2019 THP Holiday Cheer Day 1: Win 1 of 3 Precision Pro Rangefinders

Today we are honored to kickoff the 2019 THP Holiday Cheer Event, the annual contest that is the celebration of the THP online community. Ten years ago, we hosted our first Holiday Cheer, and it was a contest unlike any other and this year the week long event continues with amazing prizes.

2019 THP Holiday Cheer will run for the entire week with a new prize every single day. If you do not see it on this home page, do not forget to check the forum each day for a chance to be the big winner.

Know Your Distances
Day 1 is sponsored by our friends at Precision Pro and features THREE WINNERS! We have 3 different range finders, and each one will find a new home for Holiday Cheer.

The NX9 HD
The NX7 Pro
The NX7

Don’t forget if you have a Precision Pro rangefinder, you have batteries for life. The company that believes in the customer first, is excited to see who is going to win this week.

Entering is as easy as following these instructions.

Step 1 – Leave a comment below on why you think Precision Pro will help make you a better golfer.

Step 2 – Sit back and see if you won when the winners are announced later this week on the THP Forum.

That’s it. It’s that time of year where we celebrate the wonderful THP Community and the people and companies that make it great.

Don’t forget you have to get your entry in before the end of the day, and each morning a new contest will be up to enter!

If you don’t win, but still want to pick up one of these awesome devices you can visit their website, as they are the perfect size to drop into a stocking.

Good luck everybody!

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  • A new rangefinder would’ve helped me this last weekend when I under clubbed on the par 5 16th hole. At that point I would have paid anything to have one . Situations like that are why one would be great for my game.

  • These range finders would help me a lot because adjusting for uphill / downhill and wind would help a ton. Especially on par 3’s I would be forever grateful if I was picked to win one Thanks

  • A rangefinder would definitely help me improve my game. I only have used and app on phone that links to my watch and while playing with others that have a rangefinder it accuracy is somewhat off. Also it never gives me the exact distance to hazards and pins and this would absolutely help with choosing the correct club and cut my score down.

  • Watch gives front,center, and back. Knowing exact distance would be a huge benefit. Even for a mid handicapper, 7-8 yards could be a huge difference. Also ability to know distance to carry bunkers or hazards would be a huge benefit. This will not only assist in speeding up play but help me potentially shave a few strokes of the handicap! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • They’ll help me detach from my phone, and keep me more tuned into the game, all while maintaining full confidence that every shot is going to be the right shot.

  • Knowing how far to hit the ball especially on municipal courses like I play and when I am traveling to a new course. I am always looking to try new courses but trying to find yardages is sometimes a hard thing. Also when I am practicing at the range I want to track my shots with particular clubs to zone in how far I hit that club.

  • Who wouldn’t want to know how far they hit the ball? The slick design packed with all that technology, you would be crazy not to have one of these in hand!

  • Well, knowing the distance for sure certainly helps the “which club guessing game”.

  • Rangefinders improve my game by providing precise yardage to the pin. I’d use this in combination with knowing yardage to the back of the green to pick the club that won’t fly the green and give me the best opportunity on slight mishits to still be on the green.

  • A new rangefinder would help because most the time, my glasses just don’t do the job. ?

  • I need a PrecisonPro rangefinder to help dial in my distances. GPS just doesn’t do it for me. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Because I stink at golf. Anything would help me at this point.

  • Watch gives me front, centre and back, plus distances to hazards (bunkers, water etc). But I’m visually impaired and struggle judging distances. Sometimes I need to know how far the dog-leg is or the exact pin distance because I don’t know if it’s front, middle or back. Then I can hit my shot, knowing I’ll be 35 yards left of where I aimed …

  • I’ve gone from GPS to rangefinder and back to GPS. I need psychiatric help, and this may be the help I need

  • My GPS watch is currently picking yardages out of thin air! I need a decent rangefinder in my life

  • I need to dial in this Christmas

  • Rangefinder equals distance control. Distance control equals more birdies. More birdies equals lower scores!

  • I think it will help me in regards if I shoot it at the pin and it tells me 120 yards then I’ll know I’m going to scoot it across the ground 15 yards! Got to know your distances lol.

  • So would help at this time of year with temporary tees and greens on my course and I’m having to guess the yardage! Very frustrating!!

  • Anything would help my game (lol) but a range-finder would help me zero in faster. Known precisely how far I hit each club is an obvious plus factor. I’m using a “watch” style one right now, but it can’t help be locate the distances to traps, trees, sand, etc.

  • I would love this because I just get front, middle, and back of green with my gps. I’m sure this would help me out a lot

  • A range finder will help me in using the right clubs and avoiding hazards

  • yardage is EVERYTHING!!!

  • Accurate yardage to random trees, or hazard help you pick the right shot for every situations. Why a GPS watch just doesn’t cut it.

  • I am still a luddite when it comes to playing golf, walking off the yardage to my ball using the local sprinkler head signage. I have taken golf up again after a hiatus of 13 years and had no luck with a very inaccurate gps golf watch, so I’m looking for a good rangefinder to help me lower my Hcp and keep up with my friends.

  • A rangefinder would instill me with confidence. Swinging the club at that little white ball requires a zen focus. Second guessing oneself and the distance while swinging is a recipe for disaster.

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