Edwin Watts Files For Bankruptcy

Coming off a rough year across the board in the world of golf due in large part to the weather, retailer Edwin Watts today announced a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The retailer is owned by a private equity firm and based on Fort Walton Beach, FL.

The company has 88 golf and has been around since the late 1960s. They specialize in golf equipment, apparel and accessories. No official comment from Edwin Watts is available at this time.

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  • Whoa, I didn’t see this coming! A least it’s Ch.11 and not 13. ‘Hope to see them come around with Ch.11 and be back soon.

  • Great, there goes the only store we have in town.

  • It’s just a restructuring and there are 6 groups in on the bidding….1 of which is Edwin and his group looking to purchase his company back. Not to say that none of the stores will be closed, but the company as a whole will most likely survive the Sun Capital inestments group’s incompetance….after they purchased Edwin Watts

  • The 3 idiots who called themselves “running this show”
    John Watson
    Linda Barr and whoever the other chick was
    SCREWED this company!!!!! With the 3 of them taking $2million between the 3 of them….2 million a YEAR!!!!! I hope they are the 1st FIRED!
    Watson ran Reebok and Sun glass hut in the ground ….and now watts!!!!!


  • Figures. Edwin Watts bought out the Uinta Golf stores in Utah. Uinta Golf had a great thing going as far as personable and local service. As soon as EW bought the “Uinta” name, the stores slowly lost customers due to lack of service and equipment. No one wants to wait for club orders. They go to a golf store, and want to walk out with the clubs they bought. Another down fall was the fact EW was about 2 months behind Golf Galaxy and Golfsmith when it came to new released equipment. Hopefully the stores won’t be shut down.

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