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The golf cart world is expanding faster than most people realize. From personal carts used on the course to vehicles to cruise around the neighborhood. At the same time, music on the course as well these neighborhood rides is at an all time high with many cart companies offering speakers installed at the time of purchase.

EcoXGear SoundExtreme 26"

After market was not much of a solution so most enthusiasts opted for small blue tooth speakers that fit into a cup holder or dash. Until now. While making our way through the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL in January, a booth caught our eye. EcoXGear showing off the latest in sounds with a product lineup they call SoundExtreme. Let me first say that their products are not golf cart specific, and can be used on everything from boats to off road vehicles and everything in between.

After a quick demo at that show, we were enamored. Quality sound with nearly too many features to list is not something found on most golf carts, but we wanted to learn more. The EcoXGear SoundExtreme speaker lineup ranges from 18″ to 32″ with several models in the mix along with a number of accessories available.

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the middle size, which is the 26″. The SoundExtreme is available in two models in that size, the standard, and the SEB. There is a $100 difference between the two with the latter being on the higher end.

SoundExtreme by EcoXGear
The Two 26″ Models

Before getting into the differences, let’s talk about the similarities. They are both 26″ long, have 500 watts of power, have light bars that can put off multiple colors and react to the music, have a clear sound, are easy to pair, and feature woofers as well as hitting the rest of the notes. Each can be mounted to the golf cart (or elsewhere) and come with mounting brackets (with more universal options available). And finally, both sound EXCEPTIONAL. They can go loud for cruising around the town or on the water, but they also sound fantastic when used on the course at low volumes where nobody 10 ft away would even know it was playing.

After reading that, you are wondering the differences, and there is one big one. Before moving to that, there is also a smaller difference. The SEB model’s light strips show yellow, red and white. The standard model has the full RGB color spectrum. Minor difference, but if you are someone that wants their vehicle glowing pink, purple or blue, it’s something to keep in mind.

The most notable separation between the two EcoXGear SoundExtreme 26″ models is the power. The SEB model features a removable battery pack that offers up to 20 hours of play time. When it’s running low, pop it out, charge it and drop it back in. The standard model will need to be hardwired to power. If that isn’t a concern, you do get the RGB lights as mentioned above.

The video below shows off a few more of the features such as device charging, waterproofing and most of all, FUN. There is a time and a place where music or sounds are warranted and some courses or players may frown upon on. In those cases, think of others before using something like this. In other cases, bring on the ambience of some tunes and enjoy the ride.

When it comes to aftermarket playability, along with high quality, this is a brand to keep an eye on. For more information on the EcoXGear SoundExtreme speakers, check out their website at

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