Contest: Custom PING Glide Forged Wedge

Last month the new PING Glide Forged Wedges were announced and with it came some customization options that we got a chance to test out. From the bold graphics to the stamping with your choice of paint fill, golfers will be able to create something that is unique and theirs.

Going through the Ping Glide Forged wedges custom options, we created a beautiful wedge in 54 degrees with the American Flag background. Adding the THP in red, white and blue made perfect sense and then rounding it out was the loft done in THP Green. In hand it looks outstanding and today you can enter to win this one of a kind wedge.

How to Enter
Entering is really easy but make sure you read through completely to cover all of your bonus entries should you choose.

Step 1: Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the custom options we chose and what you would do differently.

If you don’t want bonus entries, that is all you have to do. If you want some bonus entries read on, before you press submit on that comment because you are going to have to include your social media handles in your comment to get them.

Bonus Entries: 1 per social media outlet used
Twitter: Follow @THPGolf and @PingTour and RT the Tweet from @THPGolf about this contest.

Facebook: Go to the THP Facebook Page and follow it, then share this contest post.

Instagram: Follow @THPGolf and @PingTour and like the post on THP Golf about this contest.

Step 2: Sit back and see if you are the big winner when we announce it on the THP Forum later this week.

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Entries must be submitted by Thursday, August 16th, 2018.

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  • I wouldn’t really want to mess with perfection so maybe I’d just change the coloring of THP to green.
    Instagram & Twitter: PapaTortuga5
    Facebook: Louis Flores

  • Have one with the University of Arizona logo on it. THAT would be awesome.

  • I would have designed this wedge similarly. The only thing I would change is the green paint fill. I’d probably pick blue instead.

    Twitter: @GolfGrouch
    Instagram: @golfgrouch
    Facebook: Geoff Grouch

  • Paint them red white and blue — the whole club and the whole shaft and sync the grip colors. Then they’d be perfect.

  • I would keep it nearly identical but i would change the Initials to those of my brand new baby daughter.

    Thanks all!

    Insta @C_B_Kendall

  • I love the look of this club. If I had to change anything it would be changing the color of the 54 to black to match the ping logo. I love the idea of the flag and red white and blue.
    Twitter @evanminniear
    Instagram @evanminniear
    Facebook Evan Minniear

  • That is one beautiful club. I don’t think you could improve a thing – Merica!!!!

  • Love the custom options that THP picked for their Glide Forged wedge. Can never go wrong with the patriotic look & color scheme. I wouldn’t change a thing for the THP customized wedge. However, if I were to create the wedge for my personal preferences I would get the USA flag graphic with the scatted Mr. Ping.

  • The custom options on this wedge look awesome! The red, white and blue paint fill on the “THP” stamping ties in the patriotic theme nicely. The only thing I would change is the loft paint fill: I’d make it white I think. Overall, I think Ping is offering a nice set of customization wedges.

    Twitter and Instagram: @shaneb0t

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love the milling on the back of the head. Looks Awesome. The only thing I would have changed is to put my own name on the wedge!

    Twitter: @campilobaxter
    IG: campilobaxter

  • I would keep most of it the same, but instead of the u initials I would put my handicap. 20+

  • I want a Kansas State powercat on mine. Looking forward to trying these out soon.

  • The design is straight THP class and 100% appropriate with the Ryder Cup coming up in a month.

  • I wouldn’t change a thing, some red initials would work for me.

  • Really like the custom desert wedge but this one isn’t too shabby! Love the paint fill colors… this looker would be a great conversation starter, for sure

  • Great job and I can see this joining my Ping iron set. Wedges need confidence, instilled to a degree, from a contest winning of course. So I say, good day to play!

  • I like the soaring lines and stars of the THP Custom – it’s uplifting. I might paint the stars in white, that’s it.

  • Wouldn’t change anything love it just like it is. I just got a new 58 and this 54 would be the perfect next wedge in my updated bag.

  • Cool, cool, cool. I would have subdued the numbers / lettering and greyed everything out. I would prefer not to advertise that I’ve got the coolest wedge ever.

  • Forgot the handles. @jkrayASU for both

  • I think it looks terrific as is, wouldn’t change a thing! Love the flag background.

  • Love the look of the wedge. I honestly don’t think I would change it a bit. If I was to put my own personal stamp on it, maybe I would use a picture of a saguaro cactus or an Irish flag.

    Twitter : @avelanchefan
    Instagram : @greenbean71

  • Love the red white and blue letters and the American theme, I wouldn’t change much on that great looking wedge.

  • Awesome looking wedge, only thing I would consider changing is adding the winner’s initials or THP handle to the THP stamping.

  • Love the colors on the stamping. The customization is really slick. I would go with a more outer space theme myself.

  • Love the stamping colors. The stars and stripes customization is good but I’d go with a more stars outer space theme myself. Mars Rover.

  • The colors on the stamping pop. Like it! the customization pattern is just ok. I’d go for an outer space theme. Mars Rover.

  • That looks awesome, no need to change.

  • I love the Ping Man wedge. Quite honestly, these set up Perfectly! No change needed

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