically my zip code?

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