Callaway Paradym Fairway Woods

Although much of the focus from the public eye surrounding Callaway releases is always on the driver, make no mistake that the company is extremely proud of their fairway woods as well. Reaching the top of the mountain in that segment is something the company doesn’t take lightly, and while it would have been easy to rest on what was accomplished with Rogue Max and its dominance, that wouldn’t be Callaway. 

Paradym Family Fairway Woods

The Technology Paradym 

The Rogue line of fairways was indeed a smash success, but where do you go from there? For Callaway, the decision was to focus on retaining the aspects that worked so well, implement new technologies, and try to address the biggest issue for most golfers with fairways, the low strike. 

Out of the gate, two of the three Paradym Fairway’s will be utilizing Callaway’s proprietary Forged Carbon which made its public debut in the recent Great Big Bertha lineup. The fact that they have figured out how to take pieces of carbon and forge them together in order to create just about any shape and thickness that the R&D team can think up without sacrificing strength is an eye-popping achievement. While there is a combination of the new Forged Carbon as well as the tried and true proprietary Triaxial Carbon they are not bonded into a 360-degree design like in the drivers. 

Paradym Family Fairway Woods

Here, the soles of the Paradym and Paradym X use Forged Carbon instead of metal, and yes, that means significant weight savings and shifting to the perimeter of the clubheads. An example of the shift is the tweaked Tungsten Speed Cartridge which is now 23g and is more forward and lower than in the Rogue lineup. 

That movement combines with the changes in A.I. designs to let Callaway attack the biggest issue for most golfers on fairway woods, the low strike. Typically, that strike sees massive spin jumps and notable speed losses. What is scariest there is that according to the company 75-80% of shots by amateurs on fairways are in that spot. 

Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Wood

Callaway put their A.I. to work to dial in the right combination of design from the Jailbreak with Batwing and High-Strength Face Cup to create a series of clubs which offer more consistency than previously achieved in the Rogue Max. With the Speed Cartridge offering more ball speed at lower spin with the more forward location in Paradym, they have joined that with the new Jailbreak that uses the adapter to strengthen the heel of the club while a single Batwing does the same in the toe. In front of that is a Face Cup with a focus on that low strike, creating a topography unlike any Callaway has used before. 

Paradym Jailbreak

Put it all together and Callaway believes they have created more speed while more importantly taking efficiency on misses across the face to a new place. According to Callaway, the name of the game here will be easier launch, more spincistency across the face, and an overall neutral flighted experience which should appeal to golfers of all types. Plus, the return of the Opti-Fit should make people very happy, particularly now that the Forged Carbon weight savings has let the R&D team keep the CG from creeping toward the heel as is usually the case in adjustable fairways. 

Paradym Family Fairway Wood

Callaway Paradym Fairway Woods

The Paradym is the down the middle option which will check the boxes for the majority of golfers. Of the three models, this one features the most Forged Carbon and also offers the most lofts by far. Those who enjoyed the shape of the Rogue Max should be pleased as that same clean and confidence inspiring look that is in play here as well. 

Paradym Family Fairway Wood

The Paradym will come in the following options: 3W (15), 3HL (16.5), 5W (18), 7W (21), 9W (24), 11W (27), Heavenwood (20).

Callaway Paradym X Fairway Woods

Kudos to Callaway for dropping the D or Draw branding this year in their driver and fairway lineups. While the new Paradym X does have some natural draw bias with the application of the new Forged Carbon it is only in the toe helping to create that trait. This is also the largest profile of the three options. 

Paraydm X Fairway Wood

Loft options in the Paradym X fairways are the following: 3W (15), 3HL (16.5), 5W (18), 7W (21).

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway Woods 

Finally, yes, there is indeed a Triple Diamond. The small and super compact player driven head design also showcases a central weight screw behind the Tungsten Speed Cartridge which the other two models do not have. However, the Triple Diamond also does not utilize any Forged Carbon given the small profile and specific focus of these heads. 

Paraydm Triple Diamond Fairway Wood

The Triple Diamond option will offer the following lofts: 3+ (13.5), 3W (15), 5W (18).

The Details

Each of the new Paradym Fairways will come in priced at $349.99 and feature Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips as well as four primary premium shaft offerings. The Aldila Ascent PL Blue is the lightweight option while the Project X HZRDUS Silver/Black and Mitsubishi Kai’li White round out the other choices. 

Are the new Paradym Fairways poised to keep the crown for Callaway? Is there enough of a design shift for you to want to give them a go? Jump into the conversation with golfers just like you and let your opinions be known!

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