Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Wood Review

Although you likely already knew that Callaway was the number one driver in golf for 2023, you may not have realized they achieved that same ranking in fairway woods with their Paradym lineup as well. As such, the task to keep pushing the envelope can be a daunting one because there is a fine line of firepower and playability that has to be walked. 

Last time around, it was done via the integration of Forged Carbon, but this time things are being kicked up a notch not only in terms of those materials, but also the entire concept of what a face design in a fairway can be. 

Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Wood

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Fairways

If you have read our release on the Ai Smoke drivers from Callaway, then you’ll not be surprised when we tell you that the fairway woods are also not simply a sequel. Just because they carry the Paradym name on them doesn’t mean there aren’t some significant changes, in fact, Ai Smart Face might be the most significant change we have seen from Callaway in their AI era. 

Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Wood with headcover

One thing you absolutely have to admire about the companies who are creating the best fairway woods out there is that they all treat them as their own thing. Gone and dead are the days of just trying to take what you put into the driver designs and put it into fairways. A good example of that is when Callaway took their newly created AI “Swing Code” which utilizes “Real Player Swing Dynamics” of 250,000+ recorded swings from fitting centers and studios to create 80,000 lines of custom code and applied it to their fairway designs. 

Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Wood behind the ball

That code is the key to the creation of Callaway’s new “Ai Smart Face” which uses radically outside the box topographic designs created for each model uniquely using the real swing and path tendencies of actual golfers as opposed to a perfect path robot. What they saw immediately was that although the specific traits like speed, path, and face angle were as expected for each model, the strike locations for golfers in fairway woods were drastically different than with driver. 

Overall, strikes were much lower on the face according to the data, which makes sense as most amateurs tend to get steep with fairway woods. This combined with the various swing traits are what lead to the implementation of four different fairway heads (MAX, MAX D, MAX FAST, and Triple Diamond) for the Ai Smoke release, each with an Ai Smart Face to optimize the clubhead for the needs of that golfer type. 

The Crown

However, there are still other design changes worth noting. Namely, the implementation of Forged Carbon in the Paradym fairways was a huge catalyst to their success in what it allowed for discretionary weight shifting in the design. One thing that Callaway knew could take things even further was if they could do away with the two support structures on the sole of the fairway between the Forged Carbon. They turned to their dedicated “Composite Engineering Team” and found a solution with a Forged Carbon application and chassis that no longer needs those beams for support. 

That change freed up 24 grams of weight, of which 12g was moved back to increase launch and the other 12g shifted to the Tungsten Speed Cartridge which was the unsung hero of the Paradym release. That added weight forward has made for higher launch with less spin, according to Callaway. Everything adds up to the belief that the Paradym Ai Smoke fairways are still incredibly long, but are now also more accurate downrange than ever. 

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fairways

The flagship design which the biggest number of golfers should end up in, the MAX is the do it all offering in the lineup. It is aimed at the golfer with mid-speed with a moderately down, but not crazy, angle of attack combined with slightly out-to-in swing path. The Ai Smart Face is tuned also for a somewhat consistent strike pattern that ranges from the low heel to high on the toe. 

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX Fairway

Callaway is making the MAX model available in 3, 3HL, 5, 7, 9, 11, and also Heavenwood options. 

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D

Those looking for a true draw designed fairway should look this way as the MAX D checks that box. The swing code implementation here is the golfer who has a strike pattern all the way from heel to toe with most occurring low on the face.  Typically, the slower speed player has a definite out-to-in swing path and battles a hard downward attack angle and open face at impact. 

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX D Fairway

The MAX D will be offered in 3, 3HL, 5, and 7 wood models. 

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke MAX FAST Fairway

As with the drivers, it is nice to see Callaway essentially bring what has been the STAR release that occurs later in the year out at the same time as the main lineup. That is precisely the target of the MAX FAST which aims at golfers who fight the same strike tendencies as the MAX D but need more speed than natural draw bias. 

Paradym Ai Smoke MAX FAST Fairway

The MAX FAST will come in 3, 5, 7, and 9 wood options. 

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Fairway

Don’t worry, Callaway isn’t about to have a fairway release without the Triple Diamond. Geared at the player who finds the center of their fairway woods most of the time at higher swing speeds and a neutral path, this remains the “workable” and “players” fairway of the bunch. It is important to note, that because of the smaller shape and deeper face, the sole of the Triple Diamond is not Forged Composite like the others, but instead steel. It does still utilize the Triaxial Carbon crown, however. 

Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Fairway

The Triple Diamond will be offered in 3, 5, and 7 wood models. 

The Details

While all initial eyes will be on the new drivers to see if they can deliver on surpassing what was the most successful release of 2023, they will soon fall to these Paradym Ai Smoke fairways in a very similar fashion. There is a lot to live up to, but if the Ai Smart Face implementation delivers, then Callaway might not just maintain their #1 played tally but extend it. 

Standard shaft options will consist of the Mitsubishi Eldio and Tensei Silver for the MAX FAST drivers as well as the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue, Project X Cypher 2.0, and Project X Denali Black for the rest of the clubheads. The entire lineup will be available for pre-sale on 1/14/24 with product hitting retail on 1/26/24 and will be priced at $349.99.

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