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Next month, Tour Edge Exotics is releasing a new hybrid that immediately went into the bags of several players on the PGA Champions Tour as soon as it became available. Following along with the irons that became favorites by many that tried them, the CBX line from Exotics becomes more complete with this launch.

If you missed the news on the irons, here is THP Staff Writer James, giving the rundown on them after testing them out.

The new Exotics CBX hybrid is being talked about as something that has been considered the holy grail in this category for quite some time. Through new technology and materials, the company has said to have pushed the boundaries of low spin distance combined with tour-inspired feel and workability. Based on the feedback received from the players so far, it very well may do just that.

The Low Down
Ship Date: September 15, 2017
Cost: $249.99
Shaft Options: Project X HZRDUS Black, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core Tini
Grip: Lamkin Z5
Lofts Available: 16, 18 and 20 degrees

Scroll through the few images below to see the new CBX Hybrid from Tour Edge Exotics.

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  1. DMoney79 says:

    I am going to have to give this a hit, like the looks and always loved TEE hybrids. Really happy with the shaft options on this one also.

  2. Dave S says:

    This is the first Exotics club in a couple of years that really has my attention. TEE fairways I have played for a while, and this year the buzz on THP has been pretty high so I picked up the EX10 and love it.

  3. Jerry says:

    I like the rounded staged sole – ought to help in the rough

  4. Mike Roggins says:

    Hopefully you guys get one of these in for review. really like the detailed stuff here.

  5. mpeterson says:

    I really, really, like the shape of this one at address. Wish the lofts went a bit higher though.

  6. Obed Torres says:

    Good looking shape, 2 great shafts. Wonder if there will be demand for something higher than a 20 deg.

  7. Deuce says:

    To address Obed’s comments, these are out for me. I tend to look for 22-26 degrees in hybrids. Anything below that and I gravitate to woods. I’ll continue to look at the EX10’s though.

  8. Iain says:

    Great looking shape, will be buying one, my mates have at least one exotics hybrid in their bag and they love em. Plus I am sick of loosing bets on the course and I need an edge to beat them.

  9. Alex B says:

    I’m a huge fan of the TEE line of hybrids. The look and sound is superb. I do wish the loft configs went higher.

    The shafts and grip are solid though.

  10. Fredrick Kong says:

    I’m in the market for a new hybrid and that 18* is calling my name. It looks like it’ll move through the turf pretty well. Going to have to try this out, soon.

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