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New Cleveland Golf line coming out next month and THP has all of the details. Fresh off the launch of the new CBX wedges, the company is back with an entire line that should blend nicely into those new scoring clubs.

First up is the new Launcher HB driver and THP TV sat down with the team at Cleveland Golf to discuss the unique technology and features found in the new lineup that brings back some of the Hibore look that was quite popular.

Next we take a look at the new Launcher CBX irons that will flow perfectly into the CBX wedges that were announced last week.

Finally, the follow up to the cult like favorite to THPers, the Altitudes, the Launcher HB irons, that feature a hollow body design packed with forgiveness.

This week, 9 THPers will be out at the Cleveland Golf HQ where each one of them will be testing this entire lineup and have reviews on the THP Forum for each club coming out.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. mpeterson says:

    Happy to see Cleveland back with a full line of clubs, and especially happy to see the HB irons – their predecessors were an iron that surprised a lot of folks who tried them.

  2. Deuce says:

    The HiBore XLi irons were my first set ever. Very interested in the reviews for these!

  3. Alex B says:

    Big fan of these three new offerings, another stellar Dean of THP video on the High Launch irons.

    It’s good to see Cleveland come back with some GI offerings that compliment well to the Srixon goods.

    Excited to read the feedback from the Cleveland Shootout participants

  4. Scarnici says:

    I love seeing Cleveland back with a full lineup. Really looking forward to the feedback on all three of these offerings. The videos were al usual well done

  5. Obed Torres says:

    The camera loves Dean – that was my favorite of the 3 vids. Quick takeaways:

    1) The look and tech on the new Launcher driver is a big improvement over previous Hibores. The Kua makes sense as a shaft pairing, but wonder if anything else from the Miyazaki portfolio will be available.

    2) Interested in the look at address of the Launcher CBX. It looks like it has that same bevel in the topline that hides some of the thickness. Think this set makes a ton of sense

    3) I’ll just take a 4 & 5 Launcher HB please.

  6. Jeff Spicoli says:

    I like the looks of the CBX irons and love the inclusion of the Miyazaki shafts. Good job by Dean on the last video.

  7. #Cookie says:

    Altitude replacements? Yep…it’s gonna happen!

    Miss those puppies in my bag.

  8. Fredrick Kong says:

    A whole lot of game improvement in this new line. Should make golf easier for those that bag the clubs

  9. ASN21 says:

    Can’t wait to try out this entire lineup in just a few days!

  10. Canio says:

    I currently game the 2015 Cleveland Black irons. I do like Cleveland and very interested in the new offering.

  11. Drumdog says:

    These look interesting.

    They remind me a lot of my old Browning 440 Plus irons from the early 80’s. They too were a hollow body design club with tons of forgiveness.

  12. Nate says:

    Golf made easy! Love the approach they are taking with the Cleveland lineup and will serve many golfers needs across the board. Could really see this helping many different golfers and many different areas. Well done. Great video as always Dean!

  13. Bill Lindsey says:

    Play the CG2’s and look forward to hitting the CBX 56*… HIGH expectations … as I have played Cleveland irons and wedges for years.. nothing compares…

  14. J4U says:

    A while lot of fun packed in this line it looks like. Will be fun to hear the feedback on the series.

  15. Glenn Imler says:

    Appears that Cleveland is “borrowing” some of the Driver crown technology from XXIO and PRGR (XXIO/Cleveland and Srixon are all part of the same company ( Dunlop Sports/Japan). By the way,the PRGR Super Egg Irons are,without question, the longest/highest launching,most forgiving irons available in the world today.Went from a 15 to a 6 handicap in less than a month after purchasing these irons.They are absolute ” Game Changers.”

  16. Phillip Tshabalala says:

    Excited about the return of Cleveland irons and woods, can’t wait to hold the HB driver on the tee box. Currently gaming 588TT irons and RTX2 wedges, 50° & 60°, which thought I’d struggle to replace irons if stolen or broken. I agree with Cleveland driver strategy as I swapped a Ping G30 for a 8 yr old Cobra LDV X speed and finding >12 fairways with bombs weekly.

  17. Michigan Slice says:

    Good videos!

    On the driver, say weight actively moves back on impact, this sounds pretty cool, a lot of compression going on in his driver head!

    The CBX irons look good, Cup face stood out to me, wonder how they sound/feel.

    The HB irons really seem to pique m interest. I always wanted to try to Altitudes.

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