Daphne’s Headcovers Review

Golf accessories are everywhere. Some are better than others and some still are considered the best. When it comes to headcovers, there is a company that stands alone. Daphne’s headcovers is the mark that every golf company should set their goals to be like. Very few companies can offer everything we look for before making a purchase. Does it work, Build Quality, Fun Factor, and Value. This company seems to have every single part of that list covered and adds another important one. Customer Service!

When we first came across these headcovers it was well before we were writing reviews. Golfer Gal has a zoo on top of her bag she likes them so much and I have a dog on my driver of choice. I love the little furry creatures so much that no matter what driver is being played at the time, I call it Ellie. The name of my dog of course.

When we contacted Daphne’s to tell them that we wanted to write a review they were absolutely delighted. We spoke with Jane Spicer, President of Daphne’s, and she could not wait to send us some samples to take a look at. After just a few days, a package arrived and in it was some of the cutest little animals to grace the golf industry in quite some time. So after taking a look at all of them, we decided to chat with Jane about where this company came from and where it is going in the future.

THP – Can you tell the THP readers the history behind Daphne’s Headcovers?

Jane – It started as a mother/daughter fundraiser to raise money because I wanted a sail boat. We were not making headcovers at the time, only toys and puppets. As time went on, we sold enough of them to buy the sail boat. Then one day my mother (Daphne) told me that “Some customer said we should make these into headcovers”. We kind of shrugged it off at the time.

THP – What made you change your mind?

Jane – I was 16 and was trying to save up and buy a car. So we went to work on the headcovers and I took the prototypes into The Arizona Biltmore and the gentleman kind of laughed at me and told me that I was “full of it”. But he bought some. He also referred me to two other people that would not be as easy of a sale. So I went home and practiced for a week and then sold to those two as well. The Arizona Biltmore is still a customer today. That was over 25 years ago.

THP – Since then, you have gone International, what was the biggest tipping point?

Jane – Definitely the Tiger. When Tiger Woods won the Masters we were sold out of these everywhere. I had a small few stashed in my desk, but every store was calling for them. One day I got a call from Mrs. Woods (Tiger’s Mom) and I was so glad that I stashed the few away. This was her doing, she saw it and liked the Tiger and it took on a life of its own.

THP – The Nike commercials were great.

Jane – Nike licensed the product and working with them was and is wonderful. Those were great commercials.

THP – What makes Daphne’s different from other headcovers?

Jane – Quality. We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We will fix or replace any damage done for any reason. My mother’s signature is still on the name and she always had a saying. “We must do good, while we are doing well”. That rings true to this day. We will never cut corners to make an inferior product. My husband and I bought this company from my parents 15 years ago and nothing has changed. We take great pride in our headcovers. They have to be functional and cute not just cute.

THP – You offer so many designs, where is the future going to take you?

Jane – Different fabrics are always coming up. My husband is always travelling finding new things to incorporate into the designs. And since the animal kingdom is where we find ideas, it is endless. We are always looking at design innovations. We thank THP for taking the time to let readers know about us.

THP – The pleasure is ours.

You can pick up any Daphne’s creation and immediately be able to feel and see the quality. But to know that a company will stand behind their products like they do is something special. They have a headcover for just about anyone.

Before THP was created, we were fans of this wonderful company. After learning their story and their commitment we are even moreso. Every time I take my driver from my bag I smile. There are so few things in the game of golf can do that, this is one to take advantage of. Their entire line is huge and way too long to list here. But you can read all about them at Daphne’s Headcovers. They have also informed us of a new “treat” that they will be unveiling at the PGA Show in January. We cannot wait to see it.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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