Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges

“Forgiveness is a Virtue”

When that is the tag line you are running with for your new product, then you had better deliver. Fortunately for Cleveland Golf, this is an evolution rather than a revolution, but the product in question actually revolutionized a segment. 

Enter the third iteration of the CBX wedges for Cleveland Golf, the CBX ZipCore

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges

Make no mistake about it, the CBX wedge transformed the market upon their introduction. With them, Cleveland Golf proved that you could create a forgiving wedge that still looks good, and performs for not just higher handicaps, but all golfers. If you doubt that in any way, then ask yourself why we are seeing other major manufacturers try to grab a piece of the pie in this segment now, when they previously ignored it. Cleveland Golf did that, and because of that the CBX blueprint is here to stay. 

Tech inside the Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

The name tells the story here as this is CBX meets ZipCore, which has proven to be a massively successful wedge lineup for Cleveland Golf both on Tour and with amateurs alike. The notion to marry the two makes a lot of sense, especially given the belief of the company that if you play CB irons, you should play these wedges. 

So, what has changed? ZipCore. The application of the low-density core has come to the CBX and similarly this means the center of gravity can be shifted while also boosting the high-low MOI of the design. Layman’s terms? The MOI of the wedge has improved significantly from the CBX2, for those that like numbers, Cleveland Golf says it is a 26% improvement high-low and 10% heel-toe. Adding in the Gelback TPU to the flange of the wedge also aims to make sure the CBX Zipcore feels like a traditional wedge, something historically the company has nailed with this lineup. 

The look of the face Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge

Another nice feature about the CBX lineup returns as well with Cleveland using three dynamic sole grinds throughout the different lofts. It’s nice because it keeps things simple for golfers by utilizing the sole grind which research says brings the most benefit for the given loft. V-Sole is on the 44°-52°, S-Sole on 54°-56°, and C-Sole on the 58°-60° Also, you read that right, there is now a 44° wedge intent on replacing set PW’s, a move that makes all the sense in the world. 

Sole design on the Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges

The rest of the design is all about the face, as the UltiZip grooves are making their CBX debut. These grooves are 11% sharper, 7.3% deeper, and 7.4% closer together. More importantly, the grooves being closer allowed Cleveland the ability to add two more grooves in each wedge to make for more groove contact at impact, which meant more spin potential. 

Bottom line is the CBX ZipCore is a design that the vast majority of golfers should give a look, regardless of your handicap. With the clean satin looks and truly traditional profile at address, Cleveland is doing it better than anyone in this segment. 

The new CBX ZipCore will come priced at $149.99 for steel and $159.99 for graphite with a release date of 2/18/22.

Be sure to keep an eye on the THP Community as we have the new CBX Zipcore in hand and testing has commenced with a full review to come! What do you think, is the new release from Cleveland Golf one you plan on taking a look at? Jump into the fray and let us know what you think either below or on the community!

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