2024 Titleist AVX Golf Balls

We all know that when it comes to Titleist golf balls, the ProV1 and ProV1x as well as their occasional variants will always get the most attention. However, let’s not sleep on what the brand has accomplished with AVX. It is hard to believe we are getting the fourth generation of the golf ball which in 2018 caused a firestorm of mixed reactions, but here we are. Introducing the 2024 Titleist AVX Golf Balls.

2024 Titleist AVX

2024 Titleist AVX 

It is funny how time changes things. When the AVX was first introduced there was a bit of backlash and trepidation from the hardcore ProV1 and ProV1x groups on why Titleist would consider releasing another premium Tour golf ball outside of the legendary naming convention we all know so well. Their answer then, is the same it is now with the fourth generation: Need. 

2024 Titleist AVX packaging

Titleist classifies the AVX as the sibling to the ProV1 lineup, not lesser, and not greater. That is accomplished by it being the lower spinning, lower flying, and softer feeling golf ball in comparison. Those are the aspects that have carved out a very good segment of golfers who trust the AVX. The ball has distance through the lower spin but doesn’t sacrifice feel thanks to its softer nature. Historically, the one hiccup that the AVX has found in terms of player feedback is greenside spin. So, this time around the goal was to keep all the established baseline that Titleist has developed, and improve all attributes. 

2024 Titleist AVX in white

First and foremost, there is a new core design in the 2024 AVX. Using a “High Gradient, High Speed Core” the goal was more speed. That high gradient core technology is actually the same being implemented in the most recent versions of the ProV1 and ProV1x. The magic of the design is that the new higher gradient helps to lower long game spin but allows the ball to react efficiently still with slower short game shots to maintain spin and control. 

The alignment line

Of course, Titleist also never rests when it comes to the outer layers either. The AVX is still a three-piece design and both the casing and core have also undergone changes. On top of the new core, the casing is now thinner and has a higher flexion than in the past. The reason for this is to keep spin off the ball on longer shots. However, by placing an even softer urethane cover on top of the casing, Titleist claims to have found the added spin in the short game that many want to see out of the AVX. 

According to Mike Madson of Titleist:

“With three-piece construction golf balls, one of the real benefits is the hard-over-soft and soft-over-hard relationships which allow us to control spin in various aspects of the game,” said Madson. “For example, when there is a very high-speed impact condition, the cover is going to play less of a role during that collision. Most of what is interacting with the club face is that stiff casing layer and that soft core, which is a hard-over-soft relationship. When you have hard-over-soft, it drives spin down. Conversely, on shots around the green, the impact with a wedge is a lower speed collision or more of a glancing blow where the interaction is primarily between the cover and the casing layer. When you have that soft cover over that stiff casing layer, that soft-over-hard relationship drives spin up. This helps give AVX golfers the distance they enjoy at the top end of their bags as well as the greenside spin they seek with their wedges.”

Finally, there are aerodynamic changes in the mix as well, with a 346 quad dipyramid catenary dimple design. Yes, that is a mouthful, but the down and dirty of it is that this helps the ball cut through the air and maintain the flatter trajectory and lower overall flight (compared to the ProV1 and ProV1x) that differentiates the AVX from the rest of the lineup. The AVX is the lowest flying urethan golf ball in the entire Titleist lineup. 

The Details

The all new 2024 AVX from Titleist will be available worldwide starting on 1/24/24. Pricing will come in at $49.99 and the golf balls will be available in both white and high optic yellow color options. As always, they will be present at all the Titleist Fitting Days throughout the year. 

For more information, check out their website at www.titleist.com.

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